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Kamiah Fires, August 2015, The Clearwater ProgressI live in the Pacific Northwest, smack-dab in the middle of one of the hottest fire zones in the U.S. at this point. And yes, we’re on fire here—big time.

So once I cooled my singed feet in our place of temporary relocation, I donned my detective hat and started pouring over the charts. (Of course…what else? You expected a magnifying glass or something?) Here’s part of what I saw and how it’s evolved from there.

Fire season ignited here in earnest August 10th when an astoundingly intense band of thunder storms swept across a wide swath of the Northwest already in severe drought. Instruments used to record lightning strikes exploded, recording thousands of strikes in record time and numbers. Numerically, number 10 is a number of instant manifestations.   Across the next few days those fires combined, creating massive blazes, with our area “ground zero” for one of the largest and most destructive.

On August 14th another rainless storm system tore through, carrying winds that fanned the flames, leaving at least 50 families around the perimeter of our little burg without homes, the loss of 75 outbuildings, and another 150 with homes uninhabitable due to smoke damage. The fire tore off is opposing directions from there, threatening one town after the other in rural north-central Idaho. (No, not Iowa, IDAHO.) The number 14 tends to draw media attention, and yes, this made statewide news and beyond.

As of this writing, the entire Pacific Northwest is still ablaze with little or no significant relief (aka, rain) in sight before Labor Day at the earliest.

So how does astrology fit into all this? Amazingly accurately, of course.

On the 10th, the Sun was at one of its strongest points, in the middle of its home sign of Leo at 17°. Leo is a Fire Sign ruled by the fieriest planet (astrologically speaking) in the solar system. Mars, an intensely wild fire planet, entered Leo that day at 1°, an “Aries point” that sparks wide recognition. And number 1 starts things. The number 17 often signals leaving a legacy behind, something long remembered. This intensity expanded with velocity with the help of Jupiter also in Leo at Critical Degree (trigger for intense happenings) 29. Jupiter expands everything it touches and the number 29 reduces to 11, a Master Number that signals it’s time to step into the unknown.  On a personal level, Venus, retrograding in Leo at 25°, brought all involved to a point of decision as to what they truly valued. The number 25 reduces to 7, the highest number of mental thought and both mental and spiritual insights. It often brings those lightning-strike moments of sudden awareness.

Mercury rules Virgo and lay atin its home sign. This intensified the need for ideas and communication and ignited reporting of all the changes occurring around the ongoing events. Virgo is an Earth Sign, bringing this fiery energy ignited in Leo literally to Earth as the fires both destroyed and purified the Earth’s surface. The number 5 is the number of change and adventure, two things in abundance (Jupiter) at that point and beyond.

Also in Virgo, Lilith, an asteroid noted for carrying disruptive energy, stood (or lay) at 11°, a number which can carry disruption all by itself. And Juno, an asteroid which brings strong commitment, also transited Virgo at 15°. This number reduces to 6, a number of love and caretaking.

The 14th, when the fires blew out of control in size and strength, brought a New Moon (when Sun and Moon energy join at the same degree) in Leo at 21°. The number 21 reduces to 3, which in its lower expression brings scattered energy. Yet in its highest expression, 21 brings teachable moments. It also brings out the teacher in all of us as we become teachers and students of one another.

New Moons mark new beginnings, and sometimes the beginning of the end. The Moon’s energy generally is not as intense at this time as at a Full Moon, yet it does rule emotions. And as a cosmic “planet” it rules Cancer, the sign of home, family, and real estate.   The number 3 also spurs action and creativity. Need an example? One local pair of brothers spotted an evacuated house whose porch was on fire. To save the house, they cut off the porch. A bit later, they saw another evacuated house with the door ignited. To save the house, they cut out the door.

