Tft Monitor And Dollar Sign Stock Photo by Greenleaf Designs; freedigitalphotos.netGuess what happened when you weren’t looking?  We changed our calendars on New Year’s Day and shifted to a new cycle in life.   Welcome to an 8 Universal Year.  What does that mean to you personally?  Let’s take a look.

As always, the intensity with which you feel any numeric vibration depends on where and how strongly it appears in your personal astrology chart and Numbers CodeIf 8 appears anywhere in your Numbers Code, this is a big year for you.  If it appears as the degree number of your Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, 4th House cusp, Sun, or Moon it is as well.  For others with 8s on other House cusps or as planetary degrees, the impact is more sporadic, depending on what triggers your chart.  And there’s your mini astro-numerology lesson for the day.  (Wink!)  Now let’s get on to the good stuff.

The first visible place you see this number impact your life is around money issues.  This is the king of the money numbers and serves as a catalyst for getting your attention in an 8 Universal Year.  Throughout the year your involvement with money will show where you shine and where you don’t.  It will spotlight your greatest fears and your areas of greatest faith and trust.  It lays bare the truths of your life as few other things can.

This is a collective energy, affecting us all.  The energetic wave starts from outside yourself rather than through a personal action.  You are then at choice as to how you respond to it.  Now if you act from fear, choice goes out the window.  You simply react.  If you catch yourself doing that, realize you have the power to make a better choice at any moment.

Does this mean there will be a global event that closes all the banks?  Who knows?  Whatever the catalysts are, they send their waves too each of us.  What feels like a ripple to one can feel like a tsunami to another.  What appears as a hindrance to one spurs another forward.  Why?  Because like attracts like.  If you live in constant fear of not having enough, that draws more of those experiences to you and intensifies that very thing.  Really!  Fear of not having enough keeps you in a place of not having enough.  And in a year like this, that will show up in neon lights.

How do you change it?  By getting to the root of where that fear or belief comes from.  Sometimes those roots twist and wind through deep layers of the subconscious, so be prepared for some deep excavations.  Once these truths come up, you can choose to see them for what they are and realize they don’t have to control your life anymore.  The choice truly is up to you.  Self pity or playing the blame game only keeps you feeling stuck and powerless.  Take responsibility for your own life now.  Make little shifts that can lead to greater shifts later on.

In the astrology chart, the 8th House covers a lot of territory: sex, taboos, debt, inheritances, joint finances, taxes, mortgages, banks, death, and transformation.  See some familiar themes coming up?  In an 8 Universal Year all these themes intensify.

The wonderful thing about all this is that if you are one who already lives with a truly abundant mindset and way of being, that’s what will intensify for you.  This goes deeper than just wanting more and more.  Wanting just brings more wanting.

In fact, living abundantly has little to do with money at its deepest roots.  And this is the starting point if your bank account keeps falling into the Red Zone.  Where do you already experience abundance?  Be grateful!  What makes your heart sing?  Do it more often!   What gives you more energy rather than depleting you?  Spend more time on that!  What’s been on your bucket list that you really could do right now except for the “time” excuse?  Prioritize it!  Where can you be more generous–or stop being overly generous to the point of complete depletion?  Do it! Whatever truly expands the quality of your life is key to shifting from lack mentality to living from true abundance.  And the money?  It’ll show up in new and different ways once the energy aligns to receive it.  That’s one of the cosmic laws of nature—the nature of how it is.

These are the lessons an 8 Universal Year brings to each of us.  How you respond to the challenges and opportunities this year will help determine where you find yourself when you replace your 2015 calendar at the end of the year.

Still not sure how big a deal the number 8 is for you in 2015?  Well, you’re already in luck!  As my free gift to you this year I’ll check to see if 8 is highlighted in your Numbers Code or astrology chart.  Simply go to my website ( hit the Contact tab and jot me a note that says “8s please.”  How easy is that?  I’ll get back to you with the information I need then let you know what shows up.  Note: this isn’t a reading, more of a “heads up.”  (smile)  This offer remains open all this year, by the way.   Yet in this case, sooner definitely is better than later.

Ready to move into this new year with your eyes wide open?  That’s my greatest wish for you and each of us at this point.  And in so doing may you be truly blessed!

Rayora Hartman

(Photo credit: “Tft Monitor And Dollar Sign Stock Photo” by Greenleaf Designs;