Some people star gaze.  Others watch birds, football, or the weather.  Me?  I watch Arrow Up Blank Speach Balloon by NujaleeMercury.  Why?  Because this little planet rules communication (plus a whole lot more), and communication determines the quality and outcome of everything from soccer games to international relationships.  Need I say more?  Probably not…but I will. (wink!)

Mercury changes signs roughly every two weeks.  He’s a mover and a shaker in his own way.  He leaves explosive action to Uranus and high power movements to Mars.  That’s not where he shines.  Mercury shakes things up, or calms things down, through communication and all the devices that support that through the eons of time.   He’s not sentimental, but when touched by Venus can appear so.  He’s not necessarily a big mouth either, unless he’s squaring off with Jupiter.  Yet Mercury changes his personality expression more often than any other planet.  His quick transits through the zodiac shift his—and our— outlook, morph his delivery, and color his expression with each new sign.

Since August 15th, the sign influencing Mercury is VirgoVirgo energy naturally brings us into the practical aspects of our lives.  (No, I didn’t say dull, I said practical.) It’s an Earth sign that bring us back to the basics of life here on this planet.  Yet it is ruled by Mercury.  In fact Mercury is exalted here so in its fullest power.  For once communication issues minimize.  Conversations flow with more ease.  We feel pulled to take care of anything that has been left unresolved, to get things settled with a drive toward perfection.

Remember that Mercury also rules Gemini.  His expression in that sign is far different.  There he’s caught up in a whirlwind of ideas.  Conversations tend to feel more airy, more exploratory in nature.  In fact, they may focus largely on travel, future possibilities, or what’s new.

On September 2nd Mercury moves into Libra.  Yet we are still in Virgo as a collective energy.  Look for a softening energy to infuse your communications.  The focus now shifts more to the basics around your relationships/partnerships and money.  Guard against being wishy-washy or speaking with a sharp tongue (a Virgo trait).  This is a time for plain speaking, clear expression of what you value spoken in love.  Remember Libra, ruled by Venus, wants balance and justice for all.  With the intensity of the September Full Moon on the 9th and New Moon the 24th, this gains in importance.  Not to mention Pluto going direct on the 22nd, which likewise will impact relationships.

September 9th/10th, Mercury squares Pluto at 11° in Capricorn.  This could bring up some fears around work or reputation issues.  Adjustments may be needed to attain balance or stability.  Yet guard against letting your fears determine your decisions.  Use this energy to get to the root of those fears, voice them.  Take them out of that hidden place and allow them to resolve in the light of your current reality.  Remember 11 is the Master Number to initiate change, of walking through the gateway into the unknown.

September 13th Mercury opposes Uranus at 15° Aries.  Conversations may take sudden, unexpected turns.  Since Mercury also is connected with travel, this could be a dicey day for that.  Use Libra’s balancing energy to keep communications from getting out of hand, whether with your spouse or a ticket agent.  Ask yourself how these sudden turns can empower you rather than throw you off balance.  The number 15 brings a nurturing, caring energy that can greatly assist in this.

On the 16th Mercury conjuncts (meets) the North Node.  This happens at 19° Libra, activating the numeric energy for quick manifestation and leadership.  It’s time to give voice to any wounded parts of you still crying for attention.  Then let that expression empower you toward greater inner balance, love of yourself and others.  It’s time to become the master healer. Lead/teach and see now with greater compassion than ever before.  This is a subtle energy that focuses on how we think.

The 27th Mercury slides into Scorpio, taking us once again into more internal conversations.  These may hold more depth.  Scorpio likes to keep things hidden when in its lower expressions and reveal the hidden when in its highest expression.  Allow the light of awareness to transform whatever comes up from these deep places. Let the revelations add strength and understanding to whatever issue is at hand.  Since we all enter Libra on the 22nd the focus on relationships and money remains.  Yet with Scorpio, Mercury’s focus shifts to other people’s money (loans, inheritances, etc.).

Also, by this time we will be feeling the influence of Mercury’s next retrograde which starts October 4th.  Making major decisions or setting plans may be challenging.

Yes, Mercury has been a busy boy lately.  In June he moonwalked (aka, retrograded) back toward Venus as she entered Gemini, only to do a flip and hip-hop back into Cancer with the Sun and Jupiter in his sights.  Venus reached out longingly, chasing him through Cancer to no avail much of July.  By August 3rd Mercury squealed with glee (You didn’t hear him?) as he caught up with Jupiter in Leo and challenged him to a quick free-style.  But the Sun had him dazzled by then—and he was so close.  It only took a few more days for him to reach and bound by the Sun, stopping only long enough for a sun tan.  By mid-August Venus joined the other three in fun-loving Leo, but it was too late.  After a couple months of doing a group dance, Mercury was ready to leave fun times with the other planets behind and do a slow two-step into Virgo for a couple weeks of pure practicality.

And so it goes.   With his fast pace, rarely (if ever) is he not touching some part of our personal and collective energies.   That’s a pretty big impact from such a small planet, don’t you think?  And one well worth watching.

On a personal note, I’m disconnecting for a few weeks, as we 7s tend to do, so won’t post for a while.  Time again for internal and external exploration, which I dearly love.    I value our relationship here and will return before the end of the month.  Till then, blessings to one and all.  Have a wonder-filled September!

Rayora Hartman


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