This New Moon energy brought more tension that usual though a square with Uranus (unexpected happenings) in Aries (initiation), a fire sign ruled by Mars, the planet of change and unbridled power. Squares create tension that finds resolution through action. I’d call firefighting pretty intense action, wouldn’t you? With Uranus at 20°, the highest relationship number, all forms of relationships were tested. Could departments work together for the good of all? Where was the support and where was it not? Could family members agree of a course of action and carry it out? Jupiter, having rolled into Virgo, now expanded the impetus for practical action—or criticism, in Virgo’s lower expression. And Lilith, now sextiling Saturn (structure, work, responsibility) in Scorpio at Critical Degree 28, added a do-or-die energy all its own.

Fast forward now to Friday, August 21st when a whole other kind of dramatic torch lit. Again the number 21 ignited scattered energy and teachable moments as the Chinese and US stock markets prepared to lock into a joint dive. Since World Stock Markets by cooldesign, freedigitalphotos.netAugust is an 8 calendar month in an 8 Universal Year, that intensifies the 8 energy—the number of business and king of the money numbers.  Only that was just the start. Mars (raw power) positioned at 8° Leo (our future) was inconjunct Neptune at 8° Pisces (hopes, dreams), requiring an adjustment of some sort. Neptune in its lower expression can leave you in a fog of confusion. Money planet Venus in Leo inconjunct Chiron (wounded child/master healer) in Pisces brought up fears clear back to childhood around money issues and fear of the future. And the Leo Sun at Critical Degree 28 triggered trust issues on all levels. This energy, expanded by nearby Jupiter (a money planet), also squared Saturn at 28° Scorpio, impelling deep fears and a quest for hidden truths. Tensions mounted and the blame game ignited fueled by fears of the past (South Node), present and future (North Node).  It didn’t matter that August is traditionally a quiet month on Wall Street; the time had come for a major shift and the planets and numbers provided the trigger.

As a result, automated and manual trading exploded at the opening of the stock market Monday, August 24th, creating a jaw-dropping plunge of over 1,000 points in the Dow within minutes. Of course buyers swooped in, reducing the day’s loss by around half. Notice that Venus, one of the money planets as I said, was at 17° Leo, again creating a legendary day on Wall Street that will not be forgotten in financial circles.

Yes, Leo is a sign that demands attention and tends to fire things up in dramatic ways. Virgo serves either as an accomplice or a counter balance, bringing things back down to earthly reality and reminding us that the truly divine can often be demonstrated through practical, day-to-day efforts that matter immensely in the overall picture of things. That’s an important lesson to see on all levels as we live amidst the forest fires and economic earthquakes of life.

Blessings, all!

Rayora Hartman


(Photo credits:  Kamiah Fires, The Clearwater Progress; “World Stock Markets” by cooldesign,



No Gun Violence Symbol by David Castillo Dominici; freedigitalphotos.netI don’t like guns, never have.  Sorry if that offends some of you, but it’s the truth.  Yet anyone living in the past several centuries knows a gun remains only a threat—or a promise– until someone pulls the trigger.

The same is true in astrology.  This week Mars shows us what he can do when he aims his energy at some pretty big players.  You see, a cosmic anomaly is that personal planets like Mars are “designed” to trigger an event when teamed with the outer planets.

That happens big time this week, so let’s take a look.

After a weekend of the Sun and Chiron showing us where there may be a need for healing, Mars and Jupiter ramp things up Monday, March 9th.  An easy flowing energy between these two increases physical energy and urges.  Both are in Fire signs (Aries and Leo), increasing this drive even more.

This energy wants to be seen by others so easily builds drama (Leo) around things already in play.  With both planets at 13° the underlying impetus is for transformation.  Yet this is a number that brings transformation through struggle in order to make foundational change.  And the 9 date indicates endings as a likely part of that.  Since Jupiter is a transitional planet, it indicates both personal and collective impact.

Wednesday, the 11th, intensity in Aries grows as Mars goes shoulder to shoulder with Uranus at 15° and into an exact square with Pluto at 15° Capricorn.  This could be one dynamite day.  Capricorn rules governments and established order.  Aries want change and forward movement.  Pluto rules the dark side of life and things hidden.  Mars drives pure, raw, action.  And Uranus is a loose cannon, potentially creating shock and awe for the sake of liberation and freedom.

