Lunar Eclipse by Exsodus;

There’s something magical about being able to read one’s own astrology chart.  It’s the best tool I know to prove or disprove the validity of claims, conjectures, and historical premise of this fascinating study of astrology.

Take for example the curious and scientifically recognized phenomenon, eclipses.  They happen on a regular basis and come in pairs.  Science and astrology agree on this.  Where they part company shows in analyzing the effect these cosmic anomalies have on us as peoples of the Earth.

I respect science in many ways.  Yet when it comes to studying the heavens, I choose astrology for the story behind the story.  Eclipses are no exception.

First off, they get our attention, the necessary hook to any good story.  What eye-catchers they are!  Few cosmic movements gain as much press time and camera shots as these temporary darkenings of our planet’s light sources.  The latest on April 4th also gained notoriety for being one of the shortest periods of total eclipse of the Moon in recorded history at roughly 5 minutes.  This generally lasts around an hour.

Does time length matter as to whatever results may be seen from it?  Put it this way.  If a baby is born in a 45 minute birth or takes 20 hours, is it any less a baby?  From an astrological standpoint, an eclipse is an eclipse.  It acts as a trigger for major changes or exposures that often materialize over time.

Still skeptical?  Before I did some deep research into my own personal history with eclipses, I was too.  After all, the results can appear so gradually that we seem at a loss to see when or where they actually began.  Yet it’s equally important to acknowledge that eclipses can trigger sudden life changing events as well.  It could be a death of a loved one, an illness diagnosis, or the start of a new relationship or career.  For many, however, they mark the decisive beginning of the end or the notable beginning of moving a dream to reality seen only over time.

Like so many other things in astrology, eclipses go in cycles.  Astrologer Kelly Beard (whom I credit with doing her homework very well on this) determined that this latest eclipse is the 4th of 6 in the Aries/Libra Eclipse Series (with the next in September).  And we will experience the 1st of 6 in Pisces at the Equinox.  Why does this matter?  Because the sign location of each eclipse determines not only what areas of life they affect but who among us will experience these the most.  Let’s take a look.

We’ll use this latest lunar eclipse as an example.  It occurred at 14° 24ʼ Libra.  The United States along with most of North and South America were caught in this alternating beam as were Australia and Asia.  This means, whether you slept through it or not, those with Libra Sun Sign, Moon Sign, or Ascendant (or other strong Libra aspects) living in areas of visibility will feel the strongest effects.  Yet even those worldwide with strong Libra definition or aspects in their charts are bound to experience something.  A milder form perhaps, but something.

This applies to governments and other entities as well, especially since this eclipse connected with the Pluto-Uranus square we’ve become so familiar with in recent years.  Since lunar eclipses tend to bring endings and major changes, look for these both personally and collectively. Eclipses provide the energy or impetus for releasing or changing what no longer works.

This may take awhile but the trigger was pulled.  What’s the target?  Can you see any yet?

The thing that’s important to remember in all of this is that no matter what ends, it is leaving to allow for something better in its place.  It’s easy to become blind to that at the time of peak impact.  Yet learning to live without someone or something shows us that we can.  I know.  I watched my first marriage of close to three decades dissolve in the Aries/Libra eclipses of 1995-1997.  I’m a Libran with Libra in my 7th House of Marriage, Contracts, and Partnerships.  Incidentally we were married during another Aries/Libra Eclipse Series, just five days before another lunar eclipse with the Sun in Libra a mere 3° from my natal Sun.  Major changes indeed—from me to we and back again.  (To explore your own eclipse patterns, check out this Eclipse Table.)

And that’s an important point.  This Aries/Libra axis is all about the balance between the self and others.  So realize that over the next six months to a year, your relationships on all levels will be tested.  Those that are strong will flourish.  Those built on foundations of co-dependency, use and abuse, or ruled by control and/or martyrdom (aka, victimhood) will suffer.  Others may end simply because it is time.

Please don’t see this as a cosmic bully play.  It’s not.  It is here to reveal the weak areas in all our relationships so we can use the highest attributes of these signs—courage, motivation, strength, love, fairness, balance, and money sense—to move us forward into new awareness of our true self in all its capableness.  And that, my friends, is priceless!


Rayora Hartman


(Photo credit: “Lunar Eclipse” by Exsodus;