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Stop War Means Caution Conflicts and Battle, Stuart Miles; freedigitalphotos.netShock and awe.  This sensation grips the collective consciousness now on a regular basis.  What happened to “peace on Earth, goodwill toward men”?  After all, it is December, the month generally filled with festivities around Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and other worldwide celebrations.  Where’s the joy?  Is the cosmos playing a dirty trick on us or what?  Let’s take a look.

First, in my usual style, let me toss a few cosmic alignments your way. Figuratively speaking, of course.  I’m in no mood to arm wrestle Mars.

And speaking of Mars, he’s a big player this month…ticking off the big boys (outer planets) one by one.  That’s known as “triggering” or “activating” in astrology.

The holiday season here in the States began in late November with a Pluto-Uranus-Mars T-square starting to form right around Thanksgiving.  This created a volatile and explosive energy that crosses the timeline of the Saturn-Neptune square.  Squares bring tension that requires action and T-squares even more so.

In seeing that play out, at first we were simply observers as the Turkish military shot down a Russian plane.  (Uranus rules aviation and Mars rules war.) A few days later, however, the violence became personal when a husband and wife teamed up as instruments of death at her husband’s work place in San Bernardino, CA.  This attack, now deemed a senseless act of terror, gained impact when authorities attached the word “radicalized” to the couple.   And as a result the election poll ratings shot up for the U.S. presidential candidate (with Mars conjunct his Leo Ascendant) who, referring to ISIS, says he would “bomb the hell out of them.”

Let’s face it.  On the surface it looks like the world’s gone mad.  And as I see it, this will only increase in the near future.  Sorry.

You see this Pluto-Uranus-Mars T-square peaks around December 7-9 and lasts until the 15th when Pluto drops out.  But the other players don’t release this energy play until December 25th, just as Uranus stations to go direct.  And in fact, the energy between Pluto and Uranus continues to intensify until reaching its peak on New Year’s Eve.  (I warned you this was coming.)

“Why…why…WHY?” we want to scream.

For that we have to look at the character and purpose of these planetary energies.  Pluto is known as the great destroyer; he will forcefully remove anything that stands in the way of our evolutionary growth and also rules the 8th House, the house of deathUranus is known as the great awakener who uses shock and unexpected events to burst our illusions and create rebellion where and when needed for transformation (Pluto) to occur.  Mars, in astrology, is second in power only to the Sun.  His raw fiery energy activates the outer planets with warrior-like zeal when connected.  And since the asteroid Pallas Athena and Black Moon Lilith also are in this mix through conjunctions with Pluto and Mars, that adds even more warrior energy—this time of a feminine nature.  Thus enters the wife in this deadly duo.

When Mars squares Uranus, actions tend to be radical, extreme, intolerant, and without patience.  Mars-Uranus hard aspects also can point to a lone gunman, something we’ve seen repeatedly over recent years.  Realize also that Mars squaring Pluto tends to raise the impetus for revenge—an energy I see building in the U.S.

Religious zeal runs especially high now too with Saturn in SagittariusSaturn demands the rules be followed, and since Sagittarius rules religions that gives more impetus for verbalizing and acting out those demands.

Sagittarius also rules foreign lands and the migrations of people, and Saturn wants strong boundaries.  Thus enters the Syrian refugee crisis and other border issues.  With Neptune expressing as illusion in his lower vibration, his ongoing square with Saturn adds confusion.  A sense of lostness pervades, not only for the refugees and other migrants but for those attempting to deal with it.

Now here’s the good news.  A T-square between Jupiter, Chiron, and first Mercury then the Sun also is in play.  The one with Mercury started to form November 30th, peaked December 2nd, and ended December 4th while the one with the Sun started December 5th, peaks at the Sagittarius New Moon December 11th, and ends the 15th.  (Though being tied in with the New Moon extends the effect until the 25th.) These geometric aspects offer us the opportunity to overcome “shadow material,” a.k.a. the darker sides of humanity in general and those of religions in particular.  Along with this comes a new joy to work as a healer and/or to increase philosophical understanding.

