Shopping Woman Holding Shopping Bag by stockimages; freedigitalphotos.netWhen you think of love and romance in astrology, you think of Venus, right?  Well, in this 8 Universal Year it’s especially important to see another facet to this beauty’s personality.  Money.  Few planets hold as much sway in a chart as Venus when it comes to money.  Let’s take a look.

First, locate your natal chart–on the computer or buried in a drawer somewhere.  (You do have your natal chart by now, right?) Find Venus, the symbol that looks like a stick figure or a plus sign with a circle on the top. (No crown on top; that’s Mercury).  Which House is she in?  These are the sections of the chart, numbered near the middle.  If she is in the 2nd, 6th, 8th, or 10th, the traditional money houses, that’s strong for wealth.  Yet Venus in the 7th can indicate money through marriage or in the 8th through inheritance.

How Venus is connected to the other money houses or planets in those houses can indicate whether money will flow easily, come through work, or be met with obstacles.  A favorable aspect to Jupiter, for example, can indicate greater wealth since Jupiter expands all it touches.  (They don’t call it the “lucky planet” for nothing, you know.) Yet a hard aspect to Jupiter could indicate struggles with money or great financial losses.

Venus, in this sense, connected to the Moon can indicate that money will come in stages, ebb and flow, and may even flow along with the cycles of the Moon.

If she is in the 12th House, it can indicate that there is no need to earn money, or how and when retirement will occur.  This is an especially strong indicator if Venus resides here with other planets.

How Venus aspects (connects to) your Ascendant can indicate by sign and degree how your personality will enhance or play into your wealth.  And a strong aspect to your Midheaven (10th House cusp) strengthens the likelihood of financial gain through your career.

Venus in the 11th House, if connected to a money house or ruling planet, can indicate that female friends, groups, or a team will play a part or lend support in some way.  Again this will flow more easily if the aspect is say a trine or sextile (easy flowing energy) versus a square or opposition, bringing obstacles or opposite characteristics into play.

Venus in the 4th House or on the 4th House cusp may indicate the need for family support to initiate a career, a common trait in an athlete’s chart.

Aspects between Venus and Neptune appear prominently in charts of royalty or those born to “old money.”

Venus also can be a timing device, either by transit or progression.  For instance, Progressed Venus moving from its natal position in the 1st House into the 2nd House of earned income can trigger the beginning of a career if connected to the Midheaven or a marriage that brings financial wealth if connected to the 7th House of MarriageVenus transits only last a few days, so trigger specific events, like getting a new job.

 Remember, Venus is the planet of balance, which can be especially important in financial decisions.  Yet guard against aspects of her lowest expression; indecisiveness or avoidance.  Also realize that Venus by herself cannot bring wealth.  She must be in aspect to other parts of your chart.  And Saturn in aspect to this lovely lady (so dubbed because of her feminine attributes) can require more effort or retard the arrival of money.

Pay attention also to the degree numbers of the planets and house cusps involved.  Look particularly for 8s or numbers that reduce to 8, such as 26 (2+6=8). Since 8 is the “king of the money numbers,” it intensifies all issues around money.  Plus, this 8 Universal Year strengthens any activation of this number throughout the year.

The same is true if you have 8 in your numerology Numbers Code.  For example, I experienced a triple 8 activation in January and have four house cusps that reduce to 8.  Was I delving into financial materials and reassessing everything in my own financial world as well as the world at large?  You betcha!  Like a bee on a petunia I spent the month digging deeper for the richest pollen.

Now back to you.  I’m offering as a gift all year to locate where you have 8s in your astrology chart or Numbers Code.  (Did I hear some “yippees” out there?  Wink!)  Realize this is not a reading, simply a location of key areas of your life affected—which in itself is priceless.  Just click here to go to my website.  Hit the Contact tab and jot me a note that says, “8s, please.” I’ll get back to you with the information I need.  How easy is that?

Until next time, find Venus (now transiting Pisces) in your charts, if you have them, and see if you can begin to draw your own storyline.


Rayora Hartman

(P.S. Due to my own little surgical adventure in January combined with a bunch of planets transiting my 12th House, further turning me into a recluse, I’ve been MIA here for a while.  I apologize for any wonder or frustration that may have caused.)


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