Moon on Sky by Photokanok; freedigitalphotos.netLeo threw the doors open to the 5th house in all our charts July 22nd, with a dynamic invitation to peace in the Master Number 22 (note the double 2).  Yet Leo by its very nature scoffs at finding and maintaining peace.  Leo wants fun, adventure, big opportunities—and lots of attention.  Add the energy of a New Moon coupled with a Mars-Jupiter Square and that energy amps up to extremes.  So how do we play this to our advantage?  Let’s take a look.

New Moons signal times for new beginnings; it’s time to start something.  This Leo New Moon underscores that by positioning at 3° 52’ which reduces to the number 1 (3+5+2=10/1). Ones start things, they lead and invite originality.

After exactly conjuncting the Sun, Jupiter now shares a cosmic bench with the Sun and Moon, cozying up at 2° Leo.  Whatever Jupiter touches expands the energy of those cosmic bodies.  This boosts the New Moon energy is a sign that needs no—I mean, NO–help to build excitement.

Jupiter activates the number 2 energy in a big way as well.  Two is the number of peace, one-on-one communication, and our own inner voice.  It is a relationship number on all levels. This couples with the number 3 energy of the Sun and MoonThree energy highlights communication as well, but with more excitement.  Threes like to have fun and keep things light. Leo and 3s play well together, feeding off each other’s strengths (and weaknesses).  Plus Mercury, that planet that rules communication, lays at 20° (20/2) Cancer right now, indicating relationship issues involving communication are still in play.

Mars slipped into Scorpio on the 25th (25/7), just ahead of this New Moon.  The date again supports the energy of the 7 Universal Year, daring us to show boldness in what we know as truth.  Therein lays the setup for some powerfully extreme energy.  And I do mean extreme.

When Mars squares Jupiter it brings out the crusader in each of us.  Suddenly, like never before, we feel the urge to fight for our cause, whatever that may be.  The cause stems from our strongest beliefs, often religious, political, environmental, or even around sports.

This is not harmful in and of itself.  What happens in this energy, however, is the tendency to get carried away.  Extremes pepper our lives, often landing us in hot water.  That analogy is quite apt, by the way, since we have a Grand Water Trine (Cancer-Scorpio-Pisces) going on at the same time.  This trine flows easy energy between Venus (love, values), Saturn (responsibility, tradition), and Chiron (wounded child/ gifted healer).  Plus over the next couple weeks, Mars trines Neptune, ruler of Pisces, which now lays at 7° Pisces freeing a river of empowerment for all that represents (hopes, dreams/ illusion, delusion).

Yet the water aspect can make things murky and more difficult to ground.  With Mars, we want action and we want it right now.  Passion easily can turn into rage, on one hand, or extreme passivity for the sake of peace on the other.  Or we may find ourselves raging for the sake of peace…and how bizarre is that?!

There’s another wave that may seep in through this square as well; doubting our beliefs.  Yet the overall energy of this aspect makes it difficult to admit that to ourselves, let alone anyone else.  So we may find ourselves swept along in a fight for beliefs we actually no longer hold.

Here’s the good news.  Opportunities may arise like never before for undertaking large projects.  The zealous passion, drive, and sense of adventure also inherent in this energy fires the will to succeed.  And this, my friend, presents a fantastic chance to use this energy to the benefit of all.

Bear in mind that this square will remain activated throughout our time in Leo until it begins to weaken on the 22nd.  It highly activates issues of the 5th (adventure, children, future plans) and 8th (death, transformation, sexuality, other people’s money) houses.  Watch for this energy to increase around the number 5 energy (fun, adventure/recklessness, addiction) and the 5th house from August 5th to 11th.

This New Moon/Mars-Jupiter Square energy will activate any 2s, 3s, or 5s in your personal numbers code.  Those with these numbers as their Destiny, Life Purpose, or Day of Birth or at certain key positions in their astrology chart will experience the strongest influence.  If you want to find out more about the important numbers in your personal numbers code, go here.

And so it goes in this amazing world through the window of astro-numerology.

Till next time…

Rayora Hartman

(Photo credit: “Moon on Sky” by Photokanok;