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Eclipse by zirconicusso; freedigitalphotos.netEclipses grab our attention. But why? People talk about them for a short time, some watch them, then they pass, right? No big deal. Or are they? Let’s take a look.

In astrology and numerology, we look at both the tangible and the intangible. Eclipses of the Sun or Moon are visible to the human eye (tangible) and vary energy flow (often intangible). The impacts generally are felt the strongest in the regions where the eclipse can be seen and can show suddenly or ripple over time. Impacts can be felt for up to 3 ½ years, depending on the length of the eclipse itself.

The partial Solar Eclipse on September 12th or 13th (based on global location) highlighted Antarctica and parts of southern Africa. Yet no major news stories arose from that region following the eclipse. Why not? This eclipse came with an attached delay factor: a Mercury retrograde, already in shadow with its strongest point of impact (a.k.a. delays, confusion, missed messages, misunderstandings) only days later. The story of whatever may be shifting in this region may take awhile to hit the world. The region still bears watching, however.

But hold on. Just because most of us were not in the area of highest impact for this eclipse, its impact would still be felt. Depending on how it triggered your personal chart and numbers code, you may have experienced a personal “eclipse” or witnessed one in someone else. For example, our wedding anniversary that day was totally “eclipsed” by my husband’s involvement in a community project. One of those overdue, now-or-never things. (Yes, my chart is lit up like a downtown city street at midnight this month.)

How would I respond to that? A-ha…now it gets personal.

Which brings me to another point. This eclipse happened at 20° in the sign of Virgo, an Earth Sign that deals with our service to the world. The eclipse also aspected the Moon’s North Node, which deals with our present impacting our future. Twenty is the highest number of relationship, urging us to view our relationships in the highest way possible while realizing they are divinely supported.

Virgo’s energy brings practicality and groundedness, yet in its lower expression can easily slip into criticism. (Oh, but it’s so justified, right? Wink!) In our case, this focus on Earth energy became literal. The project involved planting the framework for a new swing set in a community park we’ve been developing over recent years.  So I was at choice; become critical and demand that our day take precedence or view the bigger picture and appreciate that this long-awaited part of the project was taking form for the betterment of the community at large.  I must say, being able to see and understand the energy behind it reeeaaallly helped me take the high road in this.


Virgo also brings a strong emphasis on health, so some experienced or witnessed an “eclipse” in some health issue. I heard of two surgeries occurring near this eclipse; each patient struggled with coming out from under the anesthesia. That’s one reason surgery is not recommended around these times by astrological consultants. Particularly in a solar eclipse, the life force (Sun) is “eclipsed,” meaning it is temporarily blocked. This diminishes physical strength for a time.

For others this was a time of revelation that spurred them to deeper consideration of something. One person I know got the full low-down of what a kidney transplant would involve, intensifying the decision she would have to make. Again, a health issue.

For the collective, it focused the spotlight globally on the Syrian refugees and their struggle for physical survival, stirring our sense of compassion and need for change. This being a 9 calendar month heightened the emotional response even more. As the highest number in the emotional triad (3-6-9), its truest expression is deep compassion.

Both of these examples show the impact of this eclipse being attached to Chiron through opposition. Oppositions bring us to points of choice. Chiron deals with childhood or past issues not yet resolved. The kidney transplant question for this person stemmed from diabetes that developed in childhood. The Syrian refugee crisis marked the festering of unbearable refugee camp situations largely ignored for years by the world and focused attention on suffering children. Both issues had been long in the making, yet the eclipse thrust them to the next level demanding attention and choice.

While partial solar eclipses are generally less powerful than total eclipses, this one was sandwiched between two Super Moons, Full Moons on steroids. That matters.   And like any good sandwich, all the good stuff will squeeze and drizzle out as we slowly devour and digest the story behind the stories in all of this.

Take the recent U.S. Federal Reserve decision not to raise interest rates. This occurred on September 17th. The 17 indicates this decision will have long-lasting impact and since it reduces to 8 (1+7+8), it triggered the strongest business and money number in numerology. Need I remind you that we are in an 8 Universal Year? Oh, I see jelly dripping from this one already and things could get a bit sticky to say the least.

As we move toward the total Lunar Eclipse on September 27/28, we may face more surprises and events, expected and unexpected, that shake our internal and external worlds.  (A Venus-Uranus aspect also is in play.) This eclipse is visible, at least to some degree, over the Americas, Europe, Africa and part of Asia. The highest areas of impact are the eastern U.S., Central America, all of South America, western Europe, and western Africa. Yup, this is a biggie in many ways.

While Solar Eclipses traditionally initiate new beginnings, Lunar Eclipses tend to bring endings and culminations.

