Gemini by Salvatore Vuono;

Have you ever wondered why travel intensifies in late May, roaring into the first three weeks of June?  Gemini and the 3rd House activation, that’s why.  It’s true.  When the Sun moves into Gemini the travel bug bites like a mosquito on steroids.  (And you thought it was all due to holidays, special events, and better weather.) Somehow we sense this ahead of time with reservations in place so all we have to do is take off.  Arrivederci, baby!  It’s time to go visiting and explore.

May 20th marks the start of this cosmic energy.  Let’s see how the numbers in play help define it this year.

Twenty is a relationship number—a potentially challenging one– and the 20th is a 14/5 Universal Day in a 12/3 Universal Month of a 7 Universal Year.  While I often refer to 14/5 as the media number, it also can denote an inability to focus on one thing long enough to master it.  And that, my friends, is quite indicative of Gemini.  (More on that in a moment.)  Gemini also rules the 3rd House in astrology, the house of communication, relatives, and mobility.  Very Mercurial, right?  Yet Gemini starts with the letter G, which carries a 7 vibration.  That’s the number of silence and deep insights, so not Gemini.  How can that be?  Let’s take a look.

The glyph for this sign is The Twins.  In early astrology this denoted a “good twin” and an “evil twin,” both parts of the Gemini’s personality.  This can indeed show up in some born under this sign.  Yet even more the twin aspect indicates a split focus.   This creates highly impulsive actions stemming from different directions though often with a common aim.  Notice I say aim.  Geminis get easily distracted so lose interest if something new and shiny catches their attention.  Yet mastery is never the goal with this energy.  Seeing is.  Seeing with what astrologer Steven Forrest calls “raw perception” based on undigested facts.  Can you see how the unfocused 14/5 could ignite that energy?  This may manifest as restlessness in mind and body, resulting in insomnia, by the way.

The 3rd House plays strongly this month anyway with May being a 12/3 Universal Month.  Yet with Gemini, communication is driven by a quest for information.  Geminis are notoriously good communicators who ask a lot of questions.  You noticed?  Yea, I’ll bet you did.  Sometimes this is indicative of unbalanced energy.  Most of the time, however, it is that drive to “see” everything.  This can demonstrate beyond traveling through ideas to actually traveling to see more of what’s “out there.”  And that can spark the playful side of the number 3, making these people a lot of fun to hang out with.  Just don’t expect them to get too serious about anything.

And here we segway to our number 7, a much more serious number by design.  How can this vibration be a primary number of Gemini?  Two ways.  Intellectual insights and electrical energy.  Both aspects of the number fuel this sign.  Plus the M in the middle, carrying a 4 vibration, brings interest in the material plane.  This directs the 7 energy toward the desired outcome of the word as shown in the final I.  This letter holds a 9 vibration, a number that contains the energy of all the numbers before it.  It brings culminations, endings, and great compassion often fueling zealous humanitarianism.  See how that Gemini energy can elevate to a truly beautiful level in ways of being?

As I said, 20 can be a challenging relationship number and sets the tone as we enter this sign.  This number depends on successful one-on-one communication.  The 0 denotes divine support in bringing that about.  Being aware of that can make all the difference.  Just realize that communication with a Gemini will likely stem from the mind.   To quote an old Dragnet line (a TV cop show), “Give me the facts, ma’am, just the facts.” This could be the lead to any Gemini conversation.

Having said that, let me emphasize that this Gemini overview is a generalization.  The aspects in the person’s astrology chart and numbers code could intensify or modify this greatly.  There is no such thing as cookie-cutter astrology or numerology.   And aren’t we glad!  It’s the variations that make you you and me me, each unique in our own way.  Yet this is the energy we all will sense to some degree for the next 30 days.

And with Mars now going direct (as of the 19th) it’s time to empower that uniqueness like never before.  So power on and see what you can see, my friend.  It’s all part of the plan.


Rayora Hartman