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Let’s play for a minute. Picture an animated character, a fearless young boy. Can you see him? Now watch as he straps a mini-rocket to his backside. That’s not easy, you know; it’s awkward and heavy. Yet determination prevails. A grin breaks across the boy’s face as he reaches for a lighter. He’s ready—more than ready. It’s blast-off time for his next new adventure. And there, my friends, stands the character and power of the Aries New Moon Sunday, March 30th.

Our mischievous little boy in this case represents Mars, the ruling planet of fire sign Aires. That makes Aries the rocket. And the lighter? A-ha! Now that’s none other than the Sun, Moon, and Uranus joining forces in Aries for this New Moon event. Get the picture?

The important point to get here is that Mars energy continues its intensification as it continues to retrograde toward the 13° mark where it joins the Pluto-Uranus square exactly on April 22nd. This Aries New Moon activation, the peak point of the year for new beginnings, lights the fuse for what’s called a Grand Cardinal Cross. (More on that later.)

So how does this Sun/Moon/Uranus combo fire Mars when it’s clear across the sky (chart) in Libra? Let’s take a look.

The Sun represents the Self and personal will, but it also represents power and masculine energy, both personal and collective. It is forward looking, pointing toward the future. The Moon governs feelings—and ignites feelings. (Boy, does it ever!) It represents the feminine or mother energy and draws from our emotional background, where we are coming from. In perfect union, these two offer the balance of masculine and feminine energy. Yet if either one is out of balance or vying for dominance, the lower expressions manifest.

Now enter Uranus, the planet of the unexpected seeking freedom through truth. Uranus is fairly comfortable in Aires, actually, in spite of being square its home sign. It’s a big-action planet in an action driven sign. In perfect union, the Sun, Moon, and Uranus can make one heck of a power team, especially in Aries. And power is what this is all about. Tempering the dynamics are the Moon and Libra, Mars’ temporary home. The Moon prefers gentleness, as does Libra. Plus, Libra applies its strength toward balance, relationships, and money issues, offsetting Aries drive for personal power that focuses on letting people know who they are.

Now, do you see what I see? This planetary event holds the potential to fire us, personally and collectively, toward new heights. It invites out-of-the-box thinking and earth-shaking dynamics to propel us all forward. This energy, if used wisely, will act as a rocket booster for the planet and your life personally. Mind you, this is not a gentle energy. It’s a call to action.

The numbers add still more clarity. The Moon becomes “new” at 18:45° ET (Ephemeris Time). Reducing the numbers, 18 reduces to 9 (1+8=9), 45 reduces to 9 (4+5=9). Add it all together and a third 9 appears (1+8+4+5=18/9). Plus the Sun is at 9° Aries with Uranus at 12° (12/3). The Moon, which moves quickly, will trigger the 6° energy as well that day, totally activating the 3-6-9 Emotional Triad. This will tend to activate the Moon’s energy even more. Plus, Mars is at 22° Libra that day. This is theMaster Number of Peace in the sign of peace. This may temper Mars’ lower tendency toward war and temper Uranus standing at 12, the number of learning. At this number we are asked if we will again fall victim to old patterns or dare to break them now once and for all. Note also that the multiple 9s point toward both endings and humanitarianism.

As I said earlier, this is a call to action, individually and as a planetary people. The way we choose to use this energy will ripple for a long time. So be mindful, compassionate, and balanced in your own life as you step into this new phase of our collective “next.” Power on!

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