Now toss all of these into an energy that’s two parts fire, one part air, one part water and one part earth.  That could mean air fuels fire to boil water to purify earth. Or earth, air, and water combine to subdue or put out fire.  Which will it be?

Frankly, this is a warring energy, an energy that creates impatience and fuels anger.  It’s very high energy with the potential for violence that fuels fanaticism.  And I don’t see any way to sugar-coat that.  This energy strikes the collective with global dynamics.  Yet realize that on a personal level, it is a day where balance is needed along with an outlet for any intense energies you feel.

The number 15 beams love into this brew, however.  This number carries the potential to change the proverbial lead into gold.  Yet even here, the number 5 indicates pivotal change is needed to guide independent actions.

With energy of this magnitude, it does not build and release in a single day.   The build up to the 11th will likewise take several days to start to dissipate.  Just remember that the number 11 challenges us to step through a gateway into the unknown.  Draw on Mars’ vibration of courage to direct this energy for good in any way you can.

March 12th Mercury enters the sign of Pisces, which may allow calmer voices to prevail—or at least be heard.  The 12 brings the impetus for learning and original creative solutions through partnering.  In its lower expression it can bring dominance or victimhood.  Again, which will it be? Pisces draws us toward the divine and seeing that we are all one humanity with hopes and dreams more the same than different.

On the 14th, Saturn retrogrades until early August.  What does this mean for you?  Quite simply, it’s a time to go within and review all the things you’ve come to understand, or not, since the first of the year.  Things you chose to ignore or keep hidden will reappear.  Tax, loan, or debt issues left unresolved may surface.  Your long-held beliefs may fly in your face for close examination.

Most of all this time is a laser-like integrity check.  Do your thoughts match your words?  Do your words match your actions?  Are you consistently responsible and honest with yourself and others?  The number 14 invites change through structured individual action.  Decide, then act.

And all of this leads up to (drum roll, please) the FINAL exact Pluto-Uranus square on March 16-17, depending on where you are on the planet.  (Yahoo!!)

The number 16 can bring unexpected happenings that lead sooner or later to new insights.  (So Uranus-like, right?)  And 17 brings insights leading to original ideas that can stand on their own with enduring qualities.  It also reduces to 8 (1+7), the king of the money numbers, which could result in some financial shake-ups.  Remember, any 8 energy is magnified in this 8 Universal Year.

This energy will take weeks to start to weaken and years to completely disconnect, but this is the final clash for decades.

Yes, it’s an intense, high energy week ahead.  Be patient with yourself and others.  We’re all feeling this on some level.  Direct the energy in positive and productive ways as much as you can.  Stay balanced emotionally; if hit with a shock or surprise, return to calm as soon as possible.  Guard against paralyzing fear, panic, or hopelessness.  Love yourself and your neighbors far and wide, realizing we’re all in this together.

Embrace change leading toward forward movement rather than clinging to the past.  We’re simply taking one more powerful leap into this planetary adventure.

Blessings, all!

Rayora Hartman


(Photo credit: “No Gun Violence Symbol” by David Castillo Dominici,

Jupiter has my attention—big time!   He’s a major player in my own chart rightGreen World by digitalart; now.  Yours too?  Then get ready for your football or beach ball to morph into a hot air balloon.  Yup, that’s Jupiter this year.  Up, up, and away—for better or…well, you know.

To start our journey, let’s take a look across the next week.  Saturday, February 28th, expansive Jupiter connects with transformational Pluto in an uncomfortable aspect (quincunx) that requires an adjustment while moving into an easy partnership (trine) with shocking Uranus.  This applies first to the collective, a.k.a. global humanity, since Pluto and Uranus are collective planets.

