Flame by Salvatore Vueno; freedigitalphotos.net

Man, the cosmos is on the move in July.  Five planets (plus the Moon, of course) change signs with busy little Mercury switching twice.  If I didn’t know better I’d think they were competing for prime cosmic real estate.

And right now Cancer and Leo are sizzling hot!  You know, the places every planet who is anybody wants to be.  All but Mars, that is; he’s checking out Scorpio.  (Always was too independent for his own good, that one…)  The Moon spent the last part of June in Cancer and Leo, by the way, so skips into Virgo at the first of July.

Oh, and don’t forget the retrogrades.  Mercury stations and goes direct over the first two days of the month (though it remains in shadow for a couple weeks), reducing retrograde energy to only three planets until the 22nd.  That’s when Uranus makes the “switch,” and we’re back to four.

Are you still with me, or are you getting as dizzy as I am?  (I hear ginger is good for motion sickness, by the way.)

Now back to the planets.  And remember that those with Cancer or Leo as their Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign are most apt to be affected.

Mercury returns to Cancer at 4:45 ET (ephemeral time) on the 13th.  Here the time adds extra strength to the transformative number 13.  Take a look; 4+4+5=13. And 13 reduces to 4, the number of stability and laying the groundwork to create a strong foundation.  So let your conversations be clear, structured, and strong in ways that matter that day.

Jupiter, now in Cancer, moves into Leo on the 16th.  This energy, depending on which house it activates in your chart, draws your attention back to yourself.  Leo is the sign of the Self, and Jupiter’s energy will intensify that.  Allow it to motivate you in positive ways to expand in truly courageous ways.  Just realize that this energy also can puff the ego, so guard against things motivated strictly from egoism.

Venus slips into Cancer the 18th.  This could add some emotion to your relationship issues.  Let love reign supreme. 

The Sun, now in Cancer, fires up Leo starting on the 22nd.  Since Leo is the Sun’s home sign, this intensifies Jupiter’s action in expanding self-awareness.  But until then, take advantage of this energy in Cancer to prioritize yourself and balance your place within the areas of home and family.

Mars finally leaves Libra on the 26th after an extended 7-month stay.  (As a Libran all I can say is “Yippee!”)  Look out, Scorpio, here he comes!  Look for powerful energy to activate anything hidden dealing with taboos, issues involving governments or other people’s money.  And as is characteristic of Scorpio, much of this may take place out of public view.  This energy will be intensified by the New Moon in Leo which becomes exact at 22:42 ET at 3° 52’.  Both numbers reduce to 10/1, the number of instant manifestation and new beginnings, fully aligned with New Moon energy.  (There’s also a Full Moon in Capricorn on the 12th, by the way.)

Then on the 31st Mercury rolls into Leo, again activating the Venus, Jupiter, Mercury trio.  These three can make beautiful music together when their energies blend.  But guard against being a big mouth or a know-it-all.  Speak your truth with clarity and compassion.

This only touches on the energies of the month.  We’ll revisit certain aspects more in depth as we go along.  Just realize that when a planet switches signs, the energy shifts for each of us.  What does that mean?  Put simply, you feel things differently as you relate one part of yourself to another.  Your focus shifts from one area of your life to another.   Realize that your experience varies, however, depending on your individual state.

Having this many planetary shifts in July falls directly in line with it numerically as a 14/5 Universal Month.  Five is the number of pivotal change (among other things), so expect sudden changes and be prepared to act quickly.  The 14 can draw added media involvement too by the way, so watch for opportunities to use this as a resource.  Heads up for this, though: feeling fragmented and/or unfocused, a lower expression of this energy.

And so we step into a new month.  Greet it with gratitude for all the possibilities it holds.  No planetary movement is to blame for what transpires in our individual lives or collectively.  Energies shift and change in and around us, yet it is our choice how we respond to them.  Use them wisely to propel your life in the direction you most desire.


Rayora Hartman   http://www.numbersatplay.com


(Photo credit: “Flame” by Salvatore Vuono; freedigitalphotos,net)