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Did you notice that even the mainstream media got caught up in  the Stork With Baby, luifi diamanti; freedigitalphotos.netuniqueness of the date 12-13-14?  Here in the U.S. the focus went to  babies born at 10:11 on that date.  I heard three of them featured; one in Arizona, one in Montana, and one in Ohio.  So here’s the question: Will these babies have identical astro-numerology blueprints (life designs)?  Let’s take a look.

To keep this from turning into a book-length piece I’ll compare only two; the ones in Tucson, AZ, and Billings, MT.  Both were born in Mountain Standard Time, which adds another similarity.  And both are girls.

Their astrology charts show their planets, including the Sun and Moon, in the same signs at the same degree numbers.  And both share several aspects, including the same two Achievement Triangles denoting lifetime challenges.

The differences show up first in the Houses.  For example, one shows an Ascendant or Rising Sign (personality) in Aquarius with her Descendant (Self reflected through others) in Leo.  The other’s Ascendant is in Capricorn, with the Descendant in Cancer.  Plus the degree numbers vary.

Still with me?  Good!  Let’s start to color in this picture, shall we?

Tucson Girl with an Aquarius Rising Sign (1st House) is here to be different.  Yet at 4 degrees she will show more stability than many with a strong influence from this sign.  The number 4 carries a vibration of foundational structure and form.  It favors the material world and the Earth herself.  Yet Tucson Girl is here to bring change, partly driven by power planet Mars in Aquarius at 6 degrees.  Six is the relationship number of love and nurturing.  This indicates that she must first learn to love and nurture herself (1st House) before she can demonstrate these traits, through her personality, to others.

Looking across her chart we see her Descendant lies at 4 degrees Leo, a sign of self-empowerment and putting the Self first.  Leo often brings a desire for attention and can lean toward drama–in many forms.  Jupiter lies in Leo at 22 degrees which will add expansiveness to all relationship issues in her life.  Yet since Jupiter was retrograde at her birth, this comes as inner expansion much more than anything external; her sense of self will be continually expanded through relationship.  Plus 22 is the Master Number of Peace and reduces to 4 (2 + 2 = 4).  That doubles the strength of that number’s vibration for her.  This energy will both support and challenge her as she goes through life.

Based on these chart factors alone, I easily can see Tucson Girl involved in  peaceful sit-ins as a public rebellion (a slight dichotomy there) targeting atrocities against planet Earth or the destruction of a city park for the sake of commerce.  Yet this may come later in life, after she first gains a firm understanding of herself.

Billings Girl, on the other hand, has her Ascendant at 26 degrees Capricorn and Descendant at 26 degrees Cancer.  Her personality likely will develop through her work/career.  With 26 we see another relationship number, this one perhaps with karmic ties.  Here the 6 (love, nurturing) supports one-on-one relationships (2).  And 26 reduces to 8 (2 + 6 = 8), showing the potential for great gain–and challenge–around money and/or bringing ideas into their highest form.

Her Cancer Descendant indicates a strong emphasis on family relationships.  The Descendant marks the beginning of the House of Marriage and Partnerships, and Cancer’s natural home is in the House of Family and Roots.  Again, the potential exists for this to be another chance to bring better outcomes through those she’s connected with earlier in life or in other lifetimes.  These may appear as either family members or close work associates (Capricorn).  And with Leo also a strong influence in her House of Marriage and Partnerships, this may build toward her becoming a more independent spirit or breaking the bonds of co-dependency later in life.  Jupiter retrograde at 22 degrees Leo again focuses the energy of self-empowerment on inner growth for the sake of peace.

Based on these chart factors alone, I could see Billings Girl with a big, fat piggy bank (Do children even have those anymore?) in childhood, planning how she’ll own a magnificent home one day that she designed herself.  As an adult that may shift to a career in real estate.  The number 26/8 may present more that a few “growth opportunities” around relationships and finance.  Capricorn energy often brings an innate awareness of knowing what is worth fighting or striving for in life.  And this could prove one of her strongest underlying strengths.

Of course no one’s life can be drawn from one or two aspects, whether astrological or numeric.  We all are composites of many, many factors.  Yet this peek into the windows of these two girls’ blueprints highlights marked differences among multiple similarities–genetic and environmental factors or her Numbers Code notwithstanding.

So are those born at the same time (and even time zone) on the same date in the same country the same?  No–and yes.  These girls will experience the same generational challenges in nearly the same way, though they may demonstrate them differently.  They will share the characteristics of Sagittarius as their Sun Sign with communication (Mercury conjunct the Sun) strongly evidenced, especially with friends and group associations (11th House).  Travel will likely be a part of this picture as well.  Yet their careers and/or reputations could hold an air of secrecy or bring hidden truths to light (Scorpio in 10th House).  The picture continues to grow and strengthen with each aspect and number relationship we examine.