With all planets at 14° I anticipate a media event and/or something that scatters our attention.  With Capricorn and Leo involved, this could be another winter weather or earth moving event (summer event in the southern hemisphere).  Capricorn is cold and Leo hot.  Or it may trigger something that requires an adjustment in how we as nations use or abuse power and influence (Sun/Leo) when working with others (Capricorn).  This connection has been building for awhile and will take several weeks to dissipate.

Since 14 reduces to 5 (1+4), this holds the potential to trigger a pivotal point, perhaps toward expanding freedom in some way.  Or in the worst case scenario, expanding the restrictions of freedom already in place.

The date number 28 can trigger trust issues and serve as the impetus for leadership.  Since it reduces to 10/1 there’s also the possibility of something happening quite quickly.

On Monday, March 1st the storm clouds thicken.  Mercury’s transit in Aquarius moves onto an exact opposition with Jupiter and a sextile with Uranus.  That’s astro-speak for a lot of big talk and potential rebellion with surprise endings.  Mind you, that ups the number of planets at 14° to four, setting the energetic stage for even more potential changes and striving for freedom (5).  The more often a number repeats, the more intense the energy.

March 3rd Jupiter moves into exact down-to-the-minute trine with Uranus, adding an expansive—and perhaps lucky—surge to the energies and events of the day.  Remember, Jupiter’s energy expands everything it touches, increasing the magnitude of seemingly bad and good alike.

The next day, on the 4th, Jupiter trines Venus as this planet of love and money cozies up to Uranus for a day or two.  Though Pluto and Mercury have moved on just a bit, their energy is still in play.  Now Jupiter, Uranus, and Venus hold the 14° vibration continuum.  In this scenario, Venus serves mainly as a trigger for the other planets; her own power of love, justice, and balance in diminished in Aries.  This can create power struggles and heart-opening events.  This is due in part to Mercury sextiling Venus-Uranus as Pluto squares them.  In plain English, this requires quick action in a super tense energetic combination.

(I can almost see Venus as a bound maiden, squirming for freedom as she shares this dynamic.  Poor Venus *sniff*…will her knight arrive before she gets blown to smithereens?)

On Thursday, March 5th, the next Full Moon arrives at 14°31ʼ Virgo, gazing across the cosmos as the Sun now at 14° Pisces.  Note the correlation of the 14/5 with the 5 date.  Full Moons boost emotional energy tremendously, yet in Virgo there is a grounding effect that may ease that somewhat.  With Jupiter still at 14°, semi-sextile this Moon (another call for quick action) while enjoying the ongoing trine with Uranus, that keeps four planetary bodies at this degree (Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Uranus).

Plus Pluto now sextiles the Sun with one mere degree difference and Mars moves in for a high-five with the South Node at 10°Aries.  Both Pluto and the South Node deal with the past, karma, and deeply buried issues.  And Mars is seeing red while in full power in his home sign of Aries.  He’s ready to fight or forge ahead creating new possibilities, depending on the events and attitudes at this point.  Whichever it is, there’s high potential for powerful action.  Remember, things peak at the time of the Full Moon.

On a personal note, realize that this Full Moon brings good, practical energy, empowering effectiveness, and in that regard can be good for relationships.  This holds the potential for improvement of both personal and governmental relationships—if all parties cooperate and don’t take everything personally.  (Sigh…)  Wouldn’t that be “Wunerful…wunerful!” as the late band leader Lawrence Welk used to say?

Realize that while outer planets Pluto and Uranus trigger global events, their energy also can trigger your own personal charts if interacting with your natal planetary positions.  And Jupiter can trigger anything anywhere.

What to do?

  1. Check your chart for where these transits may affect you.
  2. Realize that if you have 14 or 5 in your personal numbers code, you will feel these more personally, whether through observation or experience.
  3. Look for your opportunities for growth and action. What’s calling you to change and/or act?
  4. Relationships remain vulnerable. Don’t take everything personally.
  5. Laugh as much as you can; it’s good for body, mind, and spirit.

Till next time…blessings!

Rayora Hartman


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Peaceful Winter SceneIsn’t it time for a little good news?  Well, I found some.  Really!  Let’s take a look.

