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Kamiah Fires, August 2015, The Clearwater ProgressI live in the Pacific Northwest, smack-dab in the middle of one of the hottest fire zones in the U.S. at this point. And yes, we’re on fire here—big time.

So once I cooled my singed feet in our place of temporary relocation, I donned my detective hat and started pouring over the charts. (Of course…what else? You expected a magnifying glass or something?) Here’s part of what I saw and how it’s evolved from there.

Fire season ignited here in earnest August 10th when an astoundingly intense band of thunder storms swept across a wide swath of the Northwest already in severe drought. Instruments used to record lightning strikes exploded, recording thousands of strikes in record time and numbers. Numerically, number 10 is a number of instant manifestations.   Across the next few days those fires combined, creating massive blazes, with our area “ground zero” for one of the largest and most destructive.

On August 14th another rainless storm system tore through, carrying winds that fanned the flames, leaving at least 50 families around the perimeter of our little burg without homes, the loss of 75 outbuildings, and another 150 with homes uninhabitable due to smoke damage. The fire tore off is opposing directions from there, threatening one town after the other in rural north-central Idaho. (No, not Iowa, IDAHO.) The number 14 tends to draw media attention, and yes, this made statewide news and beyond.

As of this writing, the entire Pacific Northwest is still ablaze with little or no significant relief (aka, rain) in sight before Labor Day at the earliest.

So how does astrology fit into all this? Amazingly accurately, of course.

On the 10th, the Sun was at one of its strongest points, in the middle of its home sign of Leo at 17°. Leo is a Fire Sign ruled by the fieriest planet (astrologically speaking) in the solar system. Mars, an intensely wild fire planet, entered Leo that day at 1°, an “Aries point” that sparks wide recognition. And number 1 starts things. The number 17 often signals leaving a legacy behind, something long remembered. This intensity expanded with velocity with the help of Jupiter also in Leo at Critical Degree (trigger for intense happenings) 29. Jupiter expands everything it touches and the number 29 reduces to 11, a Master Number that signals it’s time to step into the unknown.  On a personal level, Venus, retrograding in Leo at 25°, brought all involved to a point of decision as to what they truly valued. The number 25 reduces to 7, the highest number of mental thought and both mental and spiritual insights. It often brings those lightning-strike moments of sudden awareness.

Mercury rules Virgo and lay atin its home sign. This intensified the need for ideas and communication and ignited reporting of all the changes occurring around the ongoing events. Virgo is an Earth Sign, bringing this fiery energy ignited in Leo literally to Earth as the fires both destroyed and purified the Earth’s surface. The number 5 is the number of change and adventure, two things in abundance (Jupiter) at that point and beyond.

Also in Virgo, Lilith, an asteroid noted for carrying disruptive energy, stood (or lay) at 11°, a number which can carry disruption all by itself. And Juno, an asteroid which brings strong commitment, also transited Virgo at 15°. This number reduces to 6, a number of love and caretaking.

The 14th, when the fires blew out of control in size and strength, brought a New Moon (when Sun and Moon energy join at the same degree) in Leo at 21°. The number 21 reduces to 3, which in its lower expression brings scattered energy. Yet in its highest expression, 21 brings teachable moments. It also brings out the teacher in all of us as we become teachers and students of one another.

New Moons mark new beginnings, and sometimes the beginning of the end. The Moon’s energy generally is not as intense at this time as at a Full Moon, yet it does rule emotions. And as a cosmic “planet” it rules Cancer, the sign of home, family, and real estate.   The number 3 also spurs action and creativity. Need an example? One local pair of brothers spotted an evacuated house whose porch was on fire. To save the house, they cut off the porch. A bit later, they saw another evacuated house with the door ignited. To save the house, they cut out the door.

This New Moon energy brought more tension that usual though a square with Uranus (unexpected happenings) in Aries (initiation), a fire sign ruled by Mars, the planet of change and unbridled power. Squares create tension that finds resolution through action. I’d call firefighting pretty intense action, wouldn’t you? With Uranus at 20°, the highest relationship number, all forms of relationships were tested. Could departments work together for the good of all? Where was the support and where was it not? Could family members agree of a course of action and carry it out? Jupiter, having rolled into Virgo, now expanded the impetus for practical action—or criticism, in Virgo’s lower expression. And Lilith, now sextiling Saturn (structure, work, responsibility) in Scorpio at Critical Degree 28, added a do-or-die energy all its own.

Fast forward now to Friday, August 21st when a whole other kind of dramatic torch lit. Again the number 21 ignited scattered energy and teachable moments as the Chinese and US stock markets prepared to lock into a joint dive. Since World Stock Markets by cooldesign, freedigitalphotos.netAugust is an 8 calendar month in an 8 Universal Year, that intensifies the 8 energy—the number of business and king of the money numbers.  Only that was just the start. Mars (raw power) positioned at 8° Leo (our future) was inconjunct Neptune at 8° Pisces (hopes, dreams), requiring an adjustment of some sort. Neptune in its lower expression can leave you in a fog of confusion. Money planet Venus in Leo inconjunct Chiron (wounded child/master healer) in Pisces brought up fears clear back to childhood around money issues and fear of the future. And the Leo Sun at Critical Degree 28 triggered trust issues on all levels. This energy, expanded by nearby Jupiter (a money planet), also squared Saturn at 28° Scorpio, impelling deep fears and a quest for hidden truths. Tensions mounted and the blame game ignited fueled by fears of the past (South Node), present and future (North Node).  It didn’t matter that August is traditionally a quiet month on Wall Street; the time had come for a major shift and the planets and numbers provided the trigger.

As a result, automated and manual trading exploded at the opening of the stock market Monday, August 24th, creating a jaw-dropping plunge of over 1,000 points in the Dow within minutes. Of course buyers swooped in, reducing the day’s loss by around half. Notice that Venus, one of the money planets as I said, was at 17° Leo, again creating a legendary day on Wall Street that will not be forgotten in financial circles.

Yes, Leo is a sign that demands attention and tends to fire things up in dramatic ways. Virgo serves either as an accomplice or a counter balance, bringing things back down to earthly reality and reminding us that the truly divine can often be demonstrated through practical, day-to-day efforts that matter immensely in the overall picture of things. That’s an important lesson to see on all levels as we live amidst the forest fires and economic earthquakes of life.

Blessings, all!

Rayora Hartman


(Photo credits:  Kamiah Fires, The Clearwater Progress; “World Stock Markets” by cooldesign,



Home.  What does that mean to you?Dollar Symbol with House Sign by jscreationzs;

However you define it, now is the time to pay attention to the values you associate with it.  What does it bring you?  How does it feed your spirit or challenge you?  Does your home no longer fit who you are?  What needs to change?

May naturally draw your focus in this direction, have you noticed?  Why is that?

As the Sun passes through tenacious Taurus, we shift from Aires’ fiery charge to earthy Taurus for a reason.   Aries, a Cardinal Fire Sign, initiates and empowers ideas; Taurus, a Fixed Earth Sign, lands them into reality.  This week with the Sun at the most active middle degrees of Taurus, that energy feels most intense.  What are you doing to make your dreams real, your home a reflection of your true values?

Taurus rules the 2nd House in astrology, a Fixed House, giving this energy even more durability.  Fixed signs and houses bring stability, determination, resolve, self-reliance, and tenacity.  Under this influence you are gifted (or challenged) to calmly keep moving things forward toward your goals, landing your intentions set earlier this year.  This is no time to get stuck on the past or fears of the future.  It’s time to keep your eye on the prize of completion and plod toward that finish line.  You can do it!  (This is indicative of Generators in Human Design, by the way.)

For those of you whose eyes just rolled back your heads because this sounds too slow or boring, there’s another important aspect to this Taurus energy: creativity.  This sign rules the arts in all forms; music, painting, etc.  I had to smile when I saw the latest craze of adult coloring books hit the mainstream media this week.  That’s so Taurus, giving an old established idea new life.

Yet even fresh new concepts—everything from lyrics or color combinations to structural designs–can benefit from this energy.  When better to introduce them in ways that test their durability?  See if they stand the test of time in life’s gale force winds.

In the northern hemisphere, this is a big season for landscapers.  Yup, Taurus again; earth, creativity.  Gardeners shift into full power as they challenge the elements to get seeds in the ground and the finishing touches on their latest yard designs.  In the southern hemisphere, harvest pulls attention equally so to the Earth and the bounty of nature developed through steadfast effort.

For some this part of the astrological cycle makes you face what no longer works.  Is your house too large and expensive or your apartment too cramped for you now?  Does your 1990s livingroom set, so prized at the time, now feel like rocks invaded the cushions?  If Taurus is in or now aspects your 4th or 6th House, you may feel the drive to finally convert that third bedroom into an office.  Whatever it is, test your internal values and current life against the realities of your surroundings both at home and work.  How can you bring these more into line?  What’s the first (or next) step in becoming fully congruent in this area?
The 2nd House also rules your self-worth and earned incomeVenus, its natural planetary ruler, rules money.  Are you as at home in your work as you are in your off hours (or vice versa)?  If not, what practical step can you take now to shift that?    Is your attitude or sense of being in the wrong occupation restricting your money flow?  Or are your dreams so lofty that only a miracle or magic wand could make them materialize in this lifetime—so you waste valuable energy or do nothing at all?  Get real; bring your dreams down to earth in doable ways.  So you can’t move to the French Riviera right now.  What can you do?  (Sorry, “nothing” is not an acceptable answer.)

For weeks now a trine between Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries has encouraged us to dream big, to create like never before.  For many that has been a real boon.  Yet Taurus squares Leo, demanding that you create something of value.  Plus, Mars has been transiting Taurus for weeks, driving home this message that your personal power must be grounded to create something of enduring value.

Wherever this energy lands in your own chart, use it to make your next choice.  Follow the signs, internal and external, that lead you beyond hesitation to that sense of knowing what’s right for you.

Welcome home!


Rayora Hartman


(Photo credit: “Dollar Symbol with House Sign” by jscreationzs;