My name is Rayora Hartman, and I’m pleased you paid me a visit. While here you may discover that I love to play with both words and numbers. This shows up in various forms, and the more I can intrigue you and make you smile the happier I am.

I’ve been a writer for 30 years with a passion for inspiring others to find their own passion and live it fully. This sounds like serious business, and it is. Yet life itself is meant to be joyful so you will find plenty of humor rippling through my posts.

For those wondering, I am a certified astro-numerologist. On this site we explore all aspects of life from the standpoint of astro-numerology, a combined science of astrology and numerology. Sometimes we will break those apart for separate use. That’s part of the fun of this wonderful exploration; the rules act as guidelines for seeing beneath the surface of everything it touches.

Exploring playfully is my game, so my tone will stay mainly conversational. Pretend I’m speaking directly to you–because I am! I invite you to join the conversation with meaningful comments you’d like to share. So what are we waiting for? Let’s play!