I caught a short feature in a newscast about a retired therapist who is now the official philosopher for a town of just over 1,000 people in Washington State.  And yes, it is an official designation.  He remains available to discuss whatever people have on their hearts and minds. In so doing, he meets their deepest need; to have someone listen—really listen to them.

Can it be that simple?  Can we begin to work magic and miracles from the grassroots up by this one simple act? Okay…sometimes it’s not that simple.  But what might happen if we did?

Listening is quite Mercurial actually, part of the whole communication process.

Take this report of a random act of kindness, for example.  A 21-year-old woman is overheard by another person in a bank as she pleads with the teller.   Because of the $100 in fees charged to her account, she can’t pay her rent this month.   The teller cannot reverse the charges.  Rather than question, criticize, or judge bank policy or the young woman, the listener steps forward and pays the $100.

Numerically we are in a 12/3 Calendar Month as the final month of this 8 Universal Year.  The number 12/3 calls for creative solutions that rise above victimizing or victimhood.  And in an 8 year, financial issues remain on the table for us all.

So here is my challenge to you in the middle of this world-gone-mad scenario:

  • Listen, not just with your ears but with your heart.
  • Speak with wisdom and compassion.
  • Stay open to new possibilities and put creative solutions into action as never before.

Realize that the planetary energies are not here to hurt us but to give us the energetic impetus for change. We again are at choice this month. What we chose to do, personally and collectively, is up to us.


Rayora Hartman


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Smart Hand Holds the House Icon by watcharakun; freedigitalphotos.netHow are you at being unflappable? You may get to test that in the days ahead.  These last two weeks of May can test your patience with your computer as well as wallet fluctuations and relationship issues.  So stay cool and let’s explore what’s up, okay?

In truth, the past week presented us with numerous triggers from Mars that could make things feel powerful and playful one day and volatile or out of control the next.  These culminated with Mars opposing Saturn at on May 15th.  Imagine applying the gas and the brake at the same time in your vehicle.  Yeah, it’s like that.  And the best way to handle that kind of energy is to discipline yourself to make a plan, short or long, and start working the steps.  Of course this won’t work for those of you who insist that tossing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks in the only way to manifest anything.  (So Gemini-like…)  All I can say to you is, happy scrubbing!

Trines help us resolve the challenging energies in the chart.  On the 16th, Venus trined Neptune at , an easy flowing energy that could up level family dynamics through embracing the unique spiritual nature of each person.  Otherwise you could waste this energy in fantasy-based wishes without a thread to anchor them in your family’s reality.   Remember, 16 is one of those numbers that can bring unexpected consequences, and 9 can trigger strong compassion and other emotions.

Mars semi-squares Uranus on the 17th, which can set your world on edge.  Be prepared to act quickly on whatever intuitive flashes you get that day to maximize this energy and direct it toward a beneficial outcome.

If you navigate these energies successfully, congratulation!  You’re in good stead for one of the most power-packed Mondays this year.  This includes, among other things, a Taurus New Moon at 26°, a challenging Venus-Uranus-Pluto T-square, plus the start of a super-charged Mercury retrograde in its home sign the following day. (You’ve likely felt this retro coming for a couple weeks.)

Let’s look first at this New Moon.  Numerically, the 26 reduces to 8 (2+6) which is further activated by us being in an 8 Universal Year.  Since Taurus rules the house of earned income, values, and self-worth the continuing focus of financial matters intensifies.  Plus, 26/8 can bring people from your past into play and/or draw those with a strong 8 influence in their numbers code.  If things feel overly charged, simply allow yourself to chill out.  Remember Taurus moves with slow, steady strength.  This is more a day for planning and setting strong intentions than taking action.

This Mercury retrograde supports that.  Over the next 3 weeks, watch how you communicate.  Has your style of communicating changed?  Does negative self-talk still creep in from time to time?  Do you speak up or shut up at appropriate times?  Mercury in its home sign of Gemini tends to make all of us more chatty.  Loose lips during a retrograde can prove catastrophic for relationships, so beware.  And of course the usual warnings about computer problems and confused or delayed communications on all levels apply.  So give your computer keyboard or I-phone a rest so you can think before you “speak.”

