Are you refusing to listen to the news?  Refusing to enter discussions about the threats and maladies of this world?  Choosing to spend countless hours watching TV, shopping, reading novels, playing video games or sleeping 10-12 hours a day?  Then you, my friend, likely carry a strong Piscean influence in your astrology chart.  (Heads up!  If you were born between February 19th and March 20th, or with a Pisces Rising Sign or Moon Sign, I’m talking to you.)

Few people recoil from conflict more than those with a strong Piscean influence.  And the larger the perceived threat, the greater the impulse to escape, just escape, in any way possible.  Why is this?

Pisces, the 12th astrology sign, follows strong-willed Aquarius on the cosmic wheel. Being naturally in the 12th House it carries the influence of all the other signs before it. (How’s that for an overloaded situation?)  Plus, since Aquarian energy is more “out there,” it follows that Piscean energy draws us once again to a more internal focus.   This heightens our sensitivity to everything external.  We may say it doesn’t affect us, but our lives say otherwise.  The truth is it triggers our deepest fears and personal trauma still residing in our subconscious.  It is that which terrifies us the most.   Sounds more like Pluto and Scorpian energy, I know, but this is framed by something quite different.  Our imagination.

Pisces, ruled by Neptune, is fueled by imagination.  In its highest expression it brings dreams of endless possibility.  The external world becomes a playground for creative manifestation.  Ideas float and form.  Some drift on wayward ethers and others find their way into masterful arts, whether traditional or practical.  Painting, music, culinary arts, scrapbooking or financial wizardry, it doesn’t matter.  Imagination-powered genius lands on all level in any genre.

Yet when imagination meets the most hidden parts of our self, it can terrify the psyche.  We can’t, or won’t, look at it.  Nightmares resurface, we grow fearful of everything and everyone.  The world is a scary place; we hide.  What other answer is there?

For the Piscean—and the Piscean in all of us—the answer stems from an unlikely place.  Consciousness.  The call of the Piscean is to live life from a level of not just seeing but of conscious awareness.  Shakespeare’s famous words “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players…” lend a valuable clue.  To attain a level of awareness that allows you to view your life and the larger world through the eyes of the spiritual observer marks the Piscean’s highest goal.  Don’t mistake this for piety or righteous indignation.  No, from this level there is no judgment, no pity, no pain, no fear.  There is only peace.  Quietude.  No-thing-ness.  It is to this state those with strong Piscean influence retreat to refuel and from this state they ultimately leave their mark in the world.

Some find this place through meditation, some through wordless prayer, others through nature.  The where and how don’t matter.  What matters is that the mind be stilled to a point where words are few or nonexistent, allowing the quietude to simply be.  This scares the bejeebers out of the ego, by the way, so don’t be surprised when all the reasons you “can’t” do this fly up like red flags whipping in the wind.  Yet mastery, for the Piscean, means the difference between living a life of meaning or one of crazy making.  Ask yourself, which will it be?

Remember, with Pisces natural home in the 12th House, the number 12 comes into play again.  Will you be a victim, a victimizer, or a victor?  This number puts us at choice for this as well.  It is the number of learning.  And with this energetic combination, the “lessons” (a.k.a., experiences) hold unimaginable promise.

So put on your breastplate of peace, dear Piscean, and dare to face the world.  It needs you with every ounce of imaginative influence you can land on this beautiful planet.

Feel free to practice by leaving an imaginative comment here.  Just click the dialogue icon next to the date.  Or for more personal clarity, contact me here.  Blessings!


(Photo credit:  “Pisces” by Salvatore Vuono; freedigitalphotos.net)