Planet Plant by iosphere; freedigitalphotos.netWhether you live in the northern or southern hemisphere, it’s been a long, hard winter/summer, right?  “Enough already!” people cry, plead, scream.  “Enough snow.  Enough rain.  Enough heat and fire.  Enough, enough, enough!”  And just when you feel you can’t take it anymore, something amazing happens.  The season changes, planting a whole new crop of potentials.

Yes, there’s something magical when seasons change.  Our focus shifts, and our energy right along with it.  March 20th marks the Spring/Fall Equinox this year.  And so the focus shifts; the time to plant or harvest is upon us.  And we don’t have to be farmers or gardeners to feel it.  We may feel the urge to plant the seeds for a new friendship or harvest from the information we’ve accumulated this season.  We may plant a seed of faith where none grew before or harvest the rewards of better health after changing our routine and/or daily diet.  You name it.

Will everything suddenly become “perfect” just because the season changes?  Do grey elephants become albinos in the spring?  Ridiculous, right?   Yet grasping the promise of a new season with hands and heart is part of this human experience.  And there’s nothing ridiculous about that.  It’s the chance to hope again, and to carry those hopes and dreams forward in real and practical (or impractical) ways.

Numerically, “spring” calculates to a 38/11/2 vibration.  That in itself invites double new beginnings manifesting in the highest order through creativity, resulting in peaceful one-on-one communication and relationship.  It’s time to plant.  “Fall” calculates to 13/4, a number of rock-solid transformational rewards gained though great effort.  It’s time to reap.  March is a 3 (creativity, fun) month and 20/2 a sometimes difficult relationship number supported by the divine.  Added together they make 5 (3+2+0=5), the number of change and adventure.

Now I’m not going to lie to you.  There are some powerful indications of change showing in the astrology charts.  And even at this change of season, the tensions are building, astrologically and on the planet.  If you have a strong Cardinal Sign influence in your astrology chart, you will feel these next movements the most. (I’m a Libran and the last full Moon in my Rising Sign on the heels of a major solar flare laid me low for a couple of days.  Yowza!)  So check out where Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are in your chart for an indication of what areas of your life may light up soon.  This is not a prophecy of doom scenario.  But the potential for some major shake ups appear pretty certain over the next month—and beyond for that matter.  This starts at the Equinox, intensifies at the next new Moon March 30 and really fires up in April.  So get your sparklers and ear plugs ready.  (wink)

Yes, the times of change continue.  And just now as the seasons change, we also shift as a collective from Pisces to Aries.  We leave that deep dreaminess of Pisces, sometimes manifesting as confusion, for a sign of individual power.  Aires, the power planet, likes action, action, and more action.  This sign, powered by Mars, tends to energize and activate anything under its influence.  However, with Mars retrograde in Libra, his energy is not as aggressive as normal.  But neither is he “happy” with Libra exerting her influence on why and how he operates. (This can manifest as confusion as well, by the way, not to mention Mercury and Neptune buddying up again.)   Will this fiery planet be subdued or simply build tension for sudden outbursts of energy?  That depends on many factors and time will tell.

Remember, hope springs eternal.  Allow your heart to sing as we swing into this new season.  Focus the Aries energy in ways that plant the seeds of promise for yourself and others.  And most of all know that you can weather any storm, any perceived threat, with an inner knowing that at deeper levels of being all is well and you are never alone.

What do you sense in life’s rhythm at this point?  I’d love to hear.  You may leave a comment by clicking the icon next to the date, or for more personal issues contact me hereBlessings!

(Photo credit: “Planet Plant” by iosphere;