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Good Luck on Phone Shows Fortune & Lucky; Stuart Miles; freedigitalphotos.netHave you noticed? Astrology is peppered with unstable and unpredictable components meant to jar us out of ruts, comfort zones, and old patterns. Take the Vertex, for example. That’s vertex, not vortex.   Yet make no mistake; when the Vertex is activated in your chart it can feel like you’ve been sucked into a vortex. Let me explain.

The Vertex is neither good nor bad. It is a specific point in the cosmos, considered a point of destiny, at which the ecliptic (path of the Sun) and a plane that divides the celestial sphere (aka, prime vertical) intersect. (I know. Astrologers look at the craziest things, don’t they?) The Vertex forms an axis with its opposite point, the Anti-Vertex, directly across the astrology chart.

This axis marks another key point for your relationships. What adds the element of surprise to this particular activation is that it triggers things out of your control. It appears not to be triggered easily, however, taking eclipses or some other cosmic event to add the fire power. (Big sigh…whew!)

Yet the Vertex is like every other point in astrology; we all have one. It’s symbolized by Vx and generally found between the 4th and 8th Houses in your natal chart. Those houses alone indicate other people will be involved.

If you’ve studied astrology for awhile, you know Mercury tends to take on the characteristics of whatever planet it gets close to in aspect. Well, the Vertex also demonstrates that trait—on steroids. It not only reflects the aspects of the House in which it resides or transits but takes on the “personality” of planets in aspect. This is particularly true of conjunctions within a 5° orb.

The House position sets the stage. If it’s in the 5th House, someone may appear out of the blue as a new love interest. Yet this romance may not play out in expected ways. If it’s in the 8th House, you may experience the death of a family member or close friend that could involve unexpected actions and reactions around “other people’s money.” (Anyone who has settled out an estate can relate to that one, right?)

As an aside, the Vertex in the U.S. chart is in the 8th House. This country has experienced multiple events that triggered national bereavement and issues involving financial fallout. That’s 8th House stuff for sure.

Yet realize that the Vertex equally expresses in fortunate ways. It also activates what attracts us, what we desire, our obsessions. You might win the lottery or inherit mineral rights on the Bakkan Oil Reserve albeit after the blush is off the boom. You might get engaged, surprising everyone including you; or experience the unexpected birth of triplets rather than twins. Each leaves you wondering, “What now?” The underlying caution here is: be careful what you wish for.

When we add the energy of numbers to this equation, it gets even more interesting. This includes the degree number of the Vertex as well and other personal and collective numbers activated at the time. Here’s a recent example from my own life.

I am in a 9 Personal Year in this 9 Universal Year. That alone sets the theme of culminations and endings for this birth year. It is a transitional year for completion and starting to plan for my next 9-year cycle. The Lunar Eclipse last September occurred one day from my birthday. (That’s the Universe saying, “This one’s for YOU!”) Lunar eclipses often signify endings with the effects stretched out for at least 6 months. This one triggered my natal Vertex at the high relationship Number 20 in the 7th House of close relationships plus Progressed Vertex in the 8th House. Actually, my chart was on fire. Less than a month later, I got word my mother was not expected to live. The Moon often represent the mother.

Emotional turmoil ensued. I joined my sister for a bedside vigil. (Hey, I’m a Libran with a 6 Destiny Number.) After two weeks, I was forced home by weather, only to have Mom rally the very day I left. Go figure! She continued to show slow improvement over the next several months. Then in early February, everything shifted in the other direction. After a 10-day hospital stay, she transitioned on the 13th, within 5 minutes of my Lunar Return, another indicator of an ending. The number 13 in numerology indicates transformation through struggle, and for her it truly was. Plus, the 13 triggered one of her key personal numbers.

As we know, nothing in life truly ends. It just plays into the next. So we continue the process as our family adjusts on all levels to the loss of its matriarch.

And I stand on the edge of another Lunar Eclipse (March 23rd) that again triggers my chart. It is, after all, a 9 year.

Number 9 holds the energy of all the numbers before it so is a number of wisdom, keenly focused on compassion and humanitarianism. (More on this another time.) And yes, it also is the most emotional number, the highest in the Emotional Triad 3-6-9. Keeping my emotions in balance remains a challenge this birth year, and we all know how importance balance is to a Libran. Geez, Louise!

If you’ve followed my writing for awhile, you know I speak often of “growth opportunities.” The activation of the Vertex triggers one of these—big time. It marks a turning point in life. Even the most fortunate events present you with new questions or possibilities around how this will change your life. And that’s the bottom line and key word of a Vertex activation: CHANGE. The same is true of Number 9. Put the two together and you might as well embrace it, because it’s not going away. Your life is now on a new trajectory that will leave you forever changed. And that, my friend, can be a good thing. Really. Though you may only see the truth of that clearly several years down the road when you look back in awe.

