Peaceful Winter SceneIsn’t it time for a little good news?  Well, I found some.  Really!  Let’s take a look.

Overall, the cosmic energies for February have been mild compared to recent years.   Weather and wars notwithstanding.  It’s like the universe gives us a break now and then to rest, assimilate, and prepare to power up for the next thrust forward. (Not to be confused with waiting for the next shoe to drop, mind you.) And that’s a good thing.

Venus and Mars continued to play as a couple through the signs over the past several weeks.  And right now they are closing in for one last energy swirl in the latter degrees of Pisces.  On Thursday, March 19th, Mars skips into his home sign of Aries with Venus gliding in the next day.  By Sunday they’re stumbling all over each other again for a day or so.  Cosmically speaking, of course.  Then Venus takes the lead again, since she moves about twice as fast as Mars.

While in Pisces, Mars’ planetary energies were somewhat subdued.  Not so in Aries.  He charges into the first degrees yelling, “I’m home! What’s for dinner?  Haven’t had a home-cooked power meal in two years.  Been living with relationship, financial, business, and spiritual issues for what seems like f.o.r.e.v.e.r.  That’s downright draining, you know.  Time to refuel and power up again.  Gosh, it’s good to be home!

Okay, I’m joking.  Yet the truth is Mars rules Aries in astrology and is in his greatest power here.  That automatically powers up a lot of high energy that will stay on high beam through March 31st.  Aires is an initiating power sign; Mars adds the energy for leadership, assertiveness, sex, and the warrior.  Whenever Mars and Venus blend energies, it heightens creativity as well as energizing relationship and financial developments.

Saturn, the planet of karma and responsibility, sextiles communication planet Mercury on the 19th as well with both at 4°. This could spur some productive or even brilliant thoughts or conversations.  At this degree number see these as laying the foundation for what’s next.

About this time, Venus and Mars start to edge into a trine with Saturn that becomes exact with Venus on the 24th.  This could add stability to this Venus-Mars energy over the next week.  However, realize that Saturn’s energy tends to want us to stay connected with the past.  If this happens, let Mars spur you forward with confidence.  Venus offers a stabilizing effect on her own, without the ball and chain.  (Wink!)

Saturn squares the Sun on the 23rd with both at 5°, the number of pivotal change.  The date likewise reduces to 5 (2 + 3), adding emphasis to this fact.  While this day could present some hurdles, use Saturn’s highest expression to overcome them.  Act mature, be responsible and disciplined, and manage your time well.  By so doing, you will shine brilliantly.

The energy of change continues when the Saturn-Venus trine becomes exact on the 24th at 5°.  This adds energy to new beginnings and bold action, especially if it was preceded by planning.  And when Saturn trines Mars the next day, a steadying effect pervades it all.

Also on the 25th, the Sun conjuncts (joins) Neptune bringing creative inspiration and spiritual union.  Guard against aimlessness, excessive escapism, or substance abuse—expressions of Neptune’s lower energy which could likewise be fired by the Sun.

On the 28th, Jupiter and Pluto, both at 14°, move into an aspect that demands an adjustment.  This energy can plunge you into the depths of truth and/or supercharge creativity.  Plus Uranus moves to 14°Aries, creating a trine with Jupiter in Leo as Uranus starts to tighten into that last Pluto-Uranus square on March 17th.  This energy easily spills onto the global scene since it involves powerful outer planets and transitional Jupiter’s expanding influence.  The number 14 again reduces to 5, so expect to see some interesting dynamics splashed across the media around then.

Realize, also, that all of this activity is prefaced by a powerful New Moon February 18th at 29°59ʼ Aquarius, a mere cosmic minute before the Sun enters Pisces.  This brings the combined energies of Uranus’ home sign (Aquarius) blended with Neptune in its home sign (Pisces) into play in a very strong way.  This energy activation remains in effect for weeks.   Aquarius is quirky energy that tends to insight revolution.  In Pisces, things often get lost in illusions and delusions before finding higher grounding.  So realize that not everything in the weeks ahead may be as it appears on the surface.  Guard against joining a revolution—personal, familial, or global–on false pretenses.   The number 18 can bring deceit.  Yet it reduces to 9, the number of highest compassion.  Let that be your cloak of honor in the days and weeks ahead.

As always, the degree to which you feel these energies depends on how they interact with your personal chart and numbers.  If you need help to determine that, you know where to find me.

Blessings, all!

Rayora Hartman