This Lunar Eclipse takes place at 4°40ʼ in Aries (power, initiation, independence) and aspects the South Node (fear) of the Moon (emotionality), a mathematical point that deals with our past patterns and ways of being.  The Moon likewise has to do with the past, often triggering emotions around that. Plus this eclipse is just 4 days away from the Fall Equinox, and degrees away from the Nodal Axis. That’s a lot of 4 energy! If we use that energy wisely, it too will help to keep us grounded though the shifts that occur. The number 4 represents stability, structure, form, and labor. It’s the worker’s number. Yet in its lower expression it brings stubbornness, bullying, materialism, and reluctance to release things from the past.

This, by the way, is heralded to be the most powerful Super Moon of the year. Its close proximity to Earth increases the gravitational and electromagnetic pull on the Earth—and on us. You may see physical manifestation of this like insomnia or either rock bottom or super-charged energy around this time.   The latter is far more likely.

Before you determine to charge into some new project with this energy, see it for what it is: an energy for endings. And, I will add, much pondering. Multiple astrological aspects this month creates push-pull energy. We want to act but don’t really know what to do. We see the challenges but not the solutions. We get the ideas but can’t see how to land them in practical ways. So frustrating, right? I get it. Just realize that fighting the current energy only heightens the frustration.

So what can you do?   Here’s the best way to use all this mixed energy: RELEASE, PONDER, RESEARCH, finalize a PLAN. We are now in a time of development, of final preparation. Take your time, something not easy to do in this energy. Resist the urge to jump into the gooiest parts of life before you’re ready or the “stars align.”

Here’s another thing. The Lunar Eclipse also aspects the Galactic Center at 2° Libra, bringing an evolutionary feel to what’s transpiring. Evolution takes time, so lay your plans and intentions well for the greatest impact when the time is right.

See the number 2 appear again? Yes, relationships are front and center on all levels now, not only with this relationship number but the pure energy of Libra, a sign we enter in full force September 23/24.

It’s time to start talking—and listening—to each other in new ways. Reconnect where you may have inadvertently detached. You’re in a new place now, and so is everyone else. Hold hands with those who are willing and prepare to move through these next steps together as you live the power of building unity through, or in spite of, diversity. This builds the foundations (4) for strong relationships (2) that benefit us all. Thrive, don’t just survive, in this Eclipse Season. We’ll thank you for it.


Rayora Hartman


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When I looked ahead yesterday at my charts for today, a part of me wanted to stay in bed all day with the covers pulled over my head.  Yet with Full Moon energy, who sleeps anyway? So here I am in computerland, pouring over charts to see yet another layer of what’s going on. Besides, it would be a waste not to use the present Sun-Mercury energy for what Mercury does best.  Communicate.  So let’s talk, okay?

In case you haven’t noticed (wink!) we’re in another exact Pluto-Uranus square.  Since November 26th the two have squared at 12°.  This started an intensification of energy that peaks on December 15th and continues at that level the rest of the month. This is the 6th of 7 exact squarings before this energy starts to release next spring.

Each of these squarings brings a unique energy; it’s not just a replay of the ones before.  Each time the planets meet at different degree numbers, bringing different energy.  Plus the other planets take different positions on the cosmic stage.  This presents a whole new swirl of energies for the performance.

Right now a powerful player just took on a whole new role.  Mars entered Aquarius December 4th, just ahead of this 14° Gemini Full Moon on the 6thFull Moons are notorious for heightening emotions.  (Ask anyone who works in hospitals or police departments.) Makes sense since the Moon rules our emotions and when full is at its fullest power.  Gemini wants information, the more the better.  And 14/5 is a media number designed to bring change.  See the connection?

Now back to Mars.  This planet knows only one language.  Power.  With Mars, a personal planet, that power always takes the stage through individual action.  Yet in an environment of heightened collective energy, as we now have with this Pluto-Uranus square, that Mars energy can appear in the collective.  Individuals band together to empower a cause or bring attention to a situation that benefit a greater whole.

In the United States that is happening now as individuals take to the streets in several major cities. Individual voices, banding together, protest a deeply felt injustice. Mars in Aquarius drives this individual power toward a collective cause.  Aquarius, a collective sign, carries the energy of rebellion and revolution.  It shines the light on issues and “secret enemies” that would keep us imprisoned.

For those of us who lived through the riots and demonstrations of the 1960s, there’s a marked similarity.  Again the racial equality issue arises, demanding to be heard.  Mercury, the planet of communication, rules Gemini.   Conjunct (next to) the Sun, personal empowerment takes voice as new generations pushes a yet unresolved issue to collective awareness for resolution.   This issue, so virulent in the ʼ60s, corresponded with the last time Pluto and Uranus tangoed (or was that a paso doble?) in the sky.  That was with a triple conjunction in Virgo.

