Planet in Space by Phiseksit; freedigitalphotos.netFeeling a bit confused, at loose ends, uncertain about your next step? You have a lot of company.  This is indicative of the time between eclipses.  And that, my friend is where we are right now.

The lunar eclipse October 8th was surrounded and compounded by multiple astrological aspects.  Powerful stuff!  Some people felt it physically, others emotionally, and some were moved to close old doors (or at least took steps to do so) not knowing where or when the next door would appear.

Now you find yourself at a midpoint of this period. This can be a time of real or imagined uncertainty.  It’s a time to step back and reassess, not just mentally but on all levels.  What just happened?  How has your reality changed?  What has your attention now?  Who and what holds the most value in your current world?

If you don’t have specific answers to these, it’s okay. Guard against getting into a mental loop of “whys” and “what ifs.” Yet spending time with these kinds of questions that can lead you out of the fog.  More clarity likely will come between now and the time of the partial solar eclipse October 23rd.   Remember, right timing is a major component of success for most of us.  So be patient and stay with what is.

With Mercury retrograde until October 25th and Venus’ power diminished or altered as she hugs the Sun, this is not a great time to set things in concrete.  Look at it as a time for formulation and planning, realizing that some tweaking may be needed later on.  (I’m not a big fan of redos myself—too much “do-do” to wade through in the process, if you get my meaning.  And I’m not that good with a chisel either.)

The way I see it, three areas of life are highlighted this month: relationships, money issues, and repeating patterns.  Relationships, a theme all this year, are up for review again with Mercury backtracking into Libra as of October 10th.  How is your communication with those you are closest to?  Testy or open?  Cloaked or honest?  Passive aggressive or assertive?   With Venus in this position some of our buffers are off, so guard against harshness masquerading as assertiveness.

Have you had a few money surprises since we moved into Libra September 23rd?  Remember, we are now in an 8 Universal Month and 8 is the most powerful and eventful of the money numbers, and Venus/Libra rule money astrologically.  Therefore money can become a great teacher at times like this.  The key is to take your eyes off the dollar signs and look at what this really triggers in you.  Is it fear of lack, a need for control, or maybe a desire for freedom?   Getting to the root of whatever that issue is marks the beginning of a turnaround.

The number 8 also stands for infinity and the highest level of manifestation.  The problem is, if you unwittingly live in repeating patterns that keep showing up in slightly different guises, they are what manifest into infinity.  Once you see the pattern, however, it is then in your capability to change it.  The subconscious becomes conscious.  This can appear in any area of your life, but with Libra and Scorpio highlighted this month, watch for it to play out right now in whatever house(s) these signs appear in your astrology chart.  Collectively this affects the 7th and 8th Houses, dealing with marriage/close partnerships and our deepest fears and soul issues.  We’ll all experience this energy to some degree, no matter where your personal chart might highlight it for you.

Yes, the solar eclipse on the 23rd promises to be memorable with effects that will last at least 6 months.  Eclipses do that anyway, and this one combines with a New Moon and a Venus-Sun conjunction. (Of course the Moon always joins the Sun at the time of a New Moon.)  It’s a time of aspect upon aspect upon aspect, each adding a different dynamic to the equation.  New Moons invite (and sometimes push) new beginnings that can feel quite emotional.   Venus blends her energy completely with the Sun as the two move into Scorpio. Shifting from Libra to Scorpio automatically changes the energy we all feel from outer to inner, from the seen to the unseen.  At the same time, the Sun and Venus will propel us to shine a light on things previously hidden or buried.

And so our evolutionary process marches on. Planetary and numeric energies spur us all in different way to get on with it.  No more excuses, no more hiding, no more denying your own personal truth.  Let the unconscious become conscious.  See it in all honesty and feel into what that means for you moving forward from here.  Balance (Libra) remains key as we maneuver this lapse between the eclipses.  And don’t forget that the greatest power of all is love.


Rayora Hartman


(Photo credit: “Planet in Space” by Phiseksit;