Number 7 with Leaves, domdeen;

Numbers 7 and 8 are great numbers—until you put them together…which they are right now for all of us.  How so?  On January 1, 2014, we entered a 7 Universal Year and an 8 Universal Month.  These are two fantastic energies on their own, but together they are like seating Donald Trump next to Mother Theresa at a fundraising dinner.  Donald sees this as a token of personal generosity that will likely bring him praise and positive publicity.  Mother Theresa prays her presence will open the hearts and wallets of those attending for the good of humanity and the nurturing of their own souls.

Sharing a dinner is one thing, and though Mr. Trump held great respect for her, I somehow doubt that he would have offered Mother Theresa a position as CFO of his financial empire.  Nor would he have cared to “walk a mile in her shoes,” as the saying goes.  Nor she in his, I might add.  They were just too, well, incompatible.

And that’s just what 7 and 8 are in numerology.  Incompatible.  So what’s humanity to do?  Let’s take a look.

The number 7 will be with us energetically all year.  So let’s get better acquainted with it.  This number serves as a bridge between the more mundane cares and concerns of this world and the quest for the deeper understanding experienced in faith and wisdom.  It pulls us toward deeper spirituality and higher learning.  This is the number of sudden realizations, high intelligence, and mystery.  It holds a mystical quality that appears as spiritual completion.  And while this is indeed a number of solitude, it also bridges worlds, inner to outer, higher to lower.Brick Wall Numeric with Shadow on White Background, satit_srihin; freedigitalphoto

The number 8 symbolized the law and is linked with “cause and effect.”  It represents drive, ambition, and power.  It also is directed, structured, and authoritative.  Power, authority, and recognition define this energy.  Yet it, too, has a “godly” side, for it is the number of infinity, a number without end.  And while it is considered the greatest financial number, it also seeks balance.  The energy of “as above, so below” or connecting head and heart follows this vibrational impulse.Capricorn, Salvatore Vuono,

It is through these higher expressions of each number that we find that thread of oneness that allows them to join hands this month and offer what neither could do alone.  For while the 7 sees and senses the higher realms and more in-depth answers, it is the power of the 8 that can manifest those into material form.  Add to that Capricorn’s energy and the mysterious, the unfathomable, becomes practical and doable.  This sign holds responsibility and effort (aka, hard work) as its banner.  While 7 alone may get lost in analysis or the ethers and never truly land an idea