Rays' Color Shows Framing Color by Stuart Miles; freedigitalphotos.netJupiter, the “lucky” planet earned its nickname over the years. Yet in truth, Jupiter expands and exaggerates whatever it touches.  With Leo now highly activated through a Fire Trine and its ruling planet, the Sun, transiting Libra, any unresolved boundary issues fire up.  And with the asto-numerology lining up for October and Jupiter transiting Leo, expect spot flares throughout the month.

You see, this Fire Trine—strongest through the first 10 days of the month– also involves Mars (action, self-empowerment) and Uranus (sudden, explosive happenings). Leo loves adventure and anything that draws attention to the Self.  It naturally occupies the 5th House of Creativity, Romance, Children, and the Future.  (Where it sits in your chart may align this energy to different aspect of your life.)  Think of this as an extroverted sign in an extroverted house now supercharged through Jupiter and the Fire Trine.  Party time, volcanic eruption—or both?

The fact is this can be a great time for moving things forward in your life. And I encourage you to do just that.  Along with that, however, realize that the Sun in Libra shines attention this month on your closest relationship/partnership issuesLibra urges balance, yet the tendency for many when under its influence is to give in just to keep the peace.  That’s not going to be so easy with this much fire energy in play.  So this may trigger both old and new boundary issues.

What are boundary issues anyway? That depends, and so does how they are triggered.  A student may realize their best friend’s cries for help are a cover for cheating.  At work, a woman suddenly realizes she is being offered a promotion mainly because the company feels they can pay her less.  A pro ball player might question whether they can maintain his/her current status on the team without performance-enhancing drugs.   Someone wants your services, but for free. Boundaries.  Where will you refuse to cross the line?  When is enough enough?  And in a marriage, that can get even trickier.

The energy this month supports using self-empowerment as the underlying energy to face any of these issues. This is not a destructive type of “only me” approach, but one of using the strength of all your inner resources to find ways to break destructive patterns and move your life forward again. (An old song with a new verse.)  It’s daring to see (Uranus) and act (Mars) on things that kept you from realizing your full potential and realization (Jupiter in Leo)—in and out of relationship.

Ironically, setting boundaries can free you to do just that. No longer are you at other people’s mercy, scattering and depleting your energy.  You become the one setting the course for your life and determining when to stay or go, act or wait.

Be aware that some of this may culminate for you around the time of the Full Moon eclipse October 8th.  This energy could move someone out of your life.  Whenever we transit Libra, relationships are tested.  And with eclipse energy added, relationships that are strong and working well survive and become even stronger.  Otherwise the eclipse can serve at the ending point that ultimately frees both parties to start moving forward in different directions.

Also guard against being drawn into other people’s dramas. Leo loves drama.  And the “look at me” dynamic of that sign can easily draw our attention.  Unless you are directly involved, recognize it for what it is and don’t get sucked in.  Again, boundaries!  Allow others the opportunity to find their own way through their dramas rather than enabling them to continue in them.  In this energy, would-be rescuers will likely get burned anyway.

Adding intensity to the month is the degrees at which the major activations occur. Most of them are from 11° through 19°, the midpoints of the signs.  As astrologer Barbara Hand Clow points out, this is the area where the action occurs.  Remember that 11/2 is a relationship gateway number where you will either dare to step forward or sink back into your past.  We are currently in a 17/8 Universal Month which intensifies each activation of that number, the manifestation number of leaving a legacy behind.  And the number 14/5, also highly activated this month, puts the focus on all forms of media and your talents with the intent of pivotal change.   Number 19/1 points to leading with compassion.

Oh, and Mercury is retrograde nearly all month, (really…) so speak c-l-e-a-r-l-y and confirm how others hear what you say. Why let a misunderstood sentence or action blow up into an argument?  Also, Mercury returns to Libra for awhile on the 10th, so you get an opportunity to revisit and elevate any relationship issues that came up over the past several weeks.  (Oh goody!)

So what do you say? Is it time to firm up your boundary lines?  Or set new ones?  By doing so you will find more stability as the cosmos now heats up again on its way to the fourth Pluto-Uranus exact squaring in December.


Rayora Hartman   http://numbersatplay.com


(Photo credit: “Rays’ Color Shows Framing Color” by Stuart Miles; freedigitalphotos.net)