And so it goes. Life with cosmic and numeric influences always in play in some form present ever new influences and happening to spur us forward. Some wash over us like a gentle breeze, giving us a nudge. Others pull us into a tornado, grasping for something to hang onto and wondering where we will land. Either way, it’s a heck of a ride, wouldn’t you agree?


Rayora Hartman


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Nine Number Glow Inner Electric Lamp by Keerat; freedigitalphotos.netWell, I thought it was about time I ventured from my magical cave (where I’ve been playing with all sorts of things, btw) to greet you all in this early part of 2016. I’ve actually been doing exactly what I recommend for most of you this month; pull back and dig deep.

Now before you throw a temper tantrum or toss up your hands in despair, let me explain why.

January 1, 2016, marked the beginning a 9 Universal Year. That means the energy of the number 9 will factor into every facet and layer of life for all of us during these 12 months.

There’s actually something kind of magical about this number.  Look at the way it looks backwards rather than forwards.  There’s a reason for that.  You see, this number marks the end of a numeric cycle that started in 2008.  We’ll be doing a lot of looking back in this year, count on it.  Yet because 9 also carries the energy of all the numbers before it, it brims with possibility.

So we’ll be looking ahead too. Oh, yes.  This is not only a number of endings, completions, and culminations.  It’s a number that urges us to take all we have gleaned from this last cycle and plan how to use that going into the new 9-year cycle that starts next year.  Indeed, it urges us to draft the blueprint for the next decade.

In truth, this marks a transitional point for all of humanity. How we choose to take part in that is up to us.  What does that mean?  For some, it means accepting the challenges of transitioning global movements.  Yet for most the focus beams much closer to home.  You may be part of something (a store, organization, or project) that must change or fold.  Or maybe you’re part of  something bursting at the seams and crying for expansion.

For still others this energy will demonstrate in personal ways; the death of a parent or the birth of a grandchild, a new job opportunity that means selling your home to move to a new location. Or maybe you are transitioning out of the workforce and into retirement or self-employment.  For many these days it means starting over after a major storm or fire takes everything that represented home and security.

Nations and the Earth herself are likewise in transition. In the United States, this is the final year of a major election cycle with a new president determined in the November election. (This one has some laughing, some crying, and a lot just shaking their heads.) Monetary systems around the globe are wobbling and jerking in an attempt to maintain systems that no longer work.  (Johnson & Johnson must be making millions on the band aids applied to this one.) And the weather…do we even need to talk about that?  Unbelievable extremes around the globe altering people’s lives and the landscape in a flash.

Any transition requires release of the old and trust that the new will unfold before us in some way. For most, that is not an easy junction.  That’s again where this number comes in, with service and compassion.  Deep, honest, heartfelt compassion.  Not to be confused with sympathy or self-pity, mind you.  Compassion brings understanding and caring originating from divine love.  It stirs us to action and opens the door to possibilities not yet imagined.  It touches the heart of the giver and receiver alike, not in a crippling way but with a power that ignites hope…no matter what.

We live in emotional times often charged with rage and anger. That too can be exacerbated by this energy if it lands in its lower expression; over emotionality.  Remember, every number carries a higher and lower vibrational energy.  Guard against allowing yourself to be pulled into that undercurrent.  The number 9 is part of the numeric Emotional Triad (3-6-9) so can bring sudden fits of rage or an upwelling of tears of pain or joy when least expected.  (I’m considering carrying a box of tissues with me this year for whomever needs a few…myself included.)

An example of this occurred when President Obama teared up when recalling the plethora of young victims of gun violence.  Why didn’t this happen at other times he spoke on this subject?  We weren’t in a 9 year then.  Plus, the Moon (emotional energy) was transiting his 10th House (career/reputation) during this latest address.

And how does the current astrology figure in all of this. Mightily!

I just gave you an example with Obama. Now consider this.  We started the year with tension created by another close connection between our old pals Pluto and Uranus.  This time they came to within a degree or so of an exact square and will stay in that close positon throughout January and beyond.  If you’ve been with me awhile you know what this signifies and energizes.  Say it with me now.

Revolutionary transformation.

