Gosh, just as I got lulled into thinking the energy of July felt pretty even, calm in fact (apart Sfono Electtrico Blue by Idea go; freedigitalphotos.netfrom weather and the middle East, of course), the Sun squared Uranus.  Wham!  Did you feel that?  Talk about sleepless in Seattle!

I’d wager a good share of us spent a sleepless night Tuesday into Wednesday of this week.  If you didn’t, knock on wood, count your lucky stars, or simply give thank.  For the rest of us, here’s what happened.

As we tossed and turned in our beds, the Sun hit 16° Cancer, bringing it into an exact square with transiting Uranus at 16° Aries while creating a trine with Saturn at 16° Scorpio.  The Sun (Self) in Cancer (home, family, and feelings) naturally draws us into a nesting mode with a lot of focus on family events/issues. (Ever notice how many family reunions are in July?)  Aires is all about power and action.  So is Uranus—big time; it rules electricity in all its forms.  And 16 is a number that can bring accidents and sudden events.  Yet it reduces to 7 (1+6=7), the highest number in the Mental/Mind Triad (1-5-7).  Plus Saturn (responsibility, structure) in Scorpio encourages us to face up to things and do something about it.   The result?  A blast of highly charged energy electrified our minds and nervous systems.   (And you thought it was just another hot, restless July night, right?)

This really jolted those of us with 7 as one of our Three Key Numbers (Life Purpose, Destiny, and Day of Birth).  That number is activated anyway in this 7 Universal Year.  Now look at this.  July is a 7 calendar month with Saturn and Uranus at 16/7 and Neptune at 7 the entire month.  That’s activation, my friend.  So when the Sun joined the party, it’s like the cosmos saved some 4th of July fireworks just for us.  Aren’t we the lucky ones?

Truly, we are.  (Stop shaking your head and read what I’m about to say.)  There’s really no such thing as “bad energy.”  When we don’t like the way something looks or feels we call it that, but energy is just energy.  It is not inherently good or bad in and of itself.  It does, however, carry various charges or impulses that trigger responses.  Our responses then result in feelings or actions that we then deem good or bad.  It’s not the energy that tips the scale, but our response to it.

That said, highly charged mental energy needs somewhere to go.  For me, it meant giving up on sleep at 2:30 A.M., putting on the coffee pot, then making of list all those things that came charging into my brain before I got up.  You know, those vitally important things like vacuuming, calling for a haircut, stripping the dried oregano leaves from their stems…oh, and writing a blog post.  Since neither my husband nor neighbors appreciate me vacuuming at 3:00 A.M., I started with the blog post.  (Yes, I thought that was a smart choice too, thank you very much.)

On closer review, I realized my list reflected symbolically the energies of this week perfectly.  It’s a time to tend the home (vacuuming), nurture ourselves and our families (gathering/storing healthful herbs), without neglecting our careers or others (writing a blog post)–or ourselves (calling for a haircut).

This balancing of activity is indicative of what lay just ahead, the Capricorn Full Moon on July 12thCapricorn brings an energy that encourages us to lay a strong foundation for whatever is at hand.  Full Moons focus on endings and culminations, so look now toward what can be completed by that date, give or take a couple of days.  Since Capricorn resides in the 10th House of Career and Reputation, realize that your energy will lean in that direction.  However, with the Sun in Cancer, you may feel an intense push-pull between career and home.  The solution?  Balance.  Yes, this next Full Moon is a call to balance our external activities with those that nurture and build strong homes.  In so doing, the home becomes a strong support for those externals and our service to others.

With the Moon activating the number 12 the challenge again arises to either be a victim, victimizer, or victor.  Yet as 12 reduces to 3, remember to lighten up, be creative, and keep a sense of humor.  Apply these liberally to each discussion or decision point.

Oh, one more thing.  This Full Moon gives Pluto at 12° Capricorn a quick hug (conjunction) that day.  This creates yet another activation of the 12/3 for even more intensity.  This could bring up buried feelings or some sort of domestic or work crisis.  These, as always, give opportunities to transform old patterns and rewrite old stories.   (I just got a flash of the bedtime stories my mom read to us that ended, “…and they all lived happily ever after.”)

Blessings, everyone!  Embrace this energy with all the gusto it offers.  Use it wisely to position your life for the rest of this 14/5 Universal Month and all the sudden or pivotal changes ahead.

Till next time…

Rayora Hartman   http://numbersatplay.com


(Photo credit: “Sfono Electtrico Blue” by Idea go; freedigitalphotos.net)