My stars!  I never intended to be gone this long.  Did you miss me?  Yes, I’ve been vacationing, bit by the travel bug and drawn away by family events.

It’s been an interesting and enlightening month under Gemini’s influence, I must say.  But then, that’s what Gemini’s all about: information, communication, and seeing all there is to see.

For us that meant visiting my mother, attending a nephew’s wedding, meeting up with my sister and son’s families to explore Yellowstone National Park and the Jackson Lake area in the Grand Teton National Forest, with stop overs to visit my brother’s family, another son and a sister-friend before heading home.  If you think that’s a run-on sentence, you should have been on the trip!  It just ran on…and on…and on.  No lie, it took me nearly a week to settle back into life at home once we returned.  Whew!  I think my brakes are still smokin’.P1000205

Would I do it all again?  Not on your life!  Not that way, anyway.  But, as we say, it was “an experience.”  And that, my friend, is the fuel that spurs our personal evolution on this planetary journey.

We played in Gemini energy the whole trip.  Short distance travel (we stayed within two states of home, after all), adventures, romance (I did mention a wedding, remember), siblings, relatives all are connected to the 3rd and 5th Houses in astrology.  Not only were we astrologically in Gemini, but we had two Gemini Sun signs in the travel group.  (Would I make this up?)  So as the Sun, natural ruler of the 5th House, journeyed through the sky in the sign of Gemini (whose energy colors the 3rd House), we bridged these Houses dealing with all sorts of family issues along the way (yup, 4th House = family and deep contemplation).   Are you still with me, or did I lose you at the last truck stop?

We played with Cosmic Law and Murphy’s Law all along the way.  We laughed, we cried, we prayed, we swore (well, I did anyway…once or twice) and all the while we marveled at the beauty and complexities of nature and the family unit.

P1000197Few places on the globe match the complex natural environment of Yellowstone.  It simmers and seethes, pools and flows, demonstrating power and majesty at every turn.

Yet don’t our family lives often do the same thing?  The inner power stirred by unseen forces, bubbles, flows, or explodes to the surface.  These occurrences, so daily, create new and potentially magnificent landscapes over time. We change, for better or worse, and so does the world around us.

More than once we mentioned the absurdity of traipsing around the recessed crown (caldera) of a mega-volcano.  Yet life in general can feel like that as well, can’t it?  Our sense of calm truly must come from within, for the externals seethe and pulse with uncertainty near and far.  We watch, we see, and if we are wise we learn to remain calm and choose a wise course of action.  Yet forces we don’t understand still churn beneath the surface as our lives evolve from day to day.

Some may say that tourists walk in blissful ignorance through Yellowstone’s expansive reaches.  Yet daring to step beyond the bounds of safety is part of what life here on planet earth calls for.   To dare to live, with the guidance afforded us by earthly and divine forces and our own inner knowing, is what the journey is all about.  It’s that thing called “experience.”  And only as those experiences mature and take their place in the larger picture do they reveal their true worth.  For no experience, no encounter is wasted, worthless or colorless, no matter how it feels in the immediate moment.  It’s simply part of our personal journey through the rocks, rims, forests, jungles, and plains of life.

And so it is on beautiful planet Earth.  P1000518

Till next time…

Rayora Hartman  http://www.numbersatplay.com