Smart Hand Holds the House Icon by watcharakun; freedigitalphotos.netHow are you at being unflappable? You may get to test that in the days ahead.  These last two weeks of May can test your patience with your computer as well as wallet fluctuations and relationship issues.  So stay cool and let’s explore what’s up, okay?

In truth, the past week presented us with numerous triggers from Mars that could make things feel powerful and playful one day and volatile or out of control the next.  These culminated with Mars opposing Saturn at on May 15th.  Imagine applying the gas and the brake at the same time in your vehicle.  Yeah, it’s like that.  And the best way to handle that kind of energy is to discipline yourself to make a plan, short or long, and start working the steps.  Of course this won’t work for those of you who insist that tossing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks in the only way to manifest anything.  (So Gemini-like…)  All I can say to you is, happy scrubbing!

Trines help us resolve the challenging energies in the chart.  On the 16th, Venus trined Neptune at , an easy flowing energy that could up level family dynamics through embracing the unique spiritual nature of each person.  Otherwise you could waste this energy in fantasy-based wishes without a thread to anchor them in your family’s reality.   Remember, 16 is one of those numbers that can bring unexpected consequences, and 9 can trigger strong compassion and other emotions.

Mars semi-squares Uranus on the 17th, which can set your world on edge.  Be prepared to act quickly on whatever intuitive flashes you get that day to maximize this energy and direct it toward a beneficial outcome.

If you navigate these energies successfully, congratulation!  You’re in good stead for one of the most power-packed Mondays this year.  This includes, among other things, a Taurus New Moon at 26°, a challenging Venus-Uranus-Pluto T-square, plus the start of a super-charged Mercury retrograde in its home sign the following day. (You’ve likely felt this retro coming for a couple weeks.)

Let’s look first at this New Moon.  Numerically, the 26 reduces to 8 (2+6) which is further activated by us being in an 8 Universal Year.  Since Taurus rules the house of earned income, values, and self-worth the continuing focus of financial matters intensifies.  Plus, 26/8 can bring people from your past into play and/or draw those with a strong 8 influence in their numbers code.  If things feel overly charged, simply allow yourself to chill out.  Remember Taurus moves with slow, steady strength.  This is more a day for planning and setting strong intentions than taking action.

This Mercury retrograde supports that.  Over the next 3 weeks, watch how you communicate.  Has your style of communicating changed?  Does negative self-talk still creep in from time to time?  Do you speak up or shut up at appropriate times?  Mercury in its home sign of Gemini tends to make all of us more chatty.  Loose lips during a retrograde can prove catastrophic for relationships, so beware.  And of course the usual warnings about computer problems and confused or delayed communications on all levels apply.  So give your computer keyboard or I-phone a rest so you can think before you “speak.”

The T-square involving Venus, Uranus, and Pluto focuses on family issues, including family finances.  This energy increases until it peaks on the 24th then slowly dissipates over the next 5 days.  For many this is a time to plan trips around Memorial Day weekend in the U.S., graduations or family vacations in June, or reunions in July.  Where’s the money coming from this time?  Who’s responsible for what?  Is the family at odds over where or when to go or what route to take?  Will you fly or drive?  Then there’s crazy Aunt Suzy whose predictably unpredictable outbursts tend to ruin every event.  What to do, what to do?

Up level, people.  Let the balance, fairness, and financial wisdom brought by Venus temper the deeply emotional issues (Pluto) and surprising events (Uranus) that may arise during this time.

The Sun moves into Gemini on the 21st intensifying the travel bug for many of us.  Also on that day Pluto and Venus hit a 15° trine (part of the T-square) that increases our natural drive to love and nurture.  As I said, trines help us resolve the squares.  This aspect will encourage us to deepen relationships through challenge.  Keep your eye on the prize.

And that’s not all.  Jupiter in Leo and Pluto in Capricorn are quincunx also at 15° that day requiring an adjustment that can result in an expansion of wealth through how you express your own power in the world (Leo).  Are you ready for that?

Learning and writing are highlighted the rest of the month.  Pay particular attention to the 22nd when the Sun opposes Saturn at , the number of peaceful one-on-one communication. Demonstrate maturity and good management skills in spite of any speed bumps that force a temporary slowdown.

A shift in the energy occurs the 25th when Venus squares Uranus, urging you to think outside the box.  Also on that day Mars squares Neptune making it all too easy to overdo everything.  Yet a quintile between the Sun and Jupiter adds enthusiasm and a sense of celebration to the day.

The 27th, Mars meets up with Mercury.  Watch for aggression and confusion in communication.  Deal with this with the help of a trine between Venus and Chiron, urging heartfelt mentoring and healing.

Mercury squares Neptune the 28th, intensifying the likelihood for mental confusion or rambling thoughts.  Stay open minded and step into a higher frame of thought.

And the weekend of the 30th-31st the Sun conjuncts Mercury and squares Neptune.  It’s a time for wild imaginings from which you can glean mighty nuggets of inspiration to share.  Write, create, and most of all enjoy!  Be aware, however, that this energy tends to blur the boundaries between you and everything else.  Use it wisely.

And so it goes, my friends.  Communication, money, and relationships rivet our attention throughout the rest of May.  The old Wall St. slogan, “Sell in May and go away,” is indicative of Taurus moving into Gemini energy.  The point is, where are you headed and can you enjoy the ride?


Rayora Hartman


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