African Lion by tratong; freedigitalphoto.netMarch–in like a lion, out like a lamb?  I doubt that.  The intensity of the energies this month prepares us all for an even more powerful April.  But I get ahead of myself.  Jake brake time.  Let’s slow down a bit and get a handle of our here and now, shall we?

Whether you’re feeling it or not, Mercury, as of February 28th, is now out of retrograde (not counting its shadow period).  I think most of us agree that it was one of the most “eventful” we’ve felt.  Even if you were marooned on the proverbial tropical island, your internal if not external circuitry would scramble in this one.  Time now to assess what all that meant on a personal and interpersonal scale.

Normally we get a change to take a breath and get a sense of normalcy, albeit new normalcy, after these.  Not this time.  Within hours of Mercury going direct, Mars went retrograde March 1st.  Yes…really.  Now Mars hasn’t been too happy for several months, not since it entered Libra in early December 2013.  As I’ve stated Mars doesn’t care about balance, justice, or love for that matter.  It is all about power and movement, fast, sharp, and direct, though in retrograde that slows a bit.  It’s the planet of forward motion, and in its lowest expression, war.  (Have you seen the international news lately?)  Remember, in retrogrades old issues surface…sometimes very old issues.  This happens to allow us a chance for a redo for better results, on whatever level.  Yet when this impetus is not honored, well…we’re too familiar with that scenario, aren’t we?  So again we are at choice, whether personally or collectively.

Oh, but we’re not done yet.  Oh, no.  On Sunday, March 2nd, Saturn looked over its shoulder at Mars and slipped into retrograde as well.  Saturn, the planet of responsibility, morality, and perseverance amplifies through limitations and obstacles.  In Scorpio, this highlights foreign affairs.  Since Saturn is an outer planet, it is more than up to this challenge.  What remains to be seen is how we “foot soldiers” of the collective choose to use this powerful combination.

Powerful?  Did I say powerful?  Enter Jupiter, which goes direct March 6th.  This planet of expansion and abundance has been retrograde since early November 2013.  With its energy combining forcefully with the effects of Mars, Saturn, and Mercury, look for expansion in areas we may have yet to imagine.  Jupiter remains in Cancer, one of the Cardinal signs that leads the way in whatever is up at the time.  Cancer brings up strong feelings and patriotism.  Jupiter going direct will magnify these personally and globally.

To say this kind of cosmic action is rare is an understatement.  Yet there’s more.  A New Moon graced the horizon on March 1st at 10° Pisces.  New Moons open the door for new beginnings.  Pisces, a highly spiritual water sign, amplifies everything spiritually and water related (including the weather).  The Moon amplifies our emotions.  And the number 10/1 brings leadership, originality, instant manifestation, and new beginnings.  That number in all its implications will not be ignored this month.  Mars retrograded at 10° on the 1st, and Jupiter goes direct at 10°–all in a 10/1 Universal Month.  Need I say more?

Much of this energy will be evident in world affairs.  Yet stay aware of the personal implications in your own life, whether personally or professionally.  This energy is uneven and highly charged, with higher highs and potentially lower lows. (Be glad for Saturn’s stability as ruler of an Earth sign while keeping in mind its energy also brings death and rebirth.)  So think before you speak or act.  Cut your partner a little slack if he/she is more testy than usual.  And remember to play the trump card of unconditional love at every opportunity.  Follow the impetus to action (Mars) when you sense it, and honor your need for rest and rebalancing (Libra) when you don’t.

And may the Force be with us all.  (wink)

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