I’m a Full Moon junkie, most of the time that is.  Love the energy, love the view.  I must admit,Full Moon Over Water by Exsodus; freedigitalphotos.net though, the last two knocked me to my knees for a day.  That can happen when it creates a hard aspect to your natal chart.  So now I’m eyeballing the one coming up May 14th, and here’s what I see.

The Moon becomes full at 19:16 Universal Time.  (That’s 7:16 PM in the U.K.).  Saturn, meanwhile, is hanging out in Scorpio at 19 degrees.  See the repeated number?  That adds intensification.  The 19 reduces to 10 and then 1 (1+9=10/1), the number of instant manifestation—be that manifestation good or not so good.  This is important here because Moon transits don’t last long as a general rule.  Full Moon energy does last longer, however, underscoring another reason to pay attention.  Plus the 16 reduces to 7, showing that whatever transpires at this time is supported by spiritual and intellectual power.  And that is further activated by the 7 Universal Year.

The Saturn/Moon conjunction is known for bringing up defensiveness, self-defensiveness mainly.  It can make us feel trapped or overburdened with responsibility.  Remember, Saturn is the “taskmaster” of the planets and the Moon rules emotions.  Yet this time it is part of a Grand Water Trine involving Chiron (healing) at 17° Pisces and Jupiter (expansion) at 17° Cancer.  This means that the energy between these planets will flows easily without restraint.  And numerically, whenever the 17 is activated, it encourages good judgment and often leaves a legacy of some kind.  Oh, did I mention that May 14th is a 17/8 Universal Day?  That intensifies the energy even more.

Wait!  There’s more.  These energies combine to focus directly on Pluto (transformation) at 13° (transformation) Capricorn (work, responsibility) in what’s known as a Grand Kite formation.  This softens the effects of the other harsher aspects now affecting us all (aka, Pluto/Uranus Square).  Yet while doing so it encourages us to use these energies right here and now to bring about true transformation in our lives.

At the time of Full Moons, the Sun always lies in direct opposition.  This time the Moon (emotions) at 23° Scorpio shares the balance beam with the Sun (personality, self-empowerment) at 23° Taurus.  The number 23 reduces to 5, the number of pivotal change.  This opposition is quite likely to make you feel pulled between making a difficult choice to become more of who you truly are or to stay in the same old pattern for the sake of stability.  This is compounded further by the Moon/Saturn’s intensification of needing to feel safe and secure.  With this conjunction in Scorpio, insights may rise from your subconscious or appear through information previously hidden, at least to you.

Since Full Moons bring culmination or completion—sometimes gently and sometimes forcefully—things begun at the last New Moon, look back to April 29th.  Can you identify what you are encouraged to finish now?  It may be a stage or phase of something much larger.  It may be a total completion or release.  The stage or complexity is not the issue here.  What matters is that you see it and use these energies to move your life forward in some way.  Or not.  The choice, as always, is up to you.  There is no right or wrong in this, only better or not so good.  Just know I’m rooting for you.  (wink)

(Here’s an aside.  Have you ever considered keeping a log or journal of your journey at these Moon phases?  You can make it as simple or detailed as you wish.  Jot a note on your calendar or write three pages in your journal, it’s up to you.   Just make sure it’s done in a way that you can easily track what begins and what ends at the New or Full Moons.  You may be surprised what it reveals.)

After Full Moon energy ebbs, it is quite normal to feel less energetic in the time leading up to the next New Moon (which happens to be May 28th, by the way).  However that may not hold true this time because Mars goes direct May 19th.  (There’s that number 19 again.)  It will remain in Venus for several more months, which could be a good thing for tempering hostilities around the globe.  Yet Mars is only one factor in that, remember, and its power will intensify somewhat as it goes direct.

Ah, cosmic wonders.  Till next time, here’s looking at the Moon!

Rayora Hartman   http://www.numbersatplay.com


(Photo credit: “Full Moon Over Water” by Excodus; freedigitalphotos.net)