As the world watches shifts and changes in global Back to School Sign Means Education and Classrooms by Stuart Miles; freedigitalphotos.netmilitary maneuvering, an equally sobering cosmic march began November 13th.   Venus started a lineup of four cosmic bodies conjuncting (meeting / crossing) Saturn in Scorpio(a sober planet in a sober sign) in a span of just under two weeks. In astrological terms that’s big, people, really big.  And important, so let’s take a look.

Saturn earned a reputation over the centuries of being “the great teacher.”  Yet this is not the teacher who brings light-hearted experiments to class or sprinkles jokes through the lessons.  Saturn denotes the serious instructor, determined to teach whether the students are willing or not.  The more resistance from the student, the greater the level of difficulty applied.  This can be quite sobering, to say the least. (Hey, I didn’t design the cosmos so send any complaints to the higher ups.)

But before we go any farther, let’s get clear on the difference between “sober” and “somber.” Sober is “characterized by reason, sanity, or self-control; showing mental and emotional balance,” according to Webster’s New World Dictionary.  Somber, on the other hand, is much more dark and gloomy, “mentally depressed or depressing; melancholy.”  See the difference? (Okay, both Scorpio and Saturn in their lowest expression can trigger this too, but let’s not go there now.)

Saturn brings a sobering energy to any planet with which it interacts.  When Venus conjuncted Saturn on the 13th, light-hearted characteristics of Venus virtually disappeared.  Pushed to the forefront were Venusian issues around balance, justice, money, and relationship dynamics.  The number 13/4 signifies a more stressful form of transformation, potentially resulting in foundational changes.

As the Sun meets Saturn on the 18th, it puts empowerment issues under the microscope.  The focus tightens in on responsibility and taking a serious look at what still inhibited us.  Some may feel compelled to move a project forward toward completion.  Yet for many it’s a low energy day with the Sun’s strength compromised by Saturn, a day for pondering rather than action. The number 18/9 signifies transformational completion and endings.  It also can bring stress. Therefore while some feel moved to advance something or tackle something they’d been resisting, others know it’s time to release dreams that no longer hold promise.

The Moon gives Saturn a quick pass on its way to join the Sun for the November 22nd New Moon.  This could bring up some serious emotions or an issue with your mother or father/authority figure.  The aspect is brief but could have a rippling effect in the flow of the month’s energy.  Should this happen, let those emotions flow into a positive new beginning around whatever comes up.  The number 22, the Master Number of Peace, looks for peaceful solutions with long-lasting results.  This is reinforced further by the New Moon arriving at 0° Sagittarius, a strong indicator of fresh, positive beginnings.

On the 26th, just before Pluto and Uranus reach another square at 12°, Mercury pays a brief visit to Saturn at 26°Scorpio.  You may find your thoughts and conversations around that day more serious than usual.  The number 26 carries multiple energies.  The 6 indicates love and nurturing that can support one-on-one communication indicated by the number 2.  And 26 reduces to 8 (2 + 6 = 8), itself a number with many layers.  In this context it could mean important conversations arise around money, or bringing an idea into reality.  Since both 26 and 8 can carry karmic energy, something or someone from the past may become a part of this conversation in some way.  The important thing is to allow this energy to bring up whatever is asking to be addressed now—rather than waiting for Pluto and Uranus to intervene in a more intense fashion.  Remember the number 12 can bring victimization energy, so guard against allowing that to take root or remain if it’s already present.

As always, look at your own astrology chart and birth numbers code to see which part of your life is impacted the most with each aspect.

To see another layer of how Saturn is playing into our world dynamics, look as my last blog post, Let’s Talk Astrometeorology (What’s up with the weather?).

And that’s it for now, folks.


Rayora Hartman

(Photo credit: “Back to School Sign Means Education and Classrooms” by Stuart Miles;