Solar System Planets Sun by vectorolie; freedigitalphotos.netSometimes things just aren’t what they seem.  You’ve heard of the standard “writer’s block,” right?  Well, my recent writer’s block felt anything but standard.   Too fuzzy and undefinable.  That’s because it only symptomized its underlying root: a Yod “block.”  What the heck is that?  Read on, my friend, read on because this affects all of us right now, not just writers.  (Sometimes I feel these things early, by the way.  Lucky me!)

A Yod is an astrological configuration sometimes called the Finger of Fate, or the Finger of GodIt’s an aspect that demands change but doesn’t bring clear thinking with it.  In fact it feels more like “a cognitive traffic jam,” as one astrologer puts it.  Two roads stretch before us, both scattered with stop signs and confusing delays with each delay building tension and pressure.  Though both roads look inhibitive, one leads to freedom, the other to more frustration and despair.  And we must choose.

These roads end at an apex that becomes our focal point for action, empowered by the interplay between the roads’ points of origin.  In this Yod, one road starts with Mercury (communication, information, innovation) and the other with a powerful Mars-Saturn conjunction (raw power, anger, fear, responsibility).  This does not mean we choose to work either with Mercury or the Mars-Saturn conjunction.  That isn’t possible because these energies are linked now in a harmonic energy flow meant to spur us into action, no matter which road we choose.  To find how this energy must be released, look to the apex.

Where is this meeting point or where does the Finger of God point?  Uranus, the planet of freedom and rebellion.  Yes, really.  It’s kind of like the Mad Scientist with a gift for gab and Father Time meeting on the edge of red hot volcano.  Mars, Saturn, and Mercury combine energies to boost your skill level with Uranus exploding it into reality.

The name and symbolic meaning of the Yod is drawn from the 10th letter of the Hebrew alphabet and denotes God’s omnipresence and our humility.  Whether or not you relate to this, it remains an astrological aspect with great spiritual significance.  It is designed to spur spiritual growth by rising above the challenges as a spiritual warrior.

Yet the energy can feel frazzling and neurotic.  This pattern sometimes shows up in the natal charts of war leaders or those with bipolar disorder.  For these folks there is no final release from the pattern (though it may be shifted somewhat).   They live with a continual build up/ release patterning in their lives.  For the rest of us, the effects last only until one or more of the interplaying planets moves out of connective range.

Realize that this Yod super-charges the need to develop individuality and self-confidence.  It requires meeting inner standards rather than conforming to the socially accepted norm.  This can result in misunderstandings and/or aggressive responses from others.  You also may need to drop certain habits or interests, enabling you to focus more clearly on your horizon.

Also realize that Yods tend to carry repeating themes.  This applies personally and collectively.  And since this is a collective, worldwide aspect we all share right now, both apply.

What’s important to remember is that it doesn’t work to apply logic or mental reasoning here.  It’s a time to wait for direction and/or inspiration from within or without.  You don’t want to force things through thought or sheer willpower or you may pay a tremendous price.  Wait for that inner sense of knowing through the heart and/or the “gut” instead.  With that much clarity, you can proceed. During the Yod you learn skills to move your task or mission forward.  You then perfect these and use them constructively and selflessly to benefit others.  And there you have the true blessing of the Yod.

Oh, and look at this!  The Yod becomes exact on the 25th (and felt several days before and after), which echoes our 7 Universal Year (2+5=7) empowered by spiritual and intellectual insights.  Plus the planetary degree numbers activate 17/8, the numbers of infinity and leaving a legacy behind.   Now throw in a super-charged Virgo New Moon at (grounded new beginnings, detail oriented, possible critical attitude) that day and the dynamic potential increases exponentially.  The energy will be felt more intensely by those with 4, 7, or 8 in your Numbers Code.

There’s no need for me to go on and on about this.  You get the picture.  Guard against angry eruptions during this time.  Channel any frustrations into deeper levels of understanding and aligned action.  We will pass through this time as we have every other intense activation.  Just be aware.  Honor your own journey and that of those around you.  Watch for world events as well to be impacted by this.  It’s all part of our evolutionary process.

Be masterfully you!

Rayora Hartman


(Photo credit: “Solar System Planets Sun” by vectorolie;