You see, that’s the thing about Pluto and Uranus—they don’t give up.  Whatever issues remain unresolved as the end of one of these periods takes root and emerges with equal or greater force for resolution the next time these two  energies connect.

This time it is with the force of a square, and squares require action.  Yet squares also bring obstacles, at times seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  That’s where Uranus comes in.  When we refuse to act out of fear, indifference, or a desire to maintain the status quo so we can stay “safe,” Uranus acts for us.  How?  He energizes sudden, unexpected events that don’t allow things to remain the same.  And Pluto, sometimes called “the great destroyer,” often leaves some form of death in his wake.  This is not an act of cruelty but of evolution as anything standing in the way is removed.

Which brings me to our present collective energy.  In Sagittarius, we often are driven to faith.  This is the sign that governs belief systems, among other things.  It brings tests of our faith with the intent of boosting us to even greater levels of knowing and understanding what that means to us, personally and collectively.  On a personal level, where does your faith lie?  Can you trust it?  How can you use it now more than ever?  The questions run deep, often changing over time and experience.  This is a crucial aspect of Sagittarian energy.  (Expect to see more of this, by the way, as Saturn moves into Sagittarius later this month.)

Remember that the number 12, can bring the challenge of falling either into victim or victimizer mode.  With Pluto and Uranus at that degree, events could propel that energy to the surface.  Yet also remember that 12 is a number of learning.  In it the 1 of originality, leadership, and independent thought is supported by the 2 of peaceful one-on-one communication.  Plus 12 reduces to 3 (1 + 2 = 3), a number of communication, creativity, and humor.  Never underestimate the importance of humor.  Let laughter replace anger when possible in minor incidents.  In this energy mole hills easily turn into mountains unnecessarily.

And so goes life on planet Earth.  Take (or create) opportunities to make a difference, lighten the mood, or otherwise share in this planetary experience in some way.  You matter; we all do.  It’s not a time to hide your head under the covers.

And that’s the truthththth!

Blessings, everyone!

Rayora Hartman


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Moon on Sky by Photokanok; freedigitalphotos.netLeo threw the doors open to the 5th house in all our charts July 22nd, with a dynamic invitation to peace in the Master Number 22 (note the double 2).  Yet Leo by its very nature scoffs at finding and maintaining peace.  Leo wants fun, adventure, big opportunities—and lots of attention.  Add the energy of a New Moon coupled with a Mars-Jupiter Square and that energy amps up to extremes.  So how do we play this to our advantage?  Let’s take a look.

New Moons signal times for new beginnings; it’s time to start something.  This Leo New Moon underscores that by positioning at 3° 52’ which reduces to the number 1 (3+5+2=10/1). Ones start things, they lead and invite originality.

After exactly conjuncting the Sun, Jupiter now shares a cosmic bench with the Sun and Moon, cozying up at 2° Leo.  Whatever Jupiter touches expands the energy of those cosmic bodies.  This boosts the New Moon energy is a sign that needs no—I mean, NO–help to build excitement.

Jupiter activates the number 2 energy in a big way as well.  Two is the number of peace, one-on-one communication, and our own inner voice.  It is a relationship number on all levels. This couples with the number 3 energy of the Sun and MoonThree energy highlights communication as well, but with more excitement.  Threes like to have fun and keep things light. Leo and 3s play well together, feeding off each other’s strengths (and weaknesses).  Plus Mercury, that planet that rules communication, lays at 20° (20/2) Cancer right now, indicating relationship issues involving communication are still in play.

Mars slipped into Scorpio on the 25th (25/7), just ahead of this New Moon.  The date again supports the energy of the 7 Universal Year, daring us to show boldness in what we know as truth.  Therein lays the setup for some powerfully extreme energy.  And I do mean extreme.

When Mars squares Jupiter it brings out the crusader in each of us.  Suddenly, like never before, we feel the urge to fight for our cause, whatever that may be.  The cause stems from our strongest beliefs, often religious, political, environmental, or even around sports.

This is not harmful in and of itself.  What happens in this energy, however, is the tendency to get carried away.  Extremes pepper our lives, often landing us in hot water.  That analogy is quite apt, by the way, since we have a Grand Water Trine (Cancer-Scorpio-Pisces) going on at the same time.  This trine flows easy energy between Venus (love, values), Saturn (responsibility, tradition), and Chiron (wounded child/ gifted healer).  Plus over the next couple weeks, Mars trines Neptune, ruler of Pisces, which now lays at 7° Pisces freeing a river of empowerment for all that represents (hopes, dreams/ illusion, delusion).

