Cardinal colors in this 4-pointed tulip illustrate the newness awaiting us all right now.

Cardinal colors in this 4-pointed tulip illustrate the newness awaiting us all right now.

Well, how did it go?  The exact squaring of the Cardinal Grand Cross (Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn) completed yesterday, April 24th.  For some this was anticlimactic.  Nada.  Nothing.  (I hear some of you snorting at that.)  Some experienced it on a very personal/familial level. (Lots of nods on that one.)  Still others felt it on a national/international level. (A chorus of “Oh, yea…better believe it!”)  And some felt it through their careers or workplaces.  (Don’t want to talk about that one, huh?)Some experienced it as pressure or tension, others as peace.  (Sigh…) Some froze in place, others charged forward. (Screech…!)  And some just watched. (Think bug eyes here.)

How do I know this?  Because I was one that did a lot of watching.  How was my experience measured against the whole?  Well, you’ll have to wait for the book version to find that out.  But let me share a few things that I noticed in the world at large in the past week.

  1. News of the ongoing search for the missing Malaysian airliner was replaced by the equally shocking sinking of a South Korean ferry carrying 300 teens. Cosmic players: Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune.
  2. Word broke that students with parents/grandparents as co-signers on student loans here in the U.S. must pay the loans in full if the co-signer dies or declares bankruptcy. Cosmic players: Uranus, Pluto.
  3. News of a possible El Nino this year was expanded to predictions of a giant El Nino that could bring record breaking weather extremes to the U.S. and/or Americas. Cosmic players: Jupiter, Neptune.
  4. The world learned that U.S. military involvement in or near the Ukraine may be eminent as 600 paratroopers landed for training in Poland. Cosmic player: Mars, Pluto.
  5. The public was warned of a “retail tsunami” sweeping the country (U.S.) as one retailer after another announced plans to trim floor space and outlets. Cosmic player: Pluto, Jupiter

Now let’s take a closer look at these.

The Malaysian and South Korean stories keep our focus on that part of the globe.  Uranian energy brings shock and awe through life-changing events.   Pluto brings the energy of death and transformation.  And Neptune, while not a part of the Grand Square must be considered whenever bodies of water are involved.  Neptunian energy manifests in our dreams, illusions, and delusions.

The student loan story sent a shock wave (Uranus) through the massive segment of the population carrying student loan debt.  Who knew?  Pluto brings the hidden to light, digging for the truth.  Plus, Pluto rules the 8th House of other people’s money (loans, etc.).  And again, death is the change factor in this picture.

El Ninos aren’t new; we get them every few years.  This one, however, looms much larger than normal.  Since this weather phenomenon originates in the Pacific Ocean, we cannot ignore Neptune.  Yet it is Jupiter’s energy that expands, making things bigger, greater, or grander than ever before.  In this case, the result is expected to be seen in “expanding” food prices, among other things.

Whether people expected it or not, seeing U.S. paratroopers landing in Poland brought a new sense of reality to this current international hotbed.  Mars, the warring planet, has been tempered somewhat while in Libra.  Yet where war threatens in any form, Mars energy in its lowest expression is present.  And Pluto digs up things between nations (or people) that were never fully resolved.

The retail story has been coming for awhile as well.  Most of us have watched and participated in the shift from traditional shopping to online purchasing.  Yet this wave expands that already set in motion.  Pluto roots out what isn’t working.  This sweep shows Jupiter clearing the trail of the boulders retailers pushed uphill for too long.

“Let me take care of that for you,” he says, and with one swift kick sends those inhibiting boulder flying toward the bottom.  “You’re wasting your energy,” he adds.  “Let’s create something new!”

Transformation isn’t always pleasant in its developmental stages.  Yet that is exactly what is in play here.  As I stated in my last blog post, the degree number creating the corners of this Cardinal Grand Square was 13/4.  That’s a key transformational number that brings foundational change though original creative manifestation.  The 13 also can represent karmic ties from the past that arise until cut or healed.  Easy?  Probably not.  Doable?  Absolutely.

The energy of this Grand Cross built for weeks and will be felt intensely for at least a few more. Realize, however, that things introduced, initiated, or expanded during these times in history bring long-lasting results.  These results depend on how we, personally and collectively, direct and contribute to them.  Remember, the planets are not doing this to us, they are providing the energy for it.

The rare annular solar eclipse on April 29th adds even more impetus toward new beginnings.  What can you transform or create in your own life that could use a jump-start from our ever-lovin’ cosmos?  Step through this final gateway of April with the 11/2 energy presented by the 29/11/2 calendar day intensified by this 11/2 Universal Month.  Ah…numbers at play.  Gotta love it!

Let me know how these energies are affecting you.  You can leave a comment by hitting the icon by the date.  Or reach me here.