I ask you, have you ever seen a revolution on this planet that was neat and orderly? No?  Me neither.  Revolution is a messy process and one that requires total dedication to the cause.  I’m not speaking so much militarily here–although that’s energized as well–as much as I am of revolutionizing ideas.  We humans resist change like a toddler fighting to retain his/her last binky (aka, pacifier).  It scares us.  And Pluto is good at that, by the way.  The scaring and the changing.  Yet Uranian energy is pushing us forward in sudden bursts, no matter what.  Look beneath all the surface explosions in headlines and sound bites and we find amazing things going on in technology, cinema, clean energy, immunotherapy, and a host of other fields.

Yet sometimes it’s the actual explosions that do captivate our attention. For example, just as the Sun moved into conjunction with Pluto on January 5th, the world rocked from North Korea’s test of what they claimed was a hydrogen bomb, a nuclear device. But then Mercury (communication/ideas) had just stationed to go retrograde, so no one knows for sure and reports are confused. Since the luminaries and inner planets trigger the outer planets, this came as no surprise astrologically.  The Pluto-Uranus square got triggered again, big time.

And what else is going on in the cosmos. Well, more than I can recount here, that’s for sure.

As I mentioned, we are in the first of four—count ‘em, fourMercury retrogrades this year.  Generally, there are three.  But good ol’ Mercury stepped up to the plate to add his own version of shock and awe by tossing in another 3-week period for reviewing, releasing, and redoing whatever calls for our attention.  Lucky us!  I must say that I agree with astrologer Donna Cunningham, however.   She feels Mercury gets blamed for a lot of what is actually Uranus’ erratic energy when it comes to technology issues.  I watched that last Winter/Spring and again all through December.  Anyway, the first Mercury retrograde is now in effect until January 25th, and I’d wait until around February 8th to actually start any major new project, if possible.  Let the energy settle a bit.

And Jupiter is now retrograde as well until early May. This again pulls our focus inward.  It marks a time for internal work and expansion that can manifest in external ways when the time is right.  Since Jupiter is now in Virgo, that may mean finally determining how to better take care of your health.  Or maybe it’s your daily routine or critical thinking that is boxing you in.  There’s a definite and strong call for freedom (Uranus)now that brings more awareness around anything that constrains us.

It pays, however, to remember that Virgo is a practical, no nonsense Earth sign that loves efficiency and tangible results. Start with making the mental changes to move you forward.  That could even be finding ways to get out of the mental loops that keep you awake at night.  Perhaps it’s your relationships that need attention. (With Black Moon Lilith recently transiting in Libra, relationship shadow issues abound.) Whatever house Jupiter is transiting in your chart will tell you where your focus will be. Realize also that Jupiter also can spark spiritual/religious zeal to the extreme.

So here’s another little freebie from me. If you don’t know where Jupiter is activating your chart right now, go to my website (below) and drop me a note with your birth information.  I’ll give you a one or two-line highlight.

And in the meantime, I’ll be in my cave determining what new explosive idea to play with next.


Rayora Hartman


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No Gun Violence Symbol by David Castillo Dominici; freedigitalphotos.netI don’t like guns, never have.  Sorry if that offends some of you, but it’s the truth.  Yet anyone living in the past several centuries knows a gun remains only a threat—or a promise– until someone pulls the trigger.

The same is true in astrology.  This week Mars shows us what he can do when he aims his energy at some pretty big players.  You see, a cosmic anomaly is that personal planets like Mars are “designed” to trigger an event when teamed with the outer planets.

That happens big time this week, so let’s take a look.

After a weekend of the Sun and Chiron showing us where there may be a need for healing, Mars and Jupiter ramp things up Monday, March 9th.  An easy flowing energy between these two increases physical energy and urges.  Both are in Fire signs (Aries and Leo), increasing this drive even more.

This energy wants to be seen by others so easily builds drama (Leo) around things already in play.  With both planets at 13° the underlying impetus is for transformation.  Yet this is a number that brings transformation through struggle in order to make foundational change.  And the 9 date indicates endings as a likely part of that.  Since Jupiter is a transitional planet, it indicates both personal and collective impact.

Wednesday, the 11th, intensity in Aries grows as Mars goes shoulder to shoulder with Uranus at 15° and into an exact square with Pluto at 15° Capricorn.  This could be one dynamite day.  Capricorn rules governments and established order.  Aries want change and forward movement.  Pluto rules the dark side of life and things hidden.  Mars drives pure, raw, action.  And Uranus is a loose cannon, potentially creating shock and awe for the sake of liberation and freedom.

Now toss all of these into an energy that’s two parts fire, one part air, one part water and one part earth.  That could mean air fuels fire to boil water to purify earth. Or earth, air, and water combine to subdue or put out fire.  Which will it be?