Overall, the cosmic energies for February have been mild compared to recent years.   Weather and wars notwithstanding.  It’s like the universe gives us a break now and then to rest, assimilate, and prepare to power up for the next thrust forward. (Not to be confused with waiting for the next shoe to drop, mind you.) And that’s a good thing.

Venus and Mars continued to play as a couple through the signs over the past several weeks.  And right now they are closing in for one last energy swirl in the latter degrees of Pisces.  On Thursday, March 19th, Mars skips into his home sign of Aries with Venus gliding in the next day.  By Sunday they’re stumbling all over each other again for a day or so.  Cosmically speaking, of course.  Then Venus takes the lead again, since she moves about twice as fast as Mars.

While in Pisces, Mars’ planetary energies were somewhat subdued.  Not so in Aries.  He charges into the first degrees yelling, “I’m home! What’s for dinner?  Haven’t had a home-cooked power meal in two years.  Been living with relationship, financial, business, and spiritual issues for what seems like f.o.r.e.v.e.r.  That’s downright draining, you know.  Time to refuel and power up again.  Gosh, it’s good to be home!

Okay, I’m joking.  Yet the truth is Mars rules Aries in astrology and is in his greatest power here.  That automatically powers up a lot of high energy that will stay on high beam through March 31st.  Aires is an initiating power sign; Mars adds the energy for leadership, assertiveness, sex, and the warrior.  Whenever Mars and Venus blend energies, it heightens creativity as well as energizing relationship and financial developments.

Saturn, the planet of karma and responsibility, sextiles communication planet Mercury on the 19th as well with both at 4°. This could spur some productive or even brilliant thoughts or conversations.  At this degree number see these as laying the foundation for what’s next.

About this time, Venus and Mars start to edge into a trine with Saturn that becomes exact with Venus on the 24th.  This could add stability to this Venus-Mars energy over the next week.  However, realize that Saturn’s energy tends to want us to stay connected with the past.  If this happens, let Mars spur you forward with confidence.  Venus offers a stabilizing effect on her own, without the ball and chain.  (Wink!)

Saturn squares the Sun on the 23rd with both at 5°, the number of pivotal change.  The date likewise reduces to 5 (2 + 3), adding emphasis to this fact.  While this day could present some hurdles, use Saturn’s highest expression to overcome them.  Act mature, be responsible and disciplined, and manage your time well.  By so doing, you will shine brilliantly.

The energy of change continues when the Saturn-Venus trine becomes exact on the 24th at 5°.  This adds energy to new beginnings and bold action, especially if it was preceded by planning.  And when Saturn trines Mars the next day, a steadying effect pervades it all.

Also on the 25th, the Sun conjuncts (joins) Neptune bringing creative inspiration and spiritual union.  Guard against aimlessness, excessive escapism, or substance abuse—expressions of Neptune’s lower energy which could likewise be fired by the Sun.

On the 28th, Jupiter and Pluto, both at 14°, move into an aspect that demands an adjustment.  This energy can plunge you into the depths of truth and/or supercharge creativity.  Plus Uranus moves to 14°Aries, creating a trine with Jupiter in Leo as Uranus starts to tighten into that last Pluto-Uranus square on March 17th.  This energy easily spills onto the global scene since it involves powerful outer planets and transitional Jupiter’s expanding influence.  The number 14 again reduces to 5, so expect to see some interesting dynamics splashed across the media around then.

Realize, also, that all of this activity is prefaced by a powerful New Moon February 18th at 29°59ʼ Aquarius, a mere cosmic minute before the Sun enters Pisces.  This brings the combined energies of Uranus’ home sign (Aquarius) blended with Neptune in its home sign (Pisces) into play in a very strong way.  This energy activation remains in effect for weeks.   Aquarius is quirky energy that tends to insight revolution.  In Pisces, things often get lost in illusions and delusions before finding higher grounding.  So realize that not everything in the weeks ahead may be as it appears on the surface.  Guard against joining a revolution—personal, familial, or global–on false pretenses.   The number 18 can bring deceit.  Yet it reduces to 9, the number of highest compassion.  Let that be your cloak of honor in the days and weeks ahead.

