Ah, Venus. The planet of love, beauty, balance, justice, and money.  She’s one of the first Sun Stars by xedos4; freedigitalphotos.netplanets we look for in our astrology charts to find where her energy will support our daily lives.  After all, with a “character” like that, what’s not to love?  And now, since we entered her home sign of Libra on September 22nd, we’d expect her influence to be even stronger, right?

Rule number one in astrology: Don’t assume anything.

You see, while I practice Western astrology, I also keep an eye on Vedic astrology. Sometimes I find it reveals another layer I would otherwise miss.  Like now.

According to Vedic astrologer Carol Allen, Venus went “combust” September 17th and will remain so until December 4th.  (Carol’s great, by the way.  Check her out!)  This means Venus is circling close enough to the Sun that Venus’ rays are invisible at night.  This results in a weakening of her energy as it is blocked by the Sun’s body or rays.  Ironically this happens when Venus is at its closest position to Earth.

Now before you panic let me clarify something. Venus is still emitting her energy as she always does.  What’s changed is her position and energy emission to us.   And like I said, I’m not a Vedic astrologer (or astronomer, for that matter), but this fits so perfectly with the energy I’ve felt and see growing as we prepare to enter October.  (Being a Libran, I qualify as a true tester of Venusian energy, don’t ya know.)

In Vedic astrology, a “combust” planet is said to be angered by this weakening. Now, it’s pretty hard for me to see Venus as angry in any condition.  Yet I will say there is truth in the observation that there’s no one as miserable as an out of balance Libran!  But what I sense from this current astrological phenomenon is an overpowering of Sun energy in regard to Venus.  The Sun (ruler of Leo) shines rays of empowerment spurring action.  Venus likes things much more gentle, even lazy at times, especially if out of balance.  The Sun heats things up; Venus cools them down—unless we’re talking romance. (Wink!)

Why is this important?   A quick look at October shows an eclipse month with a lunar eclipse on the 8th and solar eclipse on the 23rd.  Plus Mercury goes retrograde the 4th through the 23rd.  And, for those who might have missed it, Pluto went direct September 22nd and will gain in strength and worldwide impact as we enter this next month.

What’s more, October is a 17/8 Universal Month. Since this is the number of lasting effects often leaving a legacy behind, look for something memorable to occur.  The number 8 also is the king of the money numbers so can bring monetary gains or losses.  Plus this number brings up repeating patterns so they can be seen and broken, both personally and on a planetary scale.  And it is a karmic number that can bring people back into your life with whom something is not finished.  (This can be good, so again, don’t panic.)

Remember, Venus likes balance and security, internally and externally, and that energy still resides during this time of Libra. Only it may not feel quite as strong and supportive as you’d expect.  So use those overpowering rays of the Sun to empower yourself to take that next step that may feel anything but Venusian.  Take a risk.  It may feel foreign or scary, but if it’s something that will change what’s been holding you back, now could be your time.  You may feel unusually energized right now and prone to extremes, depending on the aspects in your own chart, so use it wisely.  Venus is still there to calm the winds and restore balance if you overshoot.  Think of her as the faithful lover, there for you through thick and thin, no matter how she feels personally, just somewhat weakened.

I sense that balance may be what is tested most during this time. We think of Venus as giving balance.  In truth, it teaches us the need for balance. Just as a toddler only gains greater strength and stability in walking when the parent releases his/her hands, Venus weakening may do likewise.  She’s still there, yet allowing us to test our own strength.

Can you balance the extremes and walk the path of your true journey? Can you love when those around you are not lovely?  Can you see beauty in every soul, every daily occurrence no matter what appears on the surface?  Can you be just in the face of injustice?  Use your personal money issues of gain or loss as a barometer and messenger. These are the lessons of Venus.  As always, her position and aspects in your chart will tell where this will appear strongest for you personally during this time.

Till next time, blessings!

Rayora Hartman   http://numbersatplay.com


(Photo credit: “Sun Stars” by xedos4; freedigitalphotos.net)