Cartoon Man with the Flu, Grant Cochrane;

Did you realize that every word or acronym carried a numeric code?  We use words to express ourselves.  Yet words hold a numeric coding that reveals deeper layers of meaning hidden beneath the surface.  The H1N1 virus is no exception.  Let’s take a look.

H1N1 signifies a mutated strain of the Swine Flu.  Numerically it calculates to 15/6.  Now normally this is a beautiful number to have in your life.  Yet when it expresses in a “negative” way, it says the self (1) is being inflexible (5) due to unrealistic expectations of yourself or others (6).  Oops!  Bet you didn’t see that one coming did you?

Swine Flu carries a numeric vibration of 37/10/1.  In its strength, this number indicates a strong, focused leader.  Here the 3 indicates repressed communication, hiding the anxiety about revealing true feelings for fear of abandonment or rejection (7).  This activates old self-esteem issues (1) that then fester into dis-ease.

The word “flu” equals 12/3.  Twelve is the number of learning, yet in its lower vibration can make you feel like a victim.  Whenever this sensation appears, you are at choice.  Will you wallow in misery or find ways to rise above that feeling and become victorious?  Keeping your communications (3) positive strengthens the immune system.  So guard against negative self-talk or constant complaining.  (Your friends and family will thank you for that, by the way.)

No matter what form of flu you contract, it is viral in origin.  The word “virus” equates numerically to 26/8.  In this context this number deals with disharmony (2) and an inability to let go of emotional baggage or attachments.  It also relates to personal responsibility and relationship difficulties (6).  This breeds frustration and anger (8), which may be directed inward or outward.  The end result?  A weakened immune system.

Now let’s look at a few common symptoms of H1N1.

Coughing.  A cough (27/9) attempts to forcibly rid the body (9) of unspoken words (2), anxiety (7), and emotions (9).  The deeper the cough, the deeper the emotions are held.

Body aches.  This repeats the 37/10/1 vibration inherent in the Swine Flu.  Whenever a number repeats, it strengthens its impact.

Muscular weakness (52/7).  This indicates a pattern of needing to do for others (2) with the tendency to overextend oneself (5).  This, again, can stem from abandonment issues (7) and can result in the person feeling alone or hesitant to venture into the world.

Fever (29/11/2).  This indicates a tendency to absorb others’ emotions (29) resulting in oversensitivity (11), triggered by singular or multiple interactions with others (2).

Chills (27/9).  Like the cough, chills spur violent body reaction in an attempt rid the body of the “heat” of pent-up emotional energy (9).

Before we leave this topic, let’s look at “viral infections.”  This carries a numeric code of 77/14/5.  Since viral infections pass so easily from one to another, they can create epidemics that can attack society’s foundations (4).  In these instances, the virus acts as an agent of sudden change (5) in response to patterns of excess (14).  These could be patterns of excessive flexibility or rigidity, each requiring a catalyst for rebalancing them.  Lightning insights (7) may result that assist in this process.  (Have you noticed how people gain sudden clarity as to values when their inner or outer foundations are shaken or removed?) Because 77 is a very high Master Number, it can leave permanent and/or global impact in the end.  And with 14/5 also being the “media number,” public awareness is highlighted.

Well, there you have it, folks, a look beneath the surface of our “favorite” flu this season.  (I’m joking, I’m JOKING…Put those rocks down!)

As always, remember you are in control of how to apply any new insights.  Shift whatever numbers seem out of balance in your own life and see what happens.

As for me, I’m doing a major countdown for the turning point that brings renewed health to many of us.

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(Photo credit: “Cartoon Man with the Flu,” Grant Cochrane;