World Planets Show Solar System & Worldly by Stuart Miles; freedigitalphotos.netHave you ever looked through a kaleidoscope?  Well, that’s what the cosmic patterns leading up to the Super New Moon January 20th look like.  Sharp and soft angles in light and dark tones create new, dynamic and unexpected pictures.  A flip of the dial creates a whole new scene.  Care to take a look?

On January 15th power planet Mars in dreamy and spiritual Pisces squared off with teacher/task master Saturn.  (Squares require action.)  Now Saturn in Sagittarius challenges our beliefs and encourages higher learning.  The square at brings a “Can we talk?” energy. This blends with the 15/6, activated by both the date and year.  The number 15 holds the potential for up leveling.  Think of the alchemy of turning lead into gold.  This then materializes through the power of love and nurturance (6).  (Are you still with me?  Read s-l-o-w-l-y if you’re getting lost.  Wink!)

Mercy trining the North Node at 13° Libra on this date adds another layer.  Trines denote free-flowing energy.  Here Mercury, the communication planet, in revolutionary Aquarius energizes our collective present/future (North Node).   The Nodes are impacting our sense of security through their positions in the astrological security axis of Cancer/Capricorn.  The number 13/4 calls for transformation through struggle for foundational change.

Plus Mercury was conjunct (blending energy) with Venus, the planet of love, balance, justice, and money.   Venus at 14° brought even more energy for change since 14 reduces to 5 (1+4=5), the most change-driven number in numerology.

Now consider that transformational Pluto is currently squaring the North Node and revolutionary Uranus also at 13°.  And Uranus, now only an arm’s length away (cosmically speaking) from the South Node in Mars-ruled Aries, moves into exact conjunction hours before the Super New Moon on the 20th.  New Moons signify new beginnings, and Super New Moons boost that energy even more as they pass so close to the Earth.

Also just before this Super New Moon, Mars joins Neptune at 5° Pisces. (Again note the number of change.)  Neptune, guardian of hopes and dream, rules spiritually-based Pisces, so is at full strength now.  Blending these energies is kind of like hooking a jet engine to a kite.  This kite won’t explode.  Yet blown out of its comfort zone it lacks direction, zigging wildly here and there.

With all that powerful energy joining forces over the next week, you might expect a thrust forward, right?  And that could happen.  But here’s the cosmic curve ball.  (Pardon the mixed metaphor.)  Though we are in a 1 calendar month, denoting beginnings, we are in a 9 Universal Month, denoting endings and preparations for new beginnings.  Plus the days leading up to a New Moon naturally bring low energy and a time of assimilation rather than power spurts.  The Sun, our planetary power source, is in Capricorn, an internally-focused sign.  On the 15th it was at 25°, which reduces to 7, the most solitude-seeking number.  Yet on the day of the Super New Moon, it moves into externally-focused Aquarius at , highlighting again the themes of spirituality/beliefs and new beginnings.

Now here’s the kicker.  The day after the Super New Moon, Mercury goes retrograde at 17° in change-drive Aquarius while in a cosmic hug with the Moon and Venus, two love-oriented heavenly bodies.  Pythagoras saw 17 as the number of death.  Indeed allowing some things to die may be required to allow the new to materialize.  Also realize that this number often brings long-lasting effects.  As always, retrograde periods draw us to reflect, reorganize, and renew what still works.

This all creates a push-pull, start-stop sensation.

Keep in mind that we are in an 8 Universal Year and 17 reduces to 8.  This invites strong leadership with good judgment.  And as is true all year with this “king of the money numbers,” money may enter the picture as a learning/teaching tool.

So what does this all mean for you personally?  Self-esteem issues may arise, perhaps around addictions (Neptune).  It’s time to release fears (Pluto) of the present or future (North Node) and expand your faith to live your dreams (Sagittarius/Pisces).  Connect (Mercury) with your higher truth (Neptune) and look for your personal learning curve trajectory (Saturn/Mars).  Take classes (Mercury/Sagittarius) and allow yourself to explore new insights or futuristic information (Uranus/5/7).  Watch your relationships and finances (Venus/8) for challenges and opportunities for growth.   Apply the highest form of love you can to each person and/or situation (Venus/6).  And realize you now stand on the leading edge of a new chapter in your life on some level (New Year/Super New Moon/1).

Blessings, everyone!

Rayora Hartman


(Photo credit: “World Planets Shows Solar System & Worldly” by Stuart Miles;