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The weather has lots of people talking again right now with a frigid front born in the Bering Sea swirling across North America in the next week. So what’s up with the weather?

My personal quest for answers led me to the fascinating subject of astrometeorology. (And there’s your mind-bustin’ vocabulary word for the day, friends.) Did you know that long before weather satellites dotted outer space or meteorologist highlighted daily forecasts for us, people looked to astrology to see what weather likely lay ahead?  Some swear to this day that astrometeorology offers a more accurate system for weather forecasting.  I can’t swear to this—yet—but since I see astronumerology clearly depicting so many other aspects of our lives, why not this as well?

Let’s take a look at what the planets—and numbers—may show us for the days ahead.

Since Neptune rules all bodies of water and moisture in all forms, let’s look first at it.  Currently it lays at 4° Pisces.  The number 4 is a foundational number that lays the structure and form of things.  It also is the number of the Earth.  Since Pisces is Neptune’s home sign, that strengthens its effects.  And since it is now retrograde, that means this is a “retesting” period of when Neptune last hit this degree from January 27th through February 22nd of 2014.  What was the weather like then?  Did you experience any other water issues then like leaky pipes, flooded basements or clogged drains?  Things don’t always appear in like form during a retest, but the underlying foundational issues it triggered may reappear if not fully addressed and resolved then.

Looking at the current weather sweeping most of the U.S. and Canada, realize that Neptune’s influence, astrometeorologically, is to bring cool, wet weather.  For frigid weather, look to Saturn, the most cooling planet of all.

Saturn is now steadily advancing through the late degrees of Scorpio.  One thing Saturn does is retest Nature’s laws.  In other words, the retests keep coming until you learn to live in harmony with the laws of Nature, rather than ignoring or obstructing them.  Scorpio energy makes you dig for the truth.

Saturn rules Capricorn, the most cooling sign.   Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, currently lays in CapricornWhenever two planets appear in each other’s home signs, it intensifies the energy of everything they touch.  These two are currently in a hard aspect (semi-square), which afflicts Pluto.  When Pluto is afflicted, this planet that normally warms now cools.  In weather, Saturn brings extremes.  To intensify this, Mars is conjunct (next to) Pluto, adding even more power to the mix.  And with this dynamic, even Mars’ fiery nature cannot “warm” only activate what Pluto and Saturn put into play.

Venus, itself either neutral or slightly cooling, conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio bringing a sobering effect that is really out of character for this planet. Saturn depresses though cold and extreme moisture.  Tough love perhaps?

Now look at Jupiter.  There it sits at 21° Leo, creating a square to the Venus/Saturn conjunction. Squares require action, and Jupiter expands everything it touches.  (Got your snow blowers gassed up and snow shovels ready?)  The number 21 reduces to 3 (2 + 1 = 3), the number of creativity and good humor.  So look for the laughter begging to lighten the mood and see how creative you can be amidst it all.  (Snow creatures, anyone?)  Let your smile warm the hearts of those around you.  Be the blessing you want to receive.

Looking again to the numbers, not only is the number 4 frequently activated in November, so is the number 11.  Take November 11th, for example.  This calendar day number coupled with the 11 calendar month automatically intensifies the energy.  Eleven is a Master Number powerful in itself.  It always says it’s time to step through another gateway in life into the unknown.  Intensifying this even more is the Pluto-Mars conjunction at 11°.  Now that’s P.O.W.E.R.

Speaking of power, Neptune goes direct November 16th. Planetary movements feel strongest just around the time they go retrograde or direct. The 16/7 intensifies the energy of the 7 Universal Year, so look for new insights on deep and/or spiritual levels.  Guard against the possibility of accidents that the 16 can bring.  Accidents can bring insights (don’t I know) but I highly recommend inviting other avenues for them to appear.  (smile)

Another day to watch for weather this month is November 18th when the Sun conjuncts Saturn at 26° Scorpio.  This can make Saturn’s frigid effects even greater.  (Yes, the Sun warms, but not in this astrological context.  Sorry.)  Plus, the number 26 can bring people and/or events from your past. Ah, yes, another retest.  If this happens, remember to use the power of the number 8 (2 + 6 = 8) to form (or reform) something wonderfully new and lasting for all infinity.   How does it get any better than that, right?

Another 26 to note is the 26th of this month when the ongoing Pluto-Uranus square becomes exact again. The energy already is building toward that which will intensify aspects of change and rebellion worldwide on many fronts. Uranus, also a cooling planetactivates things suddenly, often giving force to Pluto’s long-range intent. Pluto, love him or hate him, is the planet that forces change upon us whether we want it or not.   His intent is to destroy anything that stands in the way of our evolutionary growth, personally and collectively.  Changing weather patterns across the globe mark just one aspect of that.

So there you have it, my friends, my synoptic view of the story behind the weather that has us talking. It’s just one more peek behind the veil of the mysterious working of this fantastic cosmic adventure we all share.

Hot chocolate, anyone?


Rayora Hartman

(Photo credit: “Snow Weather” by Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee;