Connecting Hearts, digitalart; freedigitalphotos.netI’m amazed when I see numeric codes that shout messages to us.  This February 14th does just that with a triple activation of the number 14/5.  Now before you leap to any conclusions, let’s explore what’s been leading up to that date as well as what follows.  Take your seat on my magic carpet and let’s zip around the calendar and the cosmos for a bit, okay?

Backing up to early February Mercury eased up on Neptune close enough to comfortably shake hands.  Not quite close enough for a bear hug, mind you.  Just a hand shake—and a meeting of the minds (otherwise known as cosmic energy).  We often sense Neptune energy through our hopes and dreams.  It’s the planet of far-reaching ideas and wild dreams that wake us up at night.  To bring deeply spiritual ideas to the forefront is its highest ambition.  Yet when our energy does not create a match for that, its expression appears in other forms…like confusion.  Mix that with Mercury-style energy and some pretty wild things can show up.  That energy stayed in place for several days.  Mercury retrograded on February 6th at 3° Pisces, one degree away from Neptune. (By the way, did you hear Mercury chuckling as it retrograded at 3, the number of humor?)   This kept the confusion factor in play around this planetary transition.

Here’s how that looked for me.

As I scrambled to complete trip reservations prior to the retrograde, someone I needed to contact was out skiing.  (The nerve, right?) Then another person was included in the trip at the last minute but asked for 24-hrs. to “think about it.”  This rolled the process into the retrograde period, so what would have taken one or two phone calls took three or four times that plus numerous emails to correct misunderstandings, dragging over the next three days.  (Did I mention that Mercury retrograde slows.things.down?)  This energy slopped over into other areas of my life as well, like realizing I forgot to put the cinnamon in apples cooking on the stove, then nearly sprinkling in chili powder instead.  (Yowza!  That was close.)

With Mercury nearly out of Neptune’s orb for a while, I’m feeling much better now, thank you.  How about you?

And here comes Valentine’s Day (in the States), our favorite Love Holiday.  Actually, some love it, some hate it, and others couldn’t care less.  Be that as it may, it’s here again and bound to stir more than a little emotion in many people.  Yet this year I see something new added to the emotional mix.  Communication—big time.  Look at the date: February 14, 2014.  See the double 14?  Okay, now if you add all the digits together (2+1+4+2+0+1+4) it equals 14 as well.  Since in numerology we reduce everything to single digits, that reads as 14/5.  And any time a number repeats, it intensifies.

If you’ve been with me very long, you know this is the ancient number of the scribe which translates in today’s language as “the media number.”  It enhances all forms of communication, personal and non-personal.  It also can denote a person with many gifts and the inability to pick just one.  That energy may come into play when deciding on the perfect gift for your loved one, be it man/woman or your faithful dog (cat…horse…).

Yet the communication factor brings the greatest challenges right now with Mercury in retrograde.  And on February 12th Mercury slipped back into Aquarius where it impacts a more scientific rather than a spiritual energy.  That said, remember Mercury rules all forms of communication, plus electronics, mechanics, and travel.   So if that new I-pad you get from your honey on Valentine’s Day won’t work for some reason, take a deep breath.  The problem may clear up on its own after your actions/ reactions bring the “a-ha” moments intended.   Realize that an incident like this opens the door to handling communication in a better way than you may have in the past.  That’s a biggie!  Check and see if this is true, then acknowledge it if you (or your significant other) can note an improvement.  (Yeah, you!)  The number 5 can bring rocky moments, pivotal points that invite change.  Honor them when they arise.

As if all this isn’t enough, the Moon goes full on that date as well, this time in Leo.  Full Moon energy is known for its intensity.  (Sleep? What’s that?) This time it blends with the “me first” energy of this sign ruled by the Sun.  That creates an intense interplay between the feminine emotional energy of the Moon and the masculine power energy of the Sun.  This could give rise to a lot of emotion around issues involving self-worth, feeling overlooked, or demanding your own way.  See what comes up and face it squarely.  Don’t excuse yourself for poor behavior.  Take the opportunity to grow through it.

This strong Moon energy moves into Virgo the next day which shifts the energy to feeling more practical and helpful.  That assists with any ripples than may have drifted forward from the day before.

So Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!  May your love for self and others be true, your communication clear, and your gifts expressed in unique and life-enhancing ways.  Live, laugh, love!

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