Yet the water aspect can make things murky and more difficult to ground.  With Mars, we want action and we want it right now.  Passion easily can turn into rage, on one hand, or extreme passivity for the sake of peace on the other.  Or we may find ourselves raging for the sake of peace…and how bizarre is that?!

There’s another wave that may seep in through this square as well; doubting our beliefs.  Yet the overall energy of this aspect makes it difficult to admit that to ourselves, let alone anyone else.  So we may find ourselves swept along in a fight for beliefs we actually no longer hold.

Here’s the good news.  Opportunities may arise like never before for undertaking large projects.  The zealous passion, drive, and sense of adventure also inherent in this energy fires the will to succeed.  And this, my friend, presents a fantastic chance to use this energy to the benefit of all.

Bear in mind that this square will remain activated throughout our time in Leo until it begins to weaken on the 22nd.  It highly activates issues of the 5th (adventure, children, future plans) and 8th (death, transformation, sexuality, other people’s money) houses.  Watch for this energy to increase around the number 5 energy (fun, adventure/recklessness, addiction) and the 5th house from August 5th to 11th.

This New Moon/Mars-Jupiter Square energy will activate any 2s, 3s, or 5s in your personal numbers code.  Those with these numbers as their Destiny, Life Purpose, or Day of Birth or at certain key positions in their astrology chart will experience the strongest influence.  If you want to find out more about the important numbers in your personal numbers code, go here.

And so it goes in this amazing world through the window of astro-numerology.

Till next time…

Rayora Hartman

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The cosmos is so alive, always in motion.  Have you noticed?  Now in a week’s time, Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune dance in and out of step.  Finding your spot on the dance floor can be especially important at times like this.  Let me explain.

Fun loving Jupiter backed onto the dance floor first on November 7th when he went retrograde in Cancer for an unusually long period of 4 months.  (Was that a “moon walk” he just did?) Mercury, our communications planet, flips onto the floor next, moving out of retrograde, stationing for direct (forward motion) in Scorpio November 10th.  (Yippee!)  Neptune must need a bit longer to lace up his shoes, because he waits until November 13th to join the forward stream of cosmic dancers.  It’s then he goes direct in Pisces with a fresh supply of dreams and ideas for us all.

Now it might seem there is little connection between these three.  After all, they’re each dancing in a different sign with at least two signs between them.  Yet look at this.  Jupiter went retrograde at 2°, Mercury goes direct at 2°, and Neptune goes direct at 20/2°.  And this is all happening an 11/2 calendar month with an 11/2 day in the middle.  What does this mean?  Relationship issues just started twirling again, that’s what!  And that’s not bad, you know. (Think Thanksgiving.)  Besides, it’s much more fun dancing with a partner.  Well, most of the time, anyway.  Don’t underestimate the value of dancing solo, however, getting more comfortable with your own style and way of being.  That falls under the “Relationship” category as well.

Also notice what partners may show up at times.  Cancer brings up feelings and intuitiveness.  It represents the “mother” energy and domestic instinct.  Yet it also inspires patriotism and tenacity.  Pisces introduces compassion, selflessness, and sympathy and inspires music.  What’s a dance without music anyway?  Scorpio energy is strong right now since we are in that sign collectively.  Look for determination, motivation, and penetrating insights that can go to great depths.  It brings resourcefulness, but also executive ability.  After all, someone generally leads in a dance.  Right now that’s definitely Scorpio.

A note of caution may be in line here.  After all, we don’t want our lovely dance to turn into a brawl.  So heads up if you see the lower vibrations of these signs slither in: secretiveness, vengefulness, controlling attitudes, power struggles, jealousy, violence, intense anger, victimization, lacking boundaries, shyness, melancholy, over sensitivity, moodiness, self-pity, or brooding.  Watch for these in both yourself and others.  If they show up, recognize them as part of this energy, face them, and get back in step by shifting your energy into the higher vibrational attributes we spoke of first.

That said, let me stress that the number 2 also is the number of peace.  Hold that as your baseline, your foundation, and your ultimate climactic goal in whatever arises around relationships.  Likewise guard against it’s primary lower expressions, co-dependence or peace at any cost.  Those partners really step on your toes.

Remember, relationships are both personal and interpersonal.  In other words, they reach beyond our immediate family and associates to the dances that play out daily in businesses, organizations, and governments around the world.

Realize also that 11s stand as gateways, inviting you to step into whatever is next for you.  In this also comes the energy of endings and new beginnings.   Greet each one as a chance to add yet another dance to your skill set.

Watusi, anyone?

Leave a comment by clicking the dialogue box next to the date or contact me here.  What’s up for you this month?


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