The zodiac comprises every energetic impulse and character trait known to Coffee Stock Photo by Surachai; freedigitalphotos.nethumankind.  At no time is that more evident than when Pisces energy dominates as it does now.  At this point Venus, Mars, and Chiron have joined Neptune, the sign’s modern ruler, in Pisces.  And the Sun is not far behind.  What does this mean?  Let’s take a look.

Have you ever noticed that people’s homes feel different from one another?  One may feel homey, another cool and light, still another dark and depressing.  Why so?  Because the feel, the energy, of the home reflects the energy of those who live there.  (And you thought it was just that wild turquoise sofa in the corner of the livingroom, right?)

The same is true of Houses in the zodiac.

Pisces energy colors the expression of the 12th House in the zodiac wheel for all of us.  This remains true to some degree even if the sign appears in a different House in your astrology chart.  And if Pisces is your Rising Sign (1st House) or Midheaven (10th House) its energy becomes even more important to you.

What does it feel like?  Changeable.  Since Pisces is a Mutable Water Sign, it invites and embraces change, adaptability, and going with the flow.  It can be as elusive as steam and as formidable as an iceberg.  It carries a chameleon aspect that allows it to fit easily into various settings.  While generally fostering an easy-going temperament, this may change quickly as well, often degrading to shyness.  Piscean energy naturally brings compassion and sensitivity, often mixed with sacrifice and a lack of boundaries.  When out of balance, over-sensitivity, victimization, and melancholy pervade.  One of the greatest opportunities of this energy is heightened intuition.  Plus musical ability grows easily here.  Music, by the way, also serves as a catalyst for pulling you out of the lower energy expressions mentioned.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac.  As such its natural home, the 12th House, serves as a culminating point for all energies passing through it. If Pisces appears in this house in your personal chart, you will feel this more acutely.  With Venus and Mars now transiting, that means all the maturity you have gained through the activities ignited by these planetary energies on their latest trek around the zodiac now invites closures and culminations.  It’s time to tie up loose ends.

Suppose Venus when it last entered the sign of Aries (the 1st zodiac sign) provided the incentive to start you on a deeper exploration of who you really are. As Venus continued around the zodiac, she would ignite new explorations of that in each House along the way.  Now the zodiac cycle is nearly complete.  It’s time to assess what you know about yourself now that you didn’t at the beginning.  Do you see yourself through new eyes?  Have your values changed?  Or are there still some deeper issues waiting to bring even more clarity and resolution before Venus starts yet another cycle around the wheel?

Pisces energy tends to temper Mars energy.  Yet again, changeability alters form.  The fire planet can either create a healthful mist or cause the water to boil over, scalding everything in range.  Yet since water puts out fire, it remains likely that intense fire here will be short lived.  Mars’ often wild potency, redirected as it traverses this sign, serves rather to empower spiritual awareness.

Chiron represents our past—all of our past, the known and unknown.  It also brings out the inner child in each of us.  If that part of you remains wounded, that is what surfaces in this Piscean energy.  (Tissue, please…) Yet if the healing’s already accomplished, this energy spurs you to intensify your acts of service in whatever areas you can provide the most good.  And this kind of planetary support helps.

“Face your fears,” challenges Mars. “Take it to the next level.”

“I’d love to see you do it,” Venus gushes.  “I’ll help you stay balanced and focused on unconditional love.”

Yet Neptune emits the strongest energy in Pisces.  That brings a strong nebulous energy into play.  Just as Pisces brings changeability, so Neptune adds elements of the intangible.  While the 12th House rules the subconscious, Neptune longs to blend us with the superconscious.  In earthly terms, it’s kind of like inviting heaven and hell to share a room.  Or in astrological terms, live in the same House.  Which will prevail?  Here we find nightmares and daydreams, prisons and higher learning, institutions for the mentally or physically impaired and our places or fields of greatest service.  Above all, we find our own personal heaven or hell in facing the ever expanding truth of our connection with the divine or lack thereof—right here, right now.

Realize that Jupiter shares rulership with Neptune here, expanding experiences in whichever direction.  And since Jupiter is now quincunx these planets, there’s a notable push for some big adjustments, both collectively and personally.

I, for one, am grateful for this Piscean influence tempering the challenging aspects between the outer planets, like the Pluto-Uranus square and a taste of a Saturn-Neptune square that will occur late in the year.  The more compassion and intuitive awareness supporting the highest levels of service to humanity the better!

May we rise as master healers (Chiron) first of our own wounds and then the wounds of humanity and the Earth herself.  Inspire, illuminate, and refine (Neptune) along the way.  And don’t forget music, the universal language.

Join me?  “I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect har-mo-ny…”


Rayora Hartman


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