Frankly, this is a warring energy, an energy that creates impatience and fuels anger.  It’s very high energy with the potential for violence that fuels fanaticism.  And I don’t see any way to sugar-coat that.  This energy strikes the collective with global dynamics.  Yet realize that on a personal level, it is a day where balance is needed along with an outlet for any intense energies you feel.

The number 15 beams love into this brew, however.  This number carries the potential to change the proverbial lead into gold.  Yet even here, the number 5 indicates pivotal change is needed to guide independent actions.

With energy of this magnitude, it does not build and release in a single day.   The build up to the 11th will likewise take several days to start to dissipate.  Just remember that the number 11 challenges us to step through a gateway into the unknown.  Draw on Mars’ vibration of courage to direct this energy for good in any way you can.

March 12th Mercury enters the sign of Pisces, which may allow calmer voices to prevail—or at least be heard.  The 12 brings the impetus for learning and original creative solutions through partnering.  In its lower expression it can bring dominance or victimhood.  Again, which will it be? Pisces draws us toward the divine and seeing that we are all one humanity with hopes and dreams more the same than different.

On the 14th, Saturn retrogrades until early August.  What does this mean for you?  Quite simply, it’s a time to go within and review all the things you’ve come to understand, or not, since the first of the year.  Things you chose to ignore or keep hidden will reappear.  Tax, loan, or debt issues left unresolved may surface.  Your long-held beliefs may fly in your face for close examination.

Most of all this time is a laser-like integrity check.  Do your thoughts match your words?  Do your words match your actions?  Are you consistently responsible and honest with yourself and others?  The number 14 invites change through structured individual action.  Decide, then act.

And all of this leads up to (drum roll, please) the FINAL exact Pluto-Uranus square on March 16-17, depending on where you are on the planet.  (Yahoo!!)

The number 16 can bring unexpected happenings that lead sooner or later to new insights.  (So Uranus-like, right?)  And 17 brings insights leading to original ideas that can stand on their own with enduring qualities.  It also reduces to 8 (1+7), the king of the money numbers, which could result in some financial shake-ups.  Remember, any 8 energy is magnified in this 8 Universal Year.

This energy will take weeks to start to weaken and years to completely disconnect, but this is the final clash for decades.

Yes, it’s an intense, high energy week ahead.  Be patient with yourself and others.  We’re all feeling this on some level.  Direct the energy in positive and productive ways as much as you can.  Stay balanced emotionally; if hit with a shock or surprise, return to calm as soon as possible.  Guard against paralyzing fear, panic, or hopelessness.  Love yourself and your neighbors far and wide, realizing we’re all in this together.

Embrace change leading toward forward movement rather than clinging to the past.  We’re simply taking one more powerful leap into this planetary adventure.

Blessings, all!

Rayora Hartman


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Gemini by Salvatore Vuono;

Have you ever wondered why travel intensifies in late May, roaring into the first three weeks of June?  Gemini and the 3rd House activation, that’s why.  It’s true.  When the Sun moves into Gemini the travel bug bites like a mosquito on steroids.  (And you thought it was all due to holidays, special events, and better weather.) Somehow we sense this ahead of time with reservations in place so all we have to do is take off.  Arrivederci, baby!  It’s time to go visiting and explore.

May 20th marks the start of this cosmic energy.  Let’s see how the numbers in play help define it this year.

Twenty is a relationship number—a potentially challenging one– and the 20th is a 14/5 Universal Day in a 12/3 Universal Month of a 7 Universal Year.  While I often refer to 14/5 as the media number, it also can denote an inability to focus on one thing long enough to master it.  And that, my friends, is quite indicative of Gemini.  (More on that in a moment.)  Gemini also rules the 3rd House in astrology, the house of communication, relatives, and mobility.  Very Mercurial, right?  Yet Gemini starts with the letter G, which carries a 7 vibration.  That’s the number of silence and deep insights, so not Gemini.  How can that be?  Let’s take a look.

The glyph for this sign is The Twins.  In early astrology this denoted a “good twin” and an “evil twin,” both parts of the Gemini’s personality.  This can indeed show up in some born under this sign.  Yet even more the twin aspect indicates a split focus.   This creates highly impulsive actions stemming from different directions though often with a common aim.  Notice I say aim.  Geminis get easily distracted so lose interest if something new and shiny catches their attention.  Yet mastery is never the goal with this energy.  Seeing is.  Seeing with what astrologer Steven Forrest calls “raw perception” based on undigested facts.  Can you see how the unfocused 14/5 could ignite that energy?  This may manifest as restlessness in mind and body, resulting in insomnia, by the way.

