Sun Rays Show Square Radiate And Squares, Stuart Miles; freedigitalphotos.netFunny thing about those aspects in astrology we call “trines” and “squares,” they change your energy and focus.  No kidding.  Trines flow energy with ease; squares create tension.  When these energies mix it may feel like running a race with an intermittent charley horse.  You’re going along beautifully when—screech!–life seizes up.  What happened?

The truth is we all deal with this energy to varying degrees all the time.  A key factor in what makes it feel differently is the ratio of squares to trines in our personal astrology charts. And this number changes almost daily.

Then there is the broader flow of energy that affects us all, which we call the “collective.”  This energy is what astrologers consider in their monthly outlooks.  Within this there are unique combinations of trines and squares along with other juicy aspects that describe the running field ahead for all of humanity.

The collective energy aspects serve as a platform for the course.  Yet it is your own personal chart that will determine how smooth or rugged your own race will be.

For example, we entered August with a Grand Water Trine involving Venus in Cancer at 16°, Saturn in Scorpio also at 16°, and Chiron in Pisces at 17°.  This easily flowed energy into stabilizing /maintaining loving relationships through the lessons we’ve learned from our past wounds.  This was the collective energy available to all. (This energy remains with us throughout August, by the way, slowly weakening as the month progresses.)

Now suppose your own personal chart shows that transiting Jupiter squared your natal Saturn at this point.  What happens to that collective energy?  It’s still there, yet the aspects in your personal chart always feel stronger to you personally.  So for you, maintaining a stable, loving relationship is challenged by an urge for expansion (Jupiter).  This goes against everything Saturn stands for, so the element of resistance comes into play.  You fear (Saturn) that if you dare to ask for something new or express a desire for growth, the relationship might fail.  Yet Jupiter keeps pushing, creating more and more tension.  You know something needs to change, but fears of the unknown and/or past failures erupt from hidden places.

You see, when the energy of a square meets that of a trine, it tells us we need to shift something.   It requires action not a nap. Yet the trine energy alone feels comfortable.  Why change anything?

For growth, that’s why.  Trines allow us to heal and restore our energy; squares promote growth.  When the two meet it requires an adjustment of some kind.  The planets, signs, houses, degree numbers, and other aspects involved will indicate what that is. (Geez Louise!  No wonder people hire someone to figure this stuff out for them, right?)

The fact is we share some beautiful trine energy throughout the first week of August in addition to the Grand Water Trine.  On the 7th Mars at 6° Scorpio trines Neptune at 6° Pisces, empowering our hopes and dreams.  Then across August 8th and 9th, the Sun/Mercury in Leo conjunction trines Uranus–oops!–and squares Saturn at 16°.  There you have it; a trine-square combination, this time in the collective energy field.   The personal and collective communications (Sun/Mercury) that could easily allow sudden awakenings and/or changes (Uranus) will be challenged by Saturn to slow down or not rock the boat.  This can be a good thing, mind you, if it leads to responsible change based on stability rather than chaos.  And that could be the ultimate opportunity here.

Looking at the numbers activated by these planetary movements of early August, we see 6, 16, and 17 in play.  The number 6 is the number of love and nurturing.  This kind of change takes both to succeed, right? And 16 reduces to 7 (1+6=7), which introduces the energy of sudden happenings to bring new mental or spiritual insights.  The 17 reduces to 8 which says leadership and original thought is supported by strong intelligence and/or spirituality to manifest something of lasting value.

So will something good come of all this?  It will if we play our numbers right and use the energy in the most positive and beneficial way for all.  Start with the personal energy you feel and let it flow outward from there. It’s the trine thing to do. (wink!) Focusing on the outside world first, by the way, generally leads to frustration or a sense of hopeless stagnation rather than forward movement.

Now to apply this energy.  You can run a race if you want to.  Me?  I think I’ll hop on an inner tube and float a lazy river on a sun drenched afternoon.  And when it comes time to square off with a boulder here or there, all I have to do is shift.  Easy peasy when you know where the river flows!

Till next time…

Rayora Hartman


(Photo credit: “Sun Rays Show Square Radiate And Squares” by Stuart Miles;