The T-square involving Venus, Uranus, and Pluto focuses on family issues, including family finances.  This energy increases until it peaks on the 24th then slowly dissipates over the next 5 days.  For many this is a time to plan trips around Memorial Day weekend in the U.S., graduations or family vacations in June, or reunions in July.  Where’s the money coming from this time?  Who’s responsible for what?  Is the family at odds over where or when to go or what route to take?  Will you fly or drive?  Then there’s crazy Aunt Suzy whose predictably unpredictable outbursts tend to ruin every event.  What to do, what to do?

Up level, people.  Let the balance, fairness, and financial wisdom brought by Venus temper the deeply emotional issues (Pluto) and surprising events (Uranus) that may arise during this time.

The Sun moves into Gemini on the 21st intensifying the travel bug for many of us.  Also on that day Pluto and Venus hit a 15° trine (part of the T-square) that increases our natural drive to love and nurture.  As I said, trines help us resolve the squares.  This aspect will encourage us to deepen relationships through challenge.  Keep your eye on the prize.

And that’s not all.  Jupiter in Leo and Pluto in Capricorn are quincunx also at 15° that day requiring an adjustment that can result in an expansion of wealth through how you express your own power in the world (Leo).  Are you ready for that?

Learning and writing are highlighted the rest of the month.  Pay particular attention to the 22nd when the Sun opposes Saturn at , the number of peaceful one-on-one communication. Demonstrate maturity and good management skills in spite of any speed bumps that force a temporary slowdown.

A shift in the energy occurs the 25th when Venus squares Uranus, urging you to think outside the box.  Also on that day Mars squares Neptune making it all too easy to overdo everything.  Yet a quintile between the Sun and Jupiter adds enthusiasm and a sense of celebration to the day.

The 27th, Mars meets up with Mercury.  Watch for aggression and confusion in communication.  Deal with this with the help of a trine between Venus and Chiron, urging heartfelt mentoring and healing.

Mercury squares Neptune the 28th, intensifying the likelihood for mental confusion or rambling thoughts.  Stay open minded and step into a higher frame of thought.

And the weekend of the 30th-31st the Sun conjuncts Mercury and squares Neptune.  It’s a time for wild imaginings from which you can glean mighty nuggets of inspiration to share.  Write, create, and most of all enjoy!  Be aware, however, that this energy tends to blur the boundaries between you and everything else.  Use it wisely.

And so it goes, my friends.  Communication, money, and relationships rivet our attention throughout the rest of May.  The old Wall St. slogan, “Sell in May and go away,” is indicative of Taurus moving into Gemini energy.  The point is, where are you headed and can you enjoy the ride?


Rayora Hartman


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Truth Sign Shows No Lie & Accuracy, Stuart Miles; freedigitalphotos.netGet real!

That’s a challenge you don’t like to hear, right?  Defensive armor appears from nowhere.  What?  How dare they?  Who do they think they are?  They just don’t understand—nobody does!  You’re emotionally triggered into verbal fight or flight.

So what do you do when the cosmos tells you to get real?  Well, my friends, that’s exactly what’s been happening again this past week as we prepared for yet another powerful Moon activation this weekend.

The signs of Aries and Taurus are the key activators of this with a fire and earth combination that demands attention.  Late March into April, so full of Aries energy, naturally spurs more activity.  Add to that the parade of planets we’ve seen there this year and that energy intensifies.  For many it has felt like life on steroids.

When Mars (a fire planet and ruler of Aries) entered Taurus (an earth sign) April 1st, it may have felt like a relief to some.  Taurus slows…things…down.  With Mars that translated to a more deliberate power.

Venus, a money planet leading the cosmic parade, was well into Taurus as the month began—shifting our personal and collective awarenesses more firmly toward money issues.  By the way, those who didn’t leave their taxes (in the U.S.) to the last minute were wise to use this energy before the 12th when she moved into Gemini.

Mar’s entry into Taurus only served to intensify this focus on money and what we value.  Does anything present a challenge to “get real” like a tax or load repayment deadline?  Remember, money acts as a tool for learning and growth—and one of our greatest teachers here on this planet.

