Tug of War 3d Characters Show Conflict & Adversity by Stuart Miles; freedigitalphotos.net

As I delved into the charts again, I was drawn to an aspect that few seem to be pointing out in the overall energies of July.  Yet since June 30th it’s been a constant player and remains so until August 11th when the energy begins to weaken.  (Remember, 11 is a gateway number for the new.) Let me introduce you to the Saturn-Uranus Quincunx, one of the most irritating aspects you’ll ever meet.

The quincunx (also called an inconjunction) occurs whenever two planets arrive at the same degree number within different signs 150° apart in an astrology chart.  These are generally incompatible planets in signs with completely different energy from each other.  That’s mostly true for this Saturn-Uranus Quincunx, with one little twist.  Uranus is strutting his stuff in Aries while Saturn is busy with all kinds of dutiful “stuff” in Scorpio.  Nothing in common there, right?  Yet power planet Mars, ruler of Aries, was the original ruler of Scorpio prior to the discovery of Pluto so is still considered a co-ruler.

This just gives extra punch to the energy; it’s not required for a quincunx.  Many quincunxes can be totally irritating without anything in common.  Why?  They mix the energies of a square (tension) and a trine (free flow).  The friction this creates has been likened to a pebble in your shoe.  And that’s exactly what it acts like in relation to whatever else is going on in your chart.  Other aspects require immediate attention, so you shake the pebble to a less irritating position and race off to what’s on fire.  But the pebble’s still there and refuses to be ignored for long.  You can limp and shake all you want; the pebble’s still there.

Whenever Saturn and Uranus align in a hard aspect (even a so-called minor one like this) it pits that Uranian urge to rebel, revolt, and change everything against Saturn’s drive to keep things stable and resist change on every level.  Saturn holds to tradition.  Uranus has no use for tradition; it’s old and boring.  Saturn governs our fears; Uranus our drive for freedom and something new.  The two traverse completely different trajectories.  One’s driving dirt roads with a sturdy, dependable old Jeep; the other’s on the launch pad at Cape Canaveral in the latest yet-to-be-proven individually designed spacecraft.

So why did they connect like this when they hardly see each other?  Believe it or not, Saturn’s energy allows Uranian ideas to take form. And that, my friends, fits the foundational state of our evolutionary process perfectly.  The hair-brained becomes acceptable, allowing for lasting change.  Old ways of thought give way to new ways of being.  Abstract thought becomes a material part of society.  The “pebble,” whatever issue just won’t go away, finally shifts into a new form.  It’s not just talk anymore.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that Saturn and Uranus both lay at 16°.  What better number to set the vibration for sudden and unexpected change?  Remember that 16 reduces to 7.  In this 7 Universal Year expecting anything less than mind-blowing and/or mystical change would deny the power of that number.  Guard against being trapped in the fears of all that is swirling.  Recognize the push-pull energy internally and externally when it occurs and see the choice between staying with an established way out of fear or embracing something new in faith. Then watch the power of high intellect and spiritual insights brought by the 7 take form, personally and collectively, as we move into the second half of the year.


Rayora Hartman   http://numbersatplay.com


(Photo credit: “Tug of War 3d Characters Show Conflict & Adversity” by Stuart Miles; freedigitalphotos.net)