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We entered February with Venus no longer in retrograde, which is perfect for a month so focused on love as this.  Now our love interests again shift outward more than inward.  That’s not to say the time for contemplation has ended.  It hasn’t.  Yet now those dwelling thoughts and feeling tend to include others more. 

This blend is natural this month.  The contemplative and solitary energy of the 7 Universal Year now blends with that of a 9 Universal Month.  Seven in numerology marks the strongest of the mental numbers noted in the Mental Triad (1-5-7).  Nine is considered the king of numbers because it includes the energies of all the other numbers before it.  It tops the Emotional Triad (3-6-9) with deep compassion and humanitarian instincts.   Thus blending the energy of the 7 and 9 this month empowers ideas into actions that demonstrate the feelings behind them.  Nine also brings endings and culminations so blends well with what we’ll look at next.

On February 6th, Mercury retrogrades again and remains so the rest of the month. (Come on.  Stop moaning; you know that only makes it feel worse.) As you likely know, this energy can not only confuse all forms of electronics and communication but draws us to redress anything unfinished.  That often results in bringing things to completion or at last ending what may have needed to end long ago.  This is the 9 energy at play. 

Often without us realizing it the 7 energy under-girds us at times like this.  It brings ideas and solutions for these times of closure while fielding new dreams and ambitions for our future.  When we allow this process to play out, we are truly living in the highest vibration of these numbers in a win-win scenario.  Plus they’re given a boost since Mercury, the ruler of the mind, joins Neptune, ruler of our hopes and dreams in Neptune’s home sign (Pisces).   

So how does this fit into February, the month of LOVE?

February begins in Aquarius, the most humanitarian of all astrology signs.  On the 18th it changes to Pisces, a highly spiritual sign.  Perfect!  Remember 7 is the most spiritual of all the numbers.  Can you see where this is going?  Well, neither can I—and that’s the beauty of it. (Oh, come back here; I’m not finished yet.) We don’t have to.  Simply trust.  Have faith.  Trust your higher power and your own inner knowing.

I realize this may be a stretch for some of you.  Trusting your own mind is one thing; trusting anything else is something else, right?  And therein lays the conundrum many may face during this Mercury retrograde period. Will you now embrace your highest potential for your given situation based on that sense of guidance or being drawn?  Will you now allow your heart to lead and you mind to shift to the important support role for which it was designed?  Will you?  Choice, we’re forever at choice, aren’t we?  And this is a great time to plan.

More excitement awaits as this month moves into flow.  Just wait till Valentine’s Day.  Wow, baby!  But more on that later.

Be blessed as you bless others.  Love to the enth degree.  And most of all enjoy the journey.

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