Right on time, Mercury entered Taurus April 15th, tax D-Day. (D-Day, deadline day, get it?  Oh, well…)  Mercury deals with facts and technology.  E-filing has grown in popularity over recent years, making this energy especially apt for those filing at the last minute.  (See, I keep telling you the cosmos is really on your side.)

There’s another side to Mercury in Taurus though.  Communication.  In Taurus, that means communication with substance.  Face the facts of your current reality and dare to speak your truth, first to yourself, then to others.  This can feel kind of heavy, especially if it’s something new to you.  Say it anyway.  It’s time.

Taurus energy tends to make you want to do things solo.  Yet we are in a time now when we are learning the value of sharing in new, supportive, and collaborative ways.  So dare to reach out for support.  Find those who can offer what supports your dreams in solid and healthy way as you do the same for them.

Dreams?  Ah, yes.  Where are our dreams in all of this?  Becoming real, that’s where.  In Pisces the dreaming went on in intangible ways, opening us to new possibilities.  Then came Aries, the fire power to propel those dreams into true desire.  Now, as we add Taurus energy while still in the sign of Aries, it’s a time of testing.  Which dreams have the substance to stand the test of time?  Will your resources support them?  Which were you deluding yourself with, buying into illusions that held no place or truth in your reality?  Which needs to shift, your dream or your reality?

Get real.

This New Moon Saturday, April 18th, at 28° Aries is especially impactful because of its connection with the galactic center, the center of the Milky Way. (So say the experts on this, of which I am not.)  It also hits a critical degree which brings a sharp, intense energy. This is a great time to set strong intensions, by the way.

By the next day, the Moon is also in Taurus, bringing more emotional energy with it.  And the Sun follows on the 20th, bringing your full attention to matters involving this sign (earned income, personal values, self-worth, early learning/teaching).

The number 28 evokes trust issues—of yourself and others.  Self-doubt often accompanies this energy, at least at first. These issues require resolution before you can move into the power (Aries) of its reduced number of 1 (2+8=10, 1+0=1).  It is in the actualization of the number 1 that your originality and leadership ability will shine.  From here, dreams become reality.

Remember that Taurus is one of the money signs in a money house in astrology.  (And you thought if you just got those taxes filed, you’d be free.  Wink!)  We sometimes get lost in the optical illusions in life.   Realize that in one sense money serves as a surface indicator of much deeper issues.  What are your true assets?  What do you really value?   Where is your true security?  What are you ready and willing to teach/share with those now walking where you’ve already trod?  What’s the driving force behind wanting more money (or your fear of getting it)?

Get real.

The Taurus energy gains a boost this year from this being an 8 Universal Year and 8 being the strongest money and manifestation number in numerology.  At this quarter point in this calendar year, how well are you using that energy?  Are you learning more about how to manage your own finances?  Getting an education in world finance?  Gaining more clarity on how your talents and resources fit into the bigger picture?  Finding solid footing for the ideas and dreams you know are meant to become reality?

Look at it this way.  Aries challenges us to plant our seeds now for the future; Taurus says to plant quality seeds and plant them deep enough to withstand life’s strongest weather conditions.   Oh yes, and keep the weeds out in the weeks, months, and years ahead.   Remember, you’re the one with the power and the tools.

And that’s a reality you can live with.


Rayora Hartman


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No Gun Violence Symbol by David Castillo Dominici; freedigitalphotos.netI don’t like guns, never have.  Sorry if that offends some of you, but it’s the truth.  Yet anyone living in the past several centuries knows a gun remains only a threat—or a promise– until someone pulls the trigger.

The same is true in astrology.  This week Mars shows us what he can do when he aims his energy at some pretty big players.  You see, a cosmic anomaly is that personal planets like Mars are “designed” to trigger an event when teamed with the outer planets.

That happens big time this week, so let’s take a look.

After a weekend of the Sun and Chiron showing us where there may be a need for healing, Mars and Jupiter ramp things up Monday, March 9th.  An easy flowing energy between these two increases physical energy and urges.  Both are in Fire signs (Aries and Leo), increasing this drive even more.

This energy wants to be seen by others so easily builds drama (Leo) around things already in play.  With both planets at 13° the underlying impetus is for transformation.  Yet this is a number that brings transformation through struggle in order to make foundational change.  And the 9 date indicates endings as a likely part of that.  Since Jupiter is a transitional planet, it indicates both personal and collective impact.

