Leo is smiling on us this month...

Leo is smiling on us this month…

Wow, is Leo the happening place in the cosmos this week!  Leo, symbolically known as the roaring lion, is throwing a party and all the creatures of the cosmic jungle (aka, planets) are invited.  So here’s your choice: (1) huddle in a corner and pretend nothing’s happening or (2) dust off your party hat and move to the beat of the music.

Here’s an overview of those pairing up and joining the Sun on Leo’s guest performance list this week. (Stay with me here.)  August 12th Venus enters Leo.  August 13th Chiron sesquiquadrates Venus as Pluto sesquiquadrates Mercury.  August 14th Neptune quincunxes Jupiter.  August 15th Pluto sextiles Mars and Mercury enters Virgo.  August 16th Uranus sesquiquadrates Mercury.  August 17th / 18th Neptune quincunxes Venus as Venus conjuncts Jupiter.   (Sesquiquadrate, now there’s a word for you.   More on this another time. For more on the quincunx, go here.)

Translated, that means there’s a whole lota shakin’ going on!  This highly activates your 5th House.

Venus entering Leo may be the saving grace in this total picture.  Venus, the planet of love, thrives on harmony so may have a quieting effect on overall dynamics.  And that’s a good thing.

Much of the energy this week indicates sudden realizations or happenings that arise from the subconscious or hidden places.  It may feel like someone let go of the rope while playing Tug o’ War, sending you sprawling momentarily.  You’re the winner, but you still end up in a heap momentarily.

With Chiron in play, aspects from the past may appear for a replay to reveal what is not yet fully released.  Pluto is good as that as well.  Yet Plutonian energy, in its lower expression, urges us to keep things hidden.  Mars won’t allow that for long, though.  Where Mars appears, action follows.  Will you finally speak your truth (Mercury in Leo) and be who you really are?

Uranus has no patience for ignorance, avoidance, or hiding.  His energy is like that of a hand grenade.  In this aspect with Mercury look for things you hold to be true on a surface level to be his target.  Mercury rules communication and represents the conscious mind, and at this point you may find yourself momentarily speechless or being the one delivering unexpected news to another.

Toss in some Neptunian energy in a quincunx aspect and you may question your dreams for your life and realize it’s time to make some overdue minor adjustments to them.

Then there’s happy planet Jupiter in happy sign Leo.  Happy, happy!  Jupiter wants to supersize everything, while Venus just wants everyone to play nicely and get along so we can all prosper.  Yet she demands justice in the process.  Let love rule—with justice for all.  The problem with the Jupiter-Venus conjunction is the strong temptation to go over the top in everything, losing all sense of reason.

Yes, when Jupiter and Venus meet in conjunction, it’s party time.  This is strongest over the weekend and into Monday and triggers numbers 6, 7, and 8 in your Numbers Code so make the most of it.  Let yourself have some fun while watching for opportunities to share love, grow through insights and bring those insights into your reality.   Do something that makes your heart sing and keeps the smiles and laughter flowing.  Celebrate the awarenesses that you gleaned from this week.  As I said, Leo’s throwing a party—and you’re the guest of honor!  Enjoy!

Till next time…

Rayora Hartman    http://numbersatplay.com


(Photo credit: “Lion Head” by bandrat; freedigitalphotos.net)