As always, the degree to which you feel these energies depends on how they interact with your personal chart and numbers.  If you need help to determine that, you know where to find me.

Blessings, all!

Rayora Hartman





When I looked ahead yesterday at my charts for today, a part of me wanted to stay in bed all day with the covers pulled over my head.  Yet with Full Moon energy, who sleeps anyway? So here I am in computerland, pouring over charts to see yet another layer of what’s going on. Besides, it would be a waste not to use the present Sun-Mercury energy for what Mercury does best.  Communicate.  So let’s talk, okay?

In case you haven’t noticed (wink!) we’re in another exact Pluto-Uranus square.  Since November 26th the two have squared at 12°.  This started an intensification of energy that peaks on December 15th and continues at that level the rest of the month. This is the 6th of 7 exact squarings before this energy starts to release next spring.

Each of these squarings brings a unique energy; it’s not just a replay of the ones before.  Each time the planets meet at different degree numbers, bringing different energy.  Plus the other planets take different positions on the cosmic stage.  This presents a whole new swirl of energies for the performance.

Right now a powerful player just took on a whole new role.  Mars entered Aquarius December 4th, just ahead of this 14° Gemini Full Moon on the 6thFull Moons are notorious for heightening emotions.  (Ask anyone who works in hospitals or police departments.) Makes sense since the Moon rules our emotions and when full is at its fullest power.  Gemini wants information, the more the better.  And 14/5 is a media number designed to bring change.  See the connection?

Now back to Mars.  This planet knows only one language.  Power.  With Mars, a personal planet, that power always takes the stage through individual action.  Yet in an environment of heightened collective energy, as we now have with this Pluto-Uranus square, that Mars energy can appear in the collective.  Individuals band together to empower a cause or bring attention to a situation that benefit a greater whole.

In the United States that is happening now as individuals take to the streets in several major cities. Individual voices, banding together, protest a deeply felt injustice. Mars in Aquarius drives this individual power toward a collective cause.  Aquarius, a collective sign, carries the energy of rebellion and revolution.  It shines the light on issues and “secret enemies” that would keep us imprisoned.

For those of us who lived through the riots and demonstrations of the 1960s, there’s a marked similarity.  Again the racial equality issue arises, demanding to be heard.  Mercury, the planet of communication, rules Gemini.   Conjunct (next to) the Sun, personal empowerment takes voice as new generations pushes a yet unresolved issue to collective awareness for resolution.   This issue, so virulent in the ʼ60s, corresponded with the last time Pluto and Uranus tangoed (or was that a paso doble?) in the sky.  That was with a triple conjunction in Virgo.

You see, that’s the thing about Pluto and Uranus—they don’t give up.  Whatever issues remain unresolved as the end of one of these periods takes root and emerges with equal or greater force for resolution the next time these two  energies connect.

This time it is with the force of a square, and squares require action.  Yet squares also bring obstacles, at times seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  That’s where Uranus comes in.  When we refuse to act out of fear, indifference, or a desire to maintain the status quo so we can stay “safe,” Uranus acts for us.  How?  He energizes sudden, unexpected events that don’t allow things to remain the same.  And Pluto, sometimes called “the great destroyer,” often leaves some form of death in his wake.  This is not an act of cruelty but of evolution as anything standing in the way is removed.

Which brings me to our present collective energy.  In Sagittarius, we often are driven to faith.  This is the sign that governs belief systems, among other things.  It brings tests of our faith with the intent of boosting us to even greater levels of knowing and understanding what that means to us, personally and collectively.  On a personal level, where does your faith lie?  Can you trust it?  How can you use it now more than ever?  The questions run deep, often changing over time and experience.  This is a crucial aspect of Sagittarian energy.  (Expect to see more of this, by the way, as Saturn moves into Sagittarius later this month.)

