Jupiter has my attention—big time!   He’s a major player in my own chart rightGreen World by digitalart; freedigitalphotos.net now.  Yours too?  Then get ready for your football or beach ball to morph into a hot air balloon.  Yup, that’s Jupiter this year.  Up, up, and away—for better or…well, you know.

To start our journey, let’s take a look across the next week.  Saturday, February 28th, expansive Jupiter connects with transformational Pluto in an uncomfortable aspect (quincunx) that requires an adjustment while moving into an easy partnership (trine) with shocking Uranus.  This applies first to the collective, a.k.a. global humanity, since Pluto and Uranus are collective planets.

With all planets at 14° I anticipate a media event and/or something that scatters our attention.  With Capricorn and Leo involved, this could be another winter weather or earth moving event (summer event in the southern hemisphere).  Capricorn is cold and Leo hot.  Or it may trigger something that requires an adjustment in how we as nations use or abuse power and influence (Sun/Leo) when working with others (Capricorn).  This connection has been building for awhile and will take several weeks to dissipate.

Since 14 reduces to 5 (1+4), this holds the potential to trigger a pivotal point, perhaps toward expanding freedom in some way.  Or in the worst case scenario, expanding the restrictions of freedom already in place.

The date number 28 can trigger trust issues and serve as the impetus for leadership.  Since it reduces to 10/1 there’s also the possibility of something happening quite quickly.

On Monday, March 1st the storm clouds thicken.  Mercury’s transit in Aquarius moves onto an exact opposition with Jupiter and a sextile with Uranus.  That’s astro-speak for a lot of big talk and potential rebellion with surprise endings.  Mind you, that ups the number of planets at 14° to four, setting the energetic stage for even more potential changes and striving for freedom (5).  The more often a number repeats, the more intense the energy.

March 3rd Jupiter moves into exact down-to-the-minute trine with Uranus, adding an expansive—and perhaps lucky—surge to the energies and events of the day.  Remember, Jupiter’s energy expands everything it touches, increasing the magnitude of seemingly bad and good alike.

The next day, on the 4th, Jupiter trines Venus as this planet of love and money cozies up to Uranus for a day or two.  Though Pluto and Mercury have moved on just a bit, their energy is still in play.  Now Jupiter, Uranus, and Venus hold the 14° vibration continuum.  In this scenario, Venus serves mainly as a trigger for the other planets; her own power of love, justice, and balance in diminished in Aries.  This can create power struggles and heart-opening events.  This is due in part to Mercury sextiling Venus-Uranus as Pluto squares them.  In plain English, this requires quick action in a super tense energetic combination.

(I can almost see Venus as a bound maiden, squirming for freedom as she shares this dynamic.  Poor Venus *sniff*…will her knight arrive before she gets blown to smithereens?)

On Thursday, March 5th, the next Full Moon arrives at 14°31ʼ Virgo, gazing across the cosmos as the Sun now at 14° Pisces.  Note the correlation of the 14/5 with the 5 date.  Full Moons boost emotional energy tremendously, yet in Virgo there is a grounding effect that may ease that somewhat.  With Jupiter still at 14°, semi-sextile this Moon (another call for quick action) while enjoying the ongoing trine with Uranus, that keeps four planetary bodies at this degree (Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Uranus).

Plus Pluto now sextiles the Sun with one mere degree difference and Mars moves in for a high-five with the South Node at 10°Aries.  Both Pluto and the South Node deal with the past, karma, and deeply buried issues.  And Mars is seeing red while in full power in his home sign of Aries.  He’s ready to fight or forge ahead creating new possibilities, depending on the events and attitudes at this point.  Whichever it is, there’s high potential for powerful action.  Remember, things peak at the time of the Full Moon.

On a personal note, realize that this Full Moon brings good, practical energy, empowering effectiveness, and in that regard can be good for relationships.  This holds the potential for improvement of both personal and governmental relationships—if all parties cooperate and don’t take everything personally.  (Sigh…)  Wouldn’t that be “Wunerful…wunerful!” as the late band leader Lawrence Welk used to say?

Realize that while outer planets Pluto and Uranus trigger global events, their energy also can trigger your own personal charts if interacting with your natal planetary positions.  And Jupiter can trigger anything anywhere.

What to do?

  1. Check your chart for where these transits may affect you.
  2. Realize that if you have 14 or 5 in your personal numbers code, you will feel these more personally, whether through observation or experience.
  3. Look for your opportunities for growth and action. What’s calling you to change and/or act?
  4. Relationships remain vulnerable. Don’t take everything personally.
  5. Laugh as much as you can; it’s good for body, mind, and spirit.

Till next time…blessings!

Rayora Hartman    http://numbersatplay.com


(Photo credit: “Green World” by digitalart; freedigitalphotos.net)