The 3rd House plays strongly this month anyway with May being a 12/3 Universal Month.  Yet with Gemini, communication is driven by a quest for information.  Geminis are notoriously good communicators who ask a lot of questions.  You noticed?  Yea, I’ll bet you did.  Sometimes this is indicative of unbalanced energy.  Most of the time, however, it is that drive to “see” everything.  This can demonstrate beyond traveling through ideas to actually traveling to see more of what’s “out there.”  And that can spark the playful side of the number 3, making these people a lot of fun to hang out with.  Just don’t expect them to get too serious about anything.

And here we segway to our number 7, a much more serious number by design.  How can this vibration be a primary number of Gemini?  Two ways.  Intellectual insights and electrical energy.  Both aspects of the number fuel this sign.  Plus the M in the middle, carrying a 4 vibration, brings interest in the material plane.  This directs the 7 energy toward the desired outcome of the word as shown in the final I.  This letter holds a 9 vibration, a number that contains the energy of all the numbers before it.  It brings culminations, endings, and great compassion often fueling zealous humanitarianism.  See how that Gemini energy can elevate to a truly beautiful level in ways of being?

As I said, 20 can be a challenging relationship number and sets the tone as we enter this sign.  This number depends on successful one-on-one communication.  The 0 denotes divine support in bringing that about.  Being aware of that can make all the difference.  Just realize that communication with a Gemini will likely stem from the mind.   To quote an old Dragnet line (a TV cop show), “Give me the facts, ma’am, just the facts.” This could be the lead to any Gemini conversation.

Having said that, let me emphasize that this Gemini overview is a generalization.  The aspects in the person’s astrology chart and numbers code could intensify or modify this greatly.  There is no such thing as cookie-cutter astrology or numerology.   And aren’t we glad!  It’s the variations that make you you and me me, each unique in our own way.  Yet this is the energy we all will sense to some degree for the next 30 days.

And with Mars now going direct (as of the 19th) it’s time to empower that uniqueness like never before.  So power on and see what you can see, my friend.  It’s all part of the plan.


Rayora Hartman

Love Is Everywhere, holohololand;

We entered February with Venus no longer in retrograde, which is perfect for a month so focused on love as this.  Now our love interests again shift outward more than inward.  That’s not to say the time for contemplation has ended.  It hasn’t.  Yet now those dwelling thoughts and feeling tend to include others more. 

This blend is natural this month.  The contemplative and solitary energy of the 7 Universal Year now blends with that of a 9 Universal Month.  Seven in numerology marks the strongest of the mental numbers noted in the Mental Triad (1-5-7).  Nine is considered the king of numbers because it includes the energies of all the other numbers before it.  It tops the Emotional Triad (3-6-9) with deep compassion and humanitarian instincts.   Thus blending the energy of the 7 and 9 this month empowers ideas into actions that demonstrate the feelings behind them.  Nine also brings endings and culminations so blends well with what we’ll look at next.

On February 6th, Mercury retrogrades again and remains so the rest of the month. (Come on.  Stop moaning; you know that only makes it feel worse.) As you likely know, this energy can not only confuse all forms of electronics and communication but draws us to redress anything unfinished.  That often results in bringing things to completion or at last ending what may have needed to end long ago.  This is the 9 energy at play. 

Often without us realizing it the 7 energy under-girds us at times like this.  It brings ideas and solutions for these times of closure while fielding new dreams and ambitions for our future.  When we allow this process to play out, we are truly living in the highest vibration of these numbers in a win-win scenario.  Plus they’re given a boost since Mercury, the ruler of the mind, joins Neptune, ruler of our hopes and dreams in Neptune’s home sign (Pisces).   

So how does this fit into February, the month of LOVE?

February begins in Aquarius, the most humanitarian of all astrology signs.  On the 18th it changes to Pisces, a highly spiritual sign.  Perfect!  Remember 7 is the most spiritual of all the numbers.  Can you see where this is going?  Well, neither can I—and that’s the beauty of it. (Oh, come back here; I’m not finished yet.) We don’t have to.  Simply trust.  Have faith.  Trust your higher power and your own inner knowing.

I realize this may be a stretch for some of you.  Trusting your own mind is one thing; trusting anything else is something else, right?  And therein lays the conundrum many may face during this Mercury retrograde period. Will you now embrace your highest potential for your given situation based on that sense of guidance or being drawn?  Will you now allow your heart to lead and you mind to shift to the important support role for which it was designed?  Will you?  Choice, we’re forever at choice, aren’t we?  And this is a great time to plan.

More excitement awaits as this month moves into flow.  Just wait till Valentine’s Day.  Wow, baby!  But more on that later.

Be blessed as you bless others.  Love to the enth degree.  And most of all enjoy the journey.

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