The partial Solar Eclipse/New Moon on October 23rd got a lot of hype—and for good The Solar System by nattakit; freedigitalphotos.netreason.  Not only was it the counterpart in a historical astrological event prophesied for centuries as part of a rare tetrad (For more info, check here:  It also combined the power and blended dynamics of the Sun, Moon, and Venus at 0° Scorpio with two other planets (Mercury and Saturn) tossed in the mix.  And that’s just the beginning, so let’s get personal.

Whenever we look at a major cosmic event such as this, it’s super smart to see where it will occur in your own astrology chart and in relation to your personal numbers code. Did you do that?  If so you get three gold stars.  Yea for you!  Yet seeing the impact as it relates to you personally gets lost in a maze of lines and symbols without some training.  I realize that.  So let’s look as some generalities many felt during this time.  See if any of this rang true for you, now that you can view it in retrospect, and what part of your life it affects most going forward (determined by house position).

First let’s look at Scorpio.  The energy of this sign is known for its intensity and sobering influence.  No cosmic energy is “out to get you,” yet this one feels like it sometimes.  Why?  Because it, in combination with its ruling planet Pluto, will destroy anything that stands in the way of your true path in life.  The intent and design is for our own good but can be painful and/or disturbing in the process.  (Brings back childhood memories of when we were told, “I’m doing this for your own good,” doesn’t it?)

In Scorpio we face duplicitous events like betrayal and abandonment, loss and trust (or lost trust), power and control.  It unearths our deepest passions and our deepest fears.

Enter Saturn.  This planet has been crawling through Scorpio for what seems like f.o.r.e.v.e.r. Saturn makes us face our fears and responsibilities—not always in that order.  In Scorpio, that means digging for the underlying truth of everything because that is Scorpio’s headlining theme: TRUTH.  And Saturn in this sign will make finding, seeing, and acting on that truth your Number 1 priority.

“Face your fears and walk through them,” he says. “Shoulder your responsibilities; stop denying or running from them.  NOW!”

Since this eclipse combo happened at the Libra/Scorpio cusp, Libra’s energy and transiting planets played a part as well.  There Mercury (direct again as on October 25th) lay at arm’s length from the North Node, highlighting the importance of honest communication in moving us forward from here.  The North Node looks at our present and future.  Consequently this duo pushed every hot button imaginable around communication.  With Uranus (in Aries) in opposition to this Libra-based energy and the Moon so directly involved, emotions spewed in unexpected ways.  Tempers flared, sadness surfaced, tears flowed in response to personal and collective happenings.  Why were we so touchy?  The answer is a familiar one: To allow us another opportunity to see—and feel– our truth on deeper levels.

Many were triggered by news events; in the U.S. newsfeeds buzzed with a new Ebola scare in New York City, a massive airbag recall and stock market volatility, followed by another school shooting incident and word of a volcanic lava flow threatening a town in Hawaii. (No shortage of fear and distress provocations on this planet, have you noticed?)  For others, the triggers hit within the home/marriage.

The Sun and Moon lit this up in undeniable ways for each of us, in personal and collective ways, through this New Moon/partial Solar Eclipse.  Whether we acknowledge it or not, we landed on a new stage to begin a real-life performance that will play out over the next 6 months to a year.  And for some, even longer than that.  Can you see the opening scene yet?  If not, trust the process and allow more clarity to come over time.  With Mars entering Capricorn October 26th, slow and steady remains our speed for now, even in times of powerful action.  And November promises to bring its share of action, believe me.

To prepare us for that, a beautiful trine (harmonious energy) October 28th between the Sun-Venus conjunction and Neptune at 4°Pisces encourages us to address foundational issues to make new possibilities real.  The number 4 brings structure, foundation, and labor into the picture.  Use the power, love, and spiritual insights seen and felt in the past week as the initial directors of your new reality.  Know that it is only the beginning of developing the character and storyline this next scene will portray.

Are you ready? Of course you are!  You were born ready and able to star in the truth of your own life story with all the uniqueness and variation only you can imagine.  And how cool is that?

Till soon…


Rayora Hartman

(Photo credit: “The Solar System” by nattekit;