Wednesday, the 11th, intensity in Aries grows as Mars goes shoulder to shoulder with Uranus at 15° and into an exact square with Pluto at 15° Capricorn.  This could be one dynamite day.  Capricorn rules governments and established order.  Aries want change and forward movement.  Pluto rules the dark side of life and things hidden.  Mars drives pure, raw, action.  And Uranus is a loose cannon, potentially creating shock and awe for the sake of liberation and freedom.

Now toss all of these into an energy that’s two parts fire, one part air, one part water and one part earth.  That could mean air fuels fire to boil water to purify earth. Or earth, air, and water combine to subdue or put out fire.  Which will it be?

Frankly, this is a warring energy, an energy that creates impatience and fuels anger.  It’s very high energy with the potential for violence that fuels fanaticism.  And I don’t see any way to sugar-coat that.  This energy strikes the collective with global dynamics.  Yet realize that on a personal level, it is a day where balance is needed along with an outlet for any intense energies you feel.

The number 15 beams love into this brew, however.  This number carries the potential to change the proverbial lead into gold.  Yet even here, the number 5 indicates pivotal change is needed to guide independent actions.

With energy of this magnitude, it does not build and release in a single day.   The build up to the 11th will likewise take several days to start to dissipate.  Just remember that the number 11 challenges us to step through a gateway into the unknown.  Draw on Mars’ vibration of courage to direct this energy for good in any way you can.

March 12th Mercury enters the sign of Pisces, which may allow calmer voices to prevail—or at least be heard.  The 12 brings the impetus for learning and original creative solutions through partnering.  In its lower expression it can bring dominance or victimhood.  Again, which will it be? Pisces draws us toward the divine and seeing that we are all one humanity with hopes and dreams more the same than different.

On the 14th, Saturn retrogrades until early August.  What does this mean for you?  Quite simply, it’s a time to go within and review all the things you’ve come to understand, or not, since the first of the year.  Things you chose to ignore or keep hidden will reappear.  Tax, loan, or debt issues left unresolved may surface.  Your long-held beliefs may fly in your face for close examination.

Most of all this time is a laser-like integrity check.  Do your thoughts match your words?  Do your words match your actions?  Are you consistently responsible and honest with yourself and others?  The number 14 invites change through structured individual action.  Decide, then act.

And all of this leads up to (drum roll, please) the FINAL exact Pluto-Uranus square on March 16-17, depending on where you are on the planet.  (Yahoo!!)

The number 16 can bring unexpected happenings that lead sooner or later to new insights.  (So Uranus-like, right?)  And 17 brings insights leading to original ideas that can stand on their own with enduring qualities.  It also reduces to 8 (1+7), the king of the money numbers, which could result in some financial shake-ups.  Remember, any 8 energy is magnified in this 8 Universal Year.

This energy will take weeks to start to weaken and years to completely disconnect, but this is the final clash for decades.

Yes, it’s an intense, high energy week ahead.  Be patient with yourself and others.  We’re all feeling this on some level.  Direct the energy in positive and productive ways as much as you can.  Stay balanced emotionally; if hit with a shock or surprise, return to calm as soon as possible.  Guard against paralyzing fear, panic, or hopelessness.  Love yourself and your neighbors far and wide, realizing we’re all in this together.

Embrace change leading toward forward movement rather than clinging to the past.  We’re simply taking one more powerful leap into this planetary adventure.

Blessings, all!

Rayora Hartman


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Shopping Woman Holding Shopping Bag by stockimages; freedigitalphotos.netWhen you think of love and romance in astrology, you think of Venus, right?  Well, in this 8 Universal Year it’s especially important to see another facet to this beauty’s personality.  Money.  Few planets hold as much sway in a chart as Venus when it comes to money.  Let’s take a look.

