No Gun Violence Symbol by David Castillo Dominici; freedigitalphotos.netI don’t like guns, never have.  Sorry if that offends some of you, but it’s the truth.  Yet anyone living in the past several centuries knows a gun remains only a threat—or a promise– until someone pulls the trigger.

The same is true in astrology.  This week Mars shows us what he can do when he aims his energy at some pretty big players.  You see, a cosmic anomaly is that personal planets like Mars are “designed” to trigger an event when teamed with the outer planets.

That happens big time this week, so let’s take a look.

After a weekend of the Sun and Chiron showing us where there may be a need for healing, Mars and Jupiter ramp things up Monday, March 9th.  An easy flowing energy between these two increases physical energy and urges.  Both are in Fire signs (Aries and Leo), increasing this drive even more.

This energy wants to be seen by others so easily builds drama (Leo) around things already in play.  With both planets at 13° the underlying impetus is for transformation.  Yet this is a number that brings transformation through struggle in order to make foundational change.  And the 9 date indicates endings as a likely part of that.  Since Jupiter is a transitional planet, it indicates both personal and collective impact.

Wednesday, the 11th, intensity in Aries grows as Mars goes shoulder to shoulder with Uranus at 15° and into an exact square with Pluto at 15° Capricorn.  This could be one dynamite day.  Capricorn rules governments and established order.  Aries want change and forward movement.  Pluto rules the dark side of life and things hidden.  Mars drives pure, raw, action.  And Uranus is a loose cannon, potentially creating shock and awe for the sake of liberation and freedom.

Now toss all of these into an energy that’s two parts fire, one part air, one part water and one part earth.  That could mean air fuels fire to boil water to purify earth. Or earth, air, and water combine to subdue or put out fire.  Which will it be?

Frankly, this is a warring energy, an energy that creates impatience and fuels anger.  It’s very high energy with the potential for violence that fuels fanaticism.  And I don’t see any way to sugar-coat that.  This energy strikes the collective with global dynamics.  Yet realize that on a personal level, it is a day where balance is needed along with an outlet for any intense energies you feel.

The number 15 beams love into this brew, however.  This number carries the potential to change the proverbial lead into gold.  Yet even here, the number 5 indicates pivotal change is needed to guide independent actions.

With energy of this magnitude, it does not build and release in a single day.   The build up to the 11th will likewise take several days to start to dissipate.  Just remember that the number 11 challenges us to step through a gateway into the unknown.  Draw on Mars’ vibration of courage to direct this energy for good in any way you can.

March 12th Mercury enters the sign of Pisces, which may allow calmer voices to prevail—or at least be heard.  The 12 brings the impetus for learning and original creative solutions through partnering.  In its lower expression it can bring dominance or victimhood.  Again, which will it be? Pisces draws us toward the divine and seeing that we are all one humanity with hopes and dreams more the same than different.

On the 14th, Saturn retrogrades until early August.  What does this mean for you?  Quite simply, it’s a time to go within and review all the things you’ve come to understand, or not, since the first of the year.  Things you chose to ignore or keep hidden will reappear.  Tax, loan, or debt issues left unresolved may surface.  Your long-held beliefs may fly in your face for close examination.

Most of all this time is a laser-like integrity check.  Do your thoughts match your words?  Do your words match your actions?  Are you consistently responsible and honest with yourself and others?  The number 14 invites change through structured individual action.  Decide, then act.

And all of this leads up to (drum roll, please) the FINAL exact Pluto-Uranus square on March 16-17, depending on where you are on the planet.  (Yahoo!!)

The number 16 can bring unexpected happenings that lead sooner or later to new insights.  (So Uranus-like, right?)  And 17 brings insights leading to original ideas that can stand on their own with enduring qualities.  It also reduces to 8 (1+7), the king of the money numbers, which could result in some financial shake-ups.  Remember, any 8 energy is magnified in this 8 Universal Year.

This energy will take weeks to start to weaken and years to completely disconnect, but this is the final clash for decades.

Yes, it’s an intense, high energy week ahead.  Be patient with yourself and others.  We’re all feeling this on some level.  Direct the energy in positive and productive ways as much as you can.  Stay balanced emotionally; if hit with a shock or surprise, return to calm as soon as possible.  Guard against paralyzing fear, panic, or hopelessness.  Love yourself and your neighbors far and wide, realizing we’re all in this together.

Embrace change leading toward forward movement rather than clinging to the past.  We’re simply taking one more powerful leap into this planetary adventure.

Blessings, all!

Rayora Hartman


(Photo credit: “No Gun Violence Symbol” by David Castillo Dominici,