Ah, Taurus. Strong, stable, supportive, practical, grounded, financially responsible. Never have those words felt more welcome. That, my friends, is the underlying energy from now until May 20th. And that’s no bull!


TAURUSthose words felt more welcome. That, my friends, is the underlying energy from now until May 20th. And that’s no bull!

We began this week with a beautiful Grand Kite formation softening the effects of the Cardinal Grand Cross. Yes, the effects of this Cross along with the eclipses are still in play, though no longer quite as intense. These energies have a rippling effect that lasts for weeks and months. So things are far from placid. Yet a combination of energies will lend a calming effect for awhile this month. Let’s take a look.
The kite blends the energies of Chiron (healing) with Saturn (responsibility) and Jupiter (expansion) to focus on the Sun (self-empowerment) in Taurus. Along with this may come some self-doubt or questioning. Allow this only to strengthen your resolve to use these energies effectively in your life.
Venus entered Aries May 2nd, creating an interesting dynamic for the entire month. Venus in Aries is much like Mars in Libra, a contradiction of energies; raw power versus peace, love versus war, untempered courage versus balance. Both cosmic positionings greatly temper any warring energies, however, which further underscores the month’s focus on stability.
On May 7th, Mercury enters its home sign of Gemini. Party time! Never is Mercury stronger–or happier–than when at home, so expect powerful communication and travel opportunities to arise. Use them wisely.
May 10th brings the yearly Sun/Saturn opposition, this time with the Sun in Taurus and Saturn in Scorpio. You may feel a greater sense of responsibility that day. Yet this may bring more of an internal sense rather than external, thanks to Scorpio. Let the questions or deep revelations arise to guide your forward. Opposing that sense of what you “have to” do may be a strong sense of want to do. Finding the balance between these two may be your number one challenge that day.
These may be attached with Mother’s Day here in the U.S., which occurs the following day with the softening Moon briefly joining powerful Mars. Plus Venus and Mars reach exact opposition that day at 9 degrees, the most emotional number. This passage and opposition may intensify emotions or arguments that day. (No, I’m not kidding.) It also brings a uniting of feminine and masculine energy for a time. And that’s a good thing. Stay true to yourself while also being mindful of others as the day progresses. These times can bring out the best and the worse in us, you know.  Step into the highest expression of the 9 with genuine compassion for all involved.
May is a 12/3 Universal Month in a 7 Universal Year. This creates an energy dynamic that encourages learning and spiritual insights through creativity, fruitful communication, and joyful experiences. Yet whenever the 12 is present, we stand at choice to be a victim, victimizer, or victor. The 7 provides the intellectual and spiritual empowerment to rise above whatever appears. So use it wisely. This energy intensifies if your Life Purpose (Life Path), Destiny, Day of Birth, Personal Year, or Personal Month numbers are 3 or 7.
On a practical level remember Taurus is about material stability. Now’s the time to get your car serviced or whatever meets your own transportation needs. With Mercury moving into Gemini soon, followed later by the Sun, there’s no time like the present.
Also, Taurus is a personal money sign that in its highest expression lends to prosperity and good financial management. It also is the natural ruler of the 2nd House of Self-Worth, Values, and Money. Plus Venus, being the personal money planet, may use a bit of that Aries power to assist with your money issues and opportunities this month. Follow whatever cues arise to prosper in this area. Note, however, that if you choose to be careless or continue whatever created money issues in the first place, you may get flattened by the bull (Taurus glyph) this month. Sorry.
You also may require less solitude this month, by the way, since 3 encourages sociability. That may not kick in so much until we move into Gemini on the 20th, however. Between Mother’s Day and then the Moon will come strongly into play again, which I’ll touch more on next time.
Until then, picture yourself as a powerful bull standing contentedly under a shade tree in a beautiful field of possibility. Strong, capable and sure, with your hooves planted firmly on the ground. That’s it. Now take a selfie and use it as your screensaver for the Month of May. Awesome!
Beautiful May, everyone!
Rayora Hartman  http://www.numbersatplay.com


(Photo credit: “Taurus” by Salvatore Vuono; freedigitalphotos.net)