Carolina Kostner, 2014 Olympic Bronze Medalist

Carolina Kostner, 2014 Olympic Bronze Medalist

When Italian figure skater Carolina Kostner took to the ice in Sochi last week in the 2014 Winter Olympics, she faced one nemesis she likely had never met by name: the 4-8 factorThis “competitor” was not listed by name on the roster, nor did it receive any grand announcements from the microphone.  Yet it was Carolina’s silent companion the whole time.  Curious?  Well read on, my friend, read on.

This anomaly appears when 4s and 8s appear in any combination between the Life Purpose (Birth Path), Day of Birth, and Current Name.  It is a karmic indicator that says this person agreed to resolve issues—a lot of issues—from previous lifetimes along with those that formed in the early years of this lifetime.  These often involve the reappearance of people with whom those issues were left unresolved.  Those with 8s and 4s in their numbers energetically, and often unwittingly, draw others with these numbers into their lives.   They also will find 4s and 8s appear with significance in dates, addresses, phone numbers, etc.   It’s a magnetic attraction in the truest sense of the word, sometimes pleasant (at least at first), sometimes not.  Yet the underlying reason for the attraction must be satisfied.

This resolve is strongest for those born on the 8th of any month and can lend to a more fatalistic approach to life.  This is especially so for Aquarians and Capricorns.  Carolina is an Aquarian, born February 8, 1987.

Birth numbers tell the story.  Her Life Purpose number reduces to 35/8.  Her Day of Birth is 8.  And her Destiny Number is 67/13/4. Whenever 4s and 8s appear together in the key numbers of a person’s birth code, that energy will permeate his/her entire lifetime.

Numerology purists might argue that this is not a true 4-8 factor since the Destiny is not considered part of the equation.  A closer look at other factors makes me think otherwise.  You see, Carolina’s Current Name and Destiny are derived from the same name: CAROLINA KOSTNER.  She has no middle name, from what I could ascertain.   In the ancient Chaldean system I use for Current name vibrations, this equates to a 23/5, a fortunate number indeed and has assisted her along the way.  Yet since it also carries the 67/13/4, that number must not be ignored.  Another red flag appears; there are no 4s or 8s in her name numbers.  This means she must work intensely with the meaning of these numbers (both in the Manifestation Triad) this lifetime.  That’s the deal, the agreement before birth.

So how has this shown up in her life?  Let’s look at her 12-years of skating competitions for clues.  (Thanks to Wikipedia.  They do such a great job on things like this, don’t they?)  This athlete started skating at the age of (drum roll, please…) 4.   Her first competitions were the 2004 European Championships and 2004 World Championships.  You see what I see, right?  She won her first European medal in 2006 (2+0+0+6=8) and was the flag bearer for her first Olympics that year where she placed 12th. (Remember, 12 is the victim number if not in its highest expression.)

Her life continued this pattern of victory and loss as injury beset her that same year, keeping her out of the Grand Prix season.  She recovered and continued in competition the next year, making a strong showing in the short program of the 2007 Worlds but faltering in the long program to end in 6th place.  (Six is the stabilizing number for 8, by the way.)  In 2008 she made several strong performances throughout the year leading her to a silver medal at the 2008 Worlds Championships.  Yet as the year progressed into the 2008-2009 season, her amateur skating career hit the skids again.  She made a poor showing at her first Grand Prix, lost her European title, dropped to a 12th place finish at the World Championships, and caused Italy only to claim one ladies spot in the upcoming 2010 Olympics.

After 8 years training with her coach, Michael Huth, she changed coaches, leaving Italy to train in California.  About a year later homesickness drove her back home to Italy and her former coach.  (Unfinished business?)

In December 2009, she nearly lost her chance at the Vancouver Games, then swung back to win a gold medal at the 2010 European Championships.  Yet her jumps just weren’t solid anymore and her downward spiral continued.  She slipped to 16th place in 2010 Winter Olympics. (Sixteen can bring accidents or unexpected happenings to bring deeper insights.)

Was it time to give up skating, she wondered.  Her faith in herself and her skating ability hit an all-time low.  Following her mother’s advice, she got back to her true love of skating and altered her program with an emphasis on artistry rather than jumps.

The 2014 Winter Olympics drew Carolina to her third Olympic competition.  As the world watched, she skated perfection to “Ava Maria” for her short program, positioning her temporarily in 2nd place.  She was later edged out by Russian skater Adelina Sotnikova and dropped to 3rd.  Yet this position held for her through the long program the next day.  She claimed the bronze medal in Ladies Free Skate, her first Olympic win and a first win ever for Italy in this competition.

Oh, here’s a little aside.  The numbers of her perfectly executed short program score (142.61) totaled 14/5, the media number reinforced by the 2014 calendar year and the positive vibration of her Current Name (23/5).  And Carolina is now in a 17/8 Personal Year, the number of leaving a legacy behind.  How cool is that?

As one commentator noted, hers is a story of perseverance.  Indeed it is—and a remarkable example of how the 4-8 factor plays out in real life.

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