And so it goes for each of us.

Have you considered what a gift it would be for both parent and child to know the promises and challenges inherent in a child’s design?  Imagine how many points of argument and confusion could be avoided through this kind of awareness.  That’s priceless, wouldn’t you say?  If I can be of service in discovering this for someone you love, simply click the link below.


Rayora Hartman


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When I looked ahead yesterday at my charts for today, a part of me wanted to stay in bed all day with the covers pulled over my head.  Yet with Full Moon energy, who sleeps anyway? So here I am in computerland, pouring over charts to see yet another layer of what’s going on. Besides, it would be a waste not to use the present Sun-Mercury energy for what Mercury does best.  Communicate.  So let’s talk, okay?

In case you haven’t noticed (wink!) we’re in another exact Pluto-Uranus square.  Since November 26th the two have squared at 12°.  This started an intensification of energy that peaks on December 15th and continues at that level the rest of the month. This is the 6th of 7 exact squarings before this energy starts to release next spring.

Each of these squarings brings a unique energy; it’s not just a replay of the ones before.  Each time the planets meet at different degree numbers, bringing different energy.  Plus the other planets take different positions on the cosmic stage.  This presents a whole new swirl of energies for the performance.

Right now a powerful player just took on a whole new role.  Mars entered Aquarius December 4th, just ahead of this 14° Gemini Full Moon on the 6thFull Moons are notorious for heightening emotions.  (Ask anyone who works in hospitals or police departments.) Makes sense since the Moon rules our emotions and when full is at its fullest power.  Gemini wants information, the more the better.  And 14/5 is a media number designed to bring change.  See the connection?

Now back to Mars.  This planet knows only one language.  Power.  With Mars, a personal planet, that power always takes the stage through individual action.  Yet in an environment of heightened collective energy, as we now have with this Pluto-Uranus square, that Mars energy can appear in the collective.  Individuals band together to empower a cause or bring attention to a situation that benefit a greater whole.

In the United States that is happening now as individuals take to the streets in several major cities. Individual voices, banding together, protest a deeply felt injustice. Mars in Aquarius drives this individual power toward a collective cause.  Aquarius, a collective sign, carries the energy of rebellion and revolution.  It shines the light on issues and “secret enemies” that would keep us imprisoned.

For those of us who lived through the riots and demonstrations of the 1960s, there’s a marked similarity.  Again the racial equality issue arises, demanding to be heard.  Mercury, the planet of communication, rules Gemini.   Conjunct (next to) the Sun, personal empowerment takes voice as new generations pushes a yet unresolved issue to collective awareness for resolution.   This issue, so virulent in the ʼ60s, corresponded with the last time Pluto and Uranus tangoed (or was that a paso doble?) in the sky.  That was with a triple conjunction in Virgo.

You see, that’s the thing about Pluto and Uranus—they don’t give up.  Whatever issues remain unresolved as the end of one of these periods takes root and emerges with equal or greater force for resolution the next time these two  energies connect.

This time it is with the force of a square, and squares require action.  Yet squares also bring obstacles, at times seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  That’s where Uranus comes in.  When we refuse to act out of fear, indifference, or a desire to maintain the status quo so we can stay “safe,” Uranus acts for us.  How?  He energizes sudden, unexpected events that don’t allow things to remain the same.  And Pluto, sometimes called “the great destroyer,” often leaves some form of death in his wake.  This is not an act of cruelty but of evolution as anything standing in the way is removed.

Which brings me to our present collective energy.  In Sagittarius, we often are driven to faith.  This is the sign that governs belief systems, among other things.  It brings tests of our faith with the intent of boosting us to even greater levels of knowing and understanding what that means to us, personally and collectively.  On a personal level, where does your faith lie?  Can you trust it?  How can you use it now more than ever?  The questions run deep, often changing over time and experience.  This is a crucial aspect of Sagittarian energy.  (Expect to see more of this, by the way, as Saturn moves into Sagittarius later this month.)

Remember that the number 12, can bring the challenge of falling either into victim or victimizer mode.  With Pluto and Uranus at that degree, events could propel that energy to the surface.  Yet also remember that 12 is a number of learning.  In it the 1 of originality, leadership, and independent thought is supported by the 2 of peaceful one-on-one communication.  Plus 12 reduces to 3 (1 + 2 = 3), a number of communication, creativity, and humor.  Never underestimate the importance of humor.  Let laughter replace anger when possible in minor incidents.  In this energy mole hills easily turn into mountains unnecessarily.

And so goes life on planet Earth.  Take (or create) opportunities to make a difference, lighten the mood, or otherwise share in this planetary experience in some way.  You matter; we all do.  It’s not a time to hide your head under the covers.

And that’s the truthththth!

Blessings, everyone!

Rayora Hartman


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