Remember that the number 12, can bring the challenge of falling either into victim or victimizer mode.  With Pluto and Uranus at that degree, events could propel that energy to the surface.  Yet also remember that 12 is a number of learning.  In it the 1 of originality, leadership, and independent thought is supported by the 2 of peaceful one-on-one communication.  Plus 12 reduces to 3 (1 + 2 = 3), a number of communication, creativity, and humor.  Never underestimate the importance of humor.  Let laughter replace anger when possible in minor incidents.  In this energy mole hills easily turn into mountains unnecessarily.

And so goes life on planet Earth.  Take (or create) opportunities to make a difference, lighten the mood, or otherwise share in this planetary experience in some way.  You matter; we all do.  It’s not a time to hide your head under the covers.

And that’s the truthththth!

Blessings, everyone!

Rayora Hartman


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copper-sunWow!  I never saw this one coming.  An award, not for writing but for reading.  How cool is that?

This week equestrian Dorothy Chiotti, writer of Musings of a Horse Mom, nominated me for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award.  This award recognized those WordPress bloggers who take the time to visit other’s blogs and lend support and/or encouragement through liking or commenting on posts.  Gosh, and I thought I was just having fun!

Dorothy and I have been playing together in various ways for several months now, and I value her as the multi-talented artist she is.  Her skill encompasses not only writing but photography, with much of it springing from her love of her own dear horses and the equestrian life.  Her blog at is well worth a visit.

Now with this nomination, I am entrusted with passing the award on to 14 more nominees. (Fourteen was considered by the ancients as the number of the scribe and is now often referred to as the media number.  How apt!)  What a challenge—and what a gift.  The diversity of my readers at Numbers At Play leaped out to me anew as I perused all past likes and comments.  Plus, I revisited several sites I have not for a while, reminding me of what I was missing.  As I keep saying here, we each come with a unique blueprint designed to guide us through life.  The eclectic band of readers who visit me here highlights that fact to me weekly.  I am thrilled to share in so many wonderful “worlds” as you share in mine.

And with that, here are my nominees for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award.  If the links don’t work, please copy and paste them into your browser. (Nominees, please read the rules below.):  (enriching, synoptic astrology updates)  (“eargasms” offered by self-taught composer James Revels III, delivering messages of unconditional love)  (a woman’s guide, supporting them on their journey to an extraordinary life)  (musings on the middle of life, always sparkling with humor)  (insightful posts from a martial arts instructor choosing a natural approach to living with Parkinson’s Disease as he shares valuable and heartwarming encouragement for us all to make a difference)  (where Anna offers real and life recipes for living with cancer)  (where Tom, with a huge passion for children and Africa, seeks to bring a smile while inspiring you any way he can)  (offering views of finding God in ways you may never have considered, or as he puts it, What-Why-How To: God)  (where Snehal Sahay invites you through her poetic genius to “be a part of my paradox” as she strives to love all)  (where Taylor Oceans encourages you to learn from your mistakes while playing your hand right in life)  (where Hollis Plample draws daily comics “inspired by a lot of public eavesdropping and pilfering from the quirks of friends and enemies”)  (an awe-inspiring blog written with love and humor by a mom that demonstrates how love need have no boundaries and all are worthy beyond measure)  (where a young woman invites you to “The War in My Brain” as she lives daily with OCD, obsessive-compulsive disorder)  (where Tony Burkinshaw invites you to explore a hypnotic, though remotely understood, career path that includes cognitive hypnotherapy and financial planning)


1. The Nominee of the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award shall display the logo on his/her blog.

2. The Nominee shall nominate 14 readers they appreciate over a period of 7 days, all at once or little by little.

3. The Nominee shall name his/her Wonderful Team Member Readership Award nominees on a post or on posts during 7 days.

And since a wasp just stung me on the wrist (ouch!), I will cut this post short.  Know you are greatly appreciated and I am honored with each of your visits to my blog or website.  Till soon…