First, locate your natal chart–on the computer or buried in a drawer somewhere.  (You do have your natal chart by now, right?) Find Venus, the symbol that looks like a stick figure or a plus sign with a circle on the top. (No crown on top; that’s Mercury).  Which House is she in?  These are the sections of the chart, numbered near the middle.  If she is in the 2nd, 6th, 8th, or 10th, the traditional money houses, that’s strong for wealth.  Yet Venus in the 7th can indicate money through marriage or in the 8th through inheritance.

How Venus is connected to the other money houses or planets in those houses can indicate whether money will flow easily, come through work, or be met with obstacles.  A favorable aspect to Jupiter, for example, can indicate greater wealth since Jupiter expands all it touches.  (They don’t call it the “lucky planet” for nothing, you know.) Yet a hard aspect to Jupiter could indicate struggles with money or great financial losses.

Venus, in this sense, connected to the Moon can indicate that money will come in stages, ebb and flow, and may even flow along with the cycles of the Moon.

If she is in the 12th House, it can indicate that there is no need to earn money, or how and when retirement will occur.  This is an especially strong indicator if Venus resides here with other planets.

How Venus aspects (connects to) your Ascendant can indicate by sign and degree how your personality will enhance or play into your wealth.  And a strong aspect to your Midheaven (10th House cusp) strengthens the likelihood of financial gain through your career.

Venus in the 11th House, if connected to a money house or ruling planet, can indicate that female friends, groups, or a team will play a part or lend support in some way.  Again this will flow more easily if the aspect is say a trine or sextile (easy flowing energy) versus a square or opposition, bringing obstacles or opposite characteristics into play.

Venus in the 4th House or on the 4th House cusp may indicate the need for family support to initiate a career, a common trait in an athlete’s chart.

Aspects between Venus and Neptune appear prominently in charts of royalty or those born to “old money.”

Venus also can be a timing device, either by transit or progression.  For instance, Progressed Venus moving from its natal position in the 1st House into the 2nd House of earned income can trigger the beginning of a career if connected to the Midheaven or a marriage that brings financial wealth if connected to the 7th House of MarriageVenus transits only last a few days, so trigger specific events, like getting a new job.

 Remember, Venus is the planet of balance, which can be especially important in financial decisions.  Yet guard against aspects of her lowest expression; indecisiveness or avoidance.  Also realize that Venus by herself cannot bring wealth.  She must be in aspect to other parts of your chart.  And Saturn in aspect to this lovely lady (so dubbed because of her feminine attributes) can require more effort or retard the arrival of money.

Pay attention also to the degree numbers of the planets and house cusps involved.  Look particularly for 8s or numbers that reduce to 8, such as 26 (2+6=8). Since 8 is the “king of the money numbers,” it intensifies all issues around money.  Plus, this 8 Universal Year strengthens any activation of this number throughout the year.

The same is true if you have 8 in your numerology Numbers Code.  For example, I experienced a triple 8 activation in January and have four house cusps that reduce to 8.  Was I delving into financial materials and reassessing everything in my own financial world as well as the world at large?  You betcha!  Like a bee on a petunia I spent the month digging deeper for the richest pollen.

Now back to you.  I’m offering as a gift all year to locate where you have 8s in your astrology chart or Numbers Code.  (Did I hear some “yippees” out there?  Wink!)  Realize this is not a reading, simply a location of key areas of your life affected—which in itself is priceless.  Just click here to go to my website.  Hit the Contact tab and jot me a note that says, “8s, please.” I’ll get back to you with the information I need.  How easy is that?

Until next time, find Venus (now transiting Pisces) in your charts, if you have them, and see if you can begin to draw your own storyline.


Rayora Hartman

(P.S. Due to my own little surgical adventure in January combined with a bunch of planets transiting my 12th House, further turning me into a recluse, I’ve been MIA here for a while.  I apologize for any wonder or frustration that may have caused.)


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World Planets Show Solar System & Worldly by Stuart Miles; freedigitalphotos.netHave you ever looked through a kaleidoscope?  Well, that’s what the cosmic patterns leading up to the Super New Moon January 20th look like.  Sharp and soft angles in light and dark tones create new, dynamic and unexpected pictures.  A flip of the dial creates a whole new scene.  Care to take a look?

On January 15th power planet Mars in dreamy and spiritual Pisces squared off with teacher/task master Saturn.  (Squares require action.)  Now Saturn in Sagittarius challenges our beliefs and encourages higher learning.  The square at brings a “Can we talk?” energy. This blends with the 15/6, activated by both the date and year.  The number 15 holds the potential for up leveling.  Think of the alchemy of turning lead into gold.  This then materializes through the power of love and nurturance (6).  (Are you still with me?  Read s-l-o-w-l-y if you’re getting lost.  Wink!)

Mercy trining the North Node at 13° Libra on this date adds another layer.  Trines denote free-flowing energy.  Here Mercury, the communication planet, in revolutionary Aquarius energizes our collective present/future (North Node).   The Nodes are impacting our sense of security through their positions in the astrological security axis of Cancer/Capricorn.  The number 13/4 calls for transformation through struggle for foundational change.

Plus Mercury was conjunct (blending energy) with Venus, the planet of love, balance, justice, and money.   Venus at 14° brought even more energy for change since 14 reduces to 5 (1+4=5), the most change-driven number in numerology.

Now consider that transformational Pluto is currently squaring the North Node and revolutionary Uranus also at 13°.  And Uranus, now only an arm’s length away (cosmically speaking) from the South Node in Mars-ruled Aries, moves into exact conjunction hours before the Super New Moon on the 20th.  New Moons signify new beginnings, and Super New Moons boost that energy even more as they pass so close to the Earth.

Also just before this Super New Moon, Mars joins Neptune at 5° Pisces. (Again note the number of change.)  Neptune, guardian of hopes and dream, rules spiritually-based Pisces, so is at full strength now.  Blending these energies is kind of like hooking a jet engine to a kite.  This kite won’t explode.  Yet blown out of its comfort zone it lacks direction, zigging wildly here and there.

With all that powerful energy joining forces over the next week, you might expect a thrust forward, right?  And that could happen.  But here’s the cosmic curve ball.  (Pardon the mixed metaphor.)  Though we are in a 1 calendar month, denoting beginnings, we are in a 9 Universal Month, denoting endings and preparations for new beginnings.  Plus the days leading up to a New Moon naturally bring low energy and a time of assimilation rather than power spurts.  The Sun, our planetary power source, is in Capricorn, an internally-focused sign.  On the 15th it was at 25°, which reduces to 7, the most solitude-seeking number.  Yet on the day of the Super New Moon, it moves into externally-focused Aquarius at , highlighting again the themes of spirituality/beliefs and new beginnings.

Now here’s the kicker.  The day after the Super New Moon, Mercury goes retrograde at 17° in change-drive Aquarius while in a cosmic hug with the Moon and Venus, two love-oriented heavenly bodies.  Pythagoras saw 17 as the number of death.  Indeed allowing some things to die may be required to allow the new to materialize.  Also realize that this number often brings long-lasting effects.  As always, retrograde periods draw us to reflect, reorganize, and renew what still works.

This all creates a push-pull, start-stop sensation.

Keep in mind that we are in an 8 Universal Year and 17 reduces to 8.  This invites strong leadership with good judgment.  And as is true all year with this “king of the money numbers,” money may enter the picture as a learning/teaching tool.

So what does this all mean for you personally?  Self-esteem issues may arise, perhaps around addictions (Neptune).  It’s time to release fears (Pluto) of the present or future (North Node) and expand your faith to live your dreams (Sagittarius/Pisces).  Connect (Mercury) with your higher truth (Neptune) and look for your personal learning curve trajectory (Saturn/Mars).  Take classes (Mercury/Sagittarius) and allow yourself to explore new insights or futuristic information (Uranus/5/7).  Watch your relationships and finances (Venus/8) for challenges and opportunities for growth.   Apply the highest form of love you can to each person and/or situation (Venus/6).  And realize you now stand on the leading edge of a new chapter in your life on some level (New Year/Super New Moon/1).

Blessings, everyone!

Rayora Hartman


(Photo credit: “World Planets Shows Solar System & Worldly” by Stuart Miles;

Tft Monitor And Dollar Sign Stock Photo by Greenleaf Designs; freedigitalphotos.netGuess what happened when you weren’t looking?  We changed our calendars on New Year’s Day and shifted to a new cycle in life.   Welcome to an 8 Universal Year.  What does that mean to you personally?  Let’s take a look.

