A Bowl of Popcorn by Mister GC; freedigitalphotos.netHave you ever noticed that life is a lot like a popcorn popper that never stops popping?
You know, you start with those golden/white kernels, add hot oil or air (or microwaves…) and stand eying the popper in anticipation of a delicious outcome. The first kernels pop and the aroma makes you salivate. You grab the bowls from the cupboard with one hand and the salt shaker with the other. Man, life can be delicious!
The popping speeds up then slows to a near stop. You reach for your reward, but before you can do anything the cycle starts all over. The lid rises on the popper and corn spills onto the counter. What the heck? Bowls and shaker cast aside, you struggle to keep the lid on with one hand while scooping popcorn up by the fistful with the other.
At last the popper seems to be stopping. You sigh and turn to reach for another bowl. What? You whirl around. Oh, no! It can’t be. Another cycle? Impossible! Where’s all that corn coming from anyway? (Twilight Zone music, please…)
Now for all you Saturian types who scoff and think, “Well, just unplug it or turn off the heat,” let me tell you, it’s not that easy. Not when the kernels represent ideas, dreams and experiences; the container your daily life complete with family, work, and environment; and the heat the continuously changing energy created by astrological and numeric combinations that affect us all.
Bear with me while I share a little of my own “popcorn” with you.
May 6th I drove my husband to an out of town doctor appointment. It was one of those July-like spring days so I waited in the car with the dog least our Doxie become a roast wiener. (Okay, bad joke.) This appointment was just a routine check-in with the doctor, after all, so no need for me to be a part of it.
Surprise! My husband returns to the car an hour and a half later and announces, “I go in for surgery on the 19th.”
I was scheduled to fly out to an astrology conference on the 21st, a commitment made months before.
“It’s okay, the doctor says you don’t have to be there for my recovery. I’ll only have to be in the hospital one or two nights. He says I can do fine on my own if I can run a microwave.”
I was in shock. How could this happen?
Simple. My chart was triggered by a Moon transit over Saturn that was in a bear hug with my natal Mars in Sagittarius which also was being solar arched by the North Node, all at. Translation: The Moon, which rules our emotions, triggered Saturn, the planet of fears and responsibilities, to challenge Mars, the planet of initiation and personal power, around a relationship issue through the number 2, involving travel for higher learning (Sagittarius) that involved my future (North Node).
Besides that, Uranus, planet of unexpected happenings, aspected my Midheaven (career and reputation) and natal Mercury (information and communication). The Sun at 15° (15/6 a number of love, caretaking, and spiritual alchemy in numerology) aspecting Pluto (transformation) coupled with the 6 calendar day triggered my Destiny Number, with also affects career. Mars also solar arched my relationship axis (ASC/DSC) and conjunct my 3rd House cusp (communication). Transiting Venus aspected my natal Jupiter which was solar arched by Venus and Saturn, and Venus rules my Sun and Moon Signs—all at Critical Degree 28 (crisis or urgency) which also triggers another key number involving career in my personal code. That, my friends, is what you call a highly activated chart, in my case involving a new cycle for me developing between Saturn and Mars.
The choice? Do I go or do I stay. Sounds simple, right? Not so. This triggered an old pattern for me of giving up what is right for me personally for the sake of someone in my family (Virgo, Libra, Venus, and Saturn in the 7th House of Marriage and Partnerships). Was I ready to consciously transform that? Could I face criticism that may come from others if I did?
I took a breath. “I can’t stay,” I told my husband.
“I know,” he said. “I don’t want you too. And the doctor says there’s no need.” (Am I married to a great guy or what?)
Of course this was only the initial step of this challenge. The surgery corresponded with a New Moon (emotions/new beginnings) and the start of a Mercury retrograde (delays and reviews). The surgery was delayed by several hours due to an emergency. I claimed a chair in the waiting room. Emergencies seem so impersonal at times like that—until they aren’t. In walked an old friend I rarely see anymore.
“What brings you here?” I asked.
“My grandson broke his neck,” she responded with a grimace.
In my chart that day, the Sun, again at Critical Degree 28, squared (tension) my natal Jupiter (expansion) in the 12th House (hospitals) as transiting Jupiter quincunx (requiring adjustment) Pluto (something or someone from the past). Again the Moon served as the trigger.
Suddenly my own situation dwarfed as I saw what this friend faced. Our situation was so minor compared to hers. My view expanded, bringing an attitude adjustment. The delay didn’t matter anymore. What mattered was that her grandson got the care he needed in time.
Another delay kept my husband in the hospital longer than we’d hoped. He was released a few hours before my flight, so I said goodbye in the hospital and a friend graciously brought him home.
When I returned from the conference, he was doing just fine with no pain and very few restrictions. As to my friend, I ran into her in the grocery store a few days ago and discovered that her grandson is already back to work. I know, right? Now how cool is that?
As for me, am I glad I made the choice I did? Absolutely! The conference provided new contacts and fueled me with information to benefit my clients. The best part is I broke an old restrictive pattern that plagued me through life. Just goes to show that when we work with the energies of the planets and the numbers things work out not only for our highest good but the good of those around us as well.
Popcorn, anyone?
Rayora Hartman     http://numbersatplay.com

(P.S. Apologies if you see a lack of paragraph spacing.  The computer programs aren’t talking to each other this morning.)

(Photo credit: “A Bowl of Popcorn” by Mister GC; freedigitalphotos.net)