Hey, I’m as sick of “politics” as the rest of you, so bear with me here, OK? My Viking Handing Hazelnuts Circle Retro by vectorilie; freedigitalphotos.netchart just got triggered (again) so I’m all fired up, waving a sword in one hand and the scales of justice in the other. I’m a Libran (fairness, justice, directness) in the middle of a triple Mars Return. Yup, Mars decided to retrograde across my natal Mars in Sagittarius (the raw power of beliefs, expanded truth). Lucky me!

What does this have to do with politics? Well, I have the asteroid Pallas Athena, the feminine version of Mars, to thank for that. It so happens, this feminine warrior appears as the primary indicator of political and ethical ideology in the natal chart. It therefore also gives impetus for political actions through transits, progressions, etc. For me, Pallas in Scorpio in my 8th House at my Life Purpose number says I’m passionate about this. Plus, transiting Pallas conjuncts, or joins, my Ascendant (ASC) while squaring my natal Mars during this return period. (Oh, yeah, the fun never ends, does it?) More on that in a minute.

It turns out Pallas has some help in this area. My planetary ruler Venus (ruler of Libra and Taurus) and the Moon (emotional ruler) happen to hold the distinction of the other two cosmic bodies of greatest influence in political/ethical ideology. And yes, my natal Moon lays in Taurus, also reflecting my Life Purpose number through degree.

So where’s Pluto, the great transformer, in all of this? Well, one analyst reported that there are more government rulers born under the sign of Scorpio (ruled by Pluto) than any other.  They do deal a lot with debt and other people’s money (Scorpio/ 8th House), after all. Virgoans held the bottom number on that one, by the way. Too practical and down-to-earth, perhaps.

Want to see how this all weaves together in our lives when the timing is right?

In the United States we have primary elections followed by state and general conventions followed by the big general election in November. Complex, I know, but that’s the way we do it. And all this is prefaced by over two years of political advertising and campaigning. (groan)

I’ve been an election worker for decades, making sure every vote gets recorded properly (natal Saturn in Virgo conjunct Venus) in our precinct. As part of this Election Board, I see the breakdowns in the system (Pluto-Uranus square followed by Saturn-Neptune square). Last election cycle the Republicans in my state chose to adopt a “closed primary” system for their party’s election. This meant only those who registered as Republican could vote for any of their candidates. In my county, this denied all non-Republicans the right to vote for county sheriff, since only Republicans ran, eliminating the need for the race to carry over to the General Election.

This year the Democrats followed suit, requiring party affiliation to vote.

Now realize that the United States in a country with multiple alternative parties often with no ballots of their own and the right for voting citizens to remain unaffiliated with any party, if registered as such.

Oh, but they made it sound so easy, these big party promoters. All a voter had to do was register with one or the other main party (Republican or Democrat), then unregister a few days after the election, if they chose.

The Democrats in this state took it one step farther by choosing to caucus in designated locations across the state for 2-3 hour of citizen debates and shifting sides prior to voting. I tell you the fun and games never end here! I’m told some actually enjoy this kind of thing. In this area that required driving for up to an hour and a half each way. Those who could not get there or chose not to participate had no alternative way to vote since absentee ballots were not issued. Villagers in one small town, trapped behind a huge rock slide for weeks, missed out completely.

OK, my Mars is firing up, so hold on.

I’ve taken enough sales/marketing training to see this for what it is: a means of temporarily inflating party registration numbers to make each party shine with suddenly growing number of new party members. Catch the word “temporary” in there. It demonstrates a planned manipulation of people’s heightened emotions (Moon) to project a false truth, aka, illusion (Neptune). Why would they do this? When it comes to U.S. elections, numbers drive the dollars to any campaign.

Personally, I refused to play this registration game. I am a registered voter who votes by person, not party. As a result, I could only vote on local and state issues. And I am one of thousands across this nation who experienced this. Disenfranchised voters, they call us.

Where did this show up in my chart? Astrologically, Pallas triggered the issue and conjunct (joined) my ASC made it personal. Transiting Mars first conjunct my natal Mars the day of the Republican Primary. In retrograde, it formed this same conjunction the day of the State Primary. Let’s just say, some of the board members saw a side of me they weren’t expecting. A feminine warrior for fairness and justice in our political system showed up.  I realize I’m going to have to work with Saturn, planetary ruler over governmental structures, on this. But then, Saturn and Jupiter were squaring off (tension) at the State Primary, daring the expanded awareness (Jupiter/ Sagittarius) to crumble old structures (Saturn). And I’m seeing some serious chips in the masonry already.

Oh, did I mention that Mars lays at 2° Sagittarius in my natal chart? On the surface that look like quite a conundrum, this combo. Blending Mars’ energy and the number 2 might be pictured as a Viking offering a bouquet of flowers. (Or a handful of hazelnuts. I don’t know, that’s the picture that showed up and said, “Use me!”) Two is the number of peace and one-on-one communication.

Peace is not in Mars’ vocabulary or job description. So what gives, right? Well, it took me quite awhile to figure that out. Yet now I see that Mars at 2° in my 9th House (beliefs, teaching) gives me the courage to talk to people about things that matter not just to me but on a global/collective scale. I’m not big on small talk but can contribute to some deep, fascinating, and challenging conversations, if you’re willing. One-on-one is my favorite way to do that, of course. That, or simply writing things that inform, as boring as that may sound.

So there you have it, folks. Another amazing twist of planetary action in ways you might never expect. I know I didn’t.

Now, has anybody seen my sword…the one glowing with light with sapphire roses on the handle?


Rayora Hartman   www.numbersatplay.com


(Photo credit: “Viking Handing Hazelnuts Circle Retro” by vectorilie; freedigitalphotos.net)