As always, the intensity with which you feel any numeric vibration depends on where and how strongly it appears in your personal astrology chart and Numbers CodeIf 8 appears anywhere in your Numbers Code, this is a big year for you.  If it appears as the degree number of your Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, 4th House cusp, Sun, or Moon it is as well.  For others with 8s on other House cusps or as planetary degrees, the impact is more sporadic, depending on what triggers your chart.  And there’s your mini astro-numerology lesson for the day.  (Wink!)  Now let’s get on to the good stuff.

The first visible place you see this number impact your life is around money issues.  This is the king of the money numbers and serves as a catalyst for getting your attention in an 8 Universal Year.  Throughout the year your involvement with money will show where you shine and where you don’t.  It will spotlight your greatest fears and your areas of greatest faith and trust.  It lays bare the truths of your life as few other things can.

This is a collective energy, affecting us all.  The energetic wave starts from outside yourself rather than through a personal action.  You are then at choice as to how you respond to it.  Now if you act from fear, choice goes out the window.  You simply react.  If you catch yourself doing that, realize you have the power to make a better choice at any moment.

Does this mean there will be a global event that closes all the banks?  Who knows?  Whatever the catalysts are, they send their waves too each of us.  What feels like a ripple to one can feel like a tsunami to another.  What appears as a hindrance to one spurs another forward.  Why?  Because like attracts like.  If you live in constant fear of not having enough, that draws more of those experiences to you and intensifies that very thing.  Really!  Fear of not having enough keeps you in a place of not having enough.  And in a year like this, that will show up in neon lights.

How do you change it?  By getting to the root of where that fear or belief comes from.  Sometimes those roots twist and wind through deep layers of the subconscious, so be prepared for some deep excavations.  Once these truths come up, you can choose to see them for what they are and realize they don’t have to control your life anymore.  The choice truly is up to you.  Self pity or playing the blame game only keeps you feeling stuck and powerless.  Take responsibility for your own life now.  Make little shifts that can lead to greater shifts later on.

In the astrology chart, the 8th House covers a lot of territory: sex, taboos, debt, inheritances, joint finances, taxes, mortgages, banks, death, and transformation.  See some familiar themes coming up?  In an 8 Universal Year all these themes intensify.

The wonderful thing about all this is that if you are one who already lives with a truly abundant mindset and way of being, that’s what will intensify for you.  This goes deeper than just wanting more and more.  Wanting just brings more wanting.

In fact, living abundantly has little to do with money at its deepest roots.  And this is the starting point if your bank account keeps falling into the Red Zone.  Where do you already experience abundance?  Be grateful!  What makes your heart sing?  Do it more often!   What gives you more energy rather than depleting you?  Spend more time on that!  What’s been on your bucket list that you really could do right now except for the “time” excuse?  Prioritize it!  Where can you be more generous–or stop being overly generous to the point of complete depletion?  Do it! Whatever truly expands the quality of your life is key to shifting from lack mentality to living from true abundance.  And the money?  It’ll show up in new and different ways once the energy aligns to receive it.  That’s one of the cosmic laws of nature—the nature of how it is.

These are the lessons an 8 Universal Year brings to each of us.  How you respond to the challenges and opportunities this year will help determine where you find yourself when you replace your 2015 calendar at the end of the year.

Still not sure how big a deal the number 8 is for you in 2015?  Well, you’re already in luck!  As my free gift to you this year I’ll check to see if 8 is highlighted in your Numbers Code or astrology chart.  Simply go to my website ( hit the Contact tab and jot me a note that says “8s please.”  How easy is that?  I’ll get back to you with the information I need then let you know what shows up.  Note: this isn’t a reading, more of a “heads up.”  (smile)  This offer remains open all this year, by the way.   Yet in this case, sooner definitely is better than later.

Ready to move into this new year with your eyes wide open?  That’s my greatest wish for you and each of us at this point.  And in so doing may you be truly blessed!

Rayora Hartman

(Photo credit: “Tft Monitor And Dollar Sign Stock Photo” by Greenleaf Designs;