AquariusIf you have an Aquarian friend, or are Aquarian yourself, you know that these gems of society can be a little quirky.  That’s not an insult but is often true, and one of the traits that sets them apart.  Since we collectively entered the sign of Aquarius on January 20th (and will remain there until February 18th) let’s take a closer look at its impact on those born under this astrological sign and how they relate to the rest of us.

Aquarians love to be occupied though this may escape immediate notice since much of that activity is mental.  They tend to be highly intelligent.  In fact intellectual stimulation is like an aphrodisiac to them.  That said, building deep relationships is often their most challenging area since their innermost drive in toward freedom.  That can make committed relationships difficult.  To them attachment equates to loss of freedom, so much patience may be called for from any prospective partner.  Be prepared to give them time—lots of time to establish any long-lasting relationship.  And don’t feel the need to drown them in affection in the process.  They generally don’t need or want a lot of demonstrative love.  (Sorry about that.)

As I said, these people are thinkers.  They often are future oriented.  Yet while they can see the future clearly, it is more difficult for them to live in the here and now.  Their type of intelligence allows them to think abstractly yet be practical, with one caveat: they will live by their own rules.  They lean toward careers that question the set norms and definitely don’t like working a 9 to 5 routine job or working in confined spaces for that matter.  No high-rise cubicles-style offices for these folks.  They need freedom!

They are essentially rebels, non-conformists.  Unpredictable, stubborn and fixed in their views.  Yet while they often are fixed in their opinions (Aquarius is a fixed sign, after all), they definitely are not fixed in their life patterns.  In fact, with Aquarians you never know what they may do next.

They wear the label “Extremist” exceptionally well, and these extreme actions often find them working in some way for the betterment of society.  Consistency can be a problem, however, since their performance depends on how they feel in any given moment.  Yes, many do have deeply sensitive natures.  Because of that, there is a tendency to wall themselves in, appearing quite aloof to the rest of the world.  Plus, with their progressive ideas not always accepted, they can feel  misunderstood. These are truth seekers, whether they realize it or not.

They often look like they have many friends, which in truth are mainly acquaintances.  The quirky personality may contribute to that, yet Aquarians make loyal and compassionate friends when allowed to be so.   They love excitement and making people laugh.

They love gadgets and computers.  They also may be inclined toward the arts and music.  As to sports, baseball and tennis top the list.

As with those born under any of the other signs, Aquarians each are unique while sharing similar traits.  The layout of the birth chart and its innate number coding guarantees this.  Yet looking at some widely shared traits can bring deeper understanding and appreciation.  And who doesn’t need that these days?

So the next time you spend time with an Aquarian in your world, see them with new eyes.  Let them be a little “weird” if that’s their bent, and embrace the differences as well as the similarities between you.  They’re part of the grander plan, as we all are, and could turn into one of the best friends you’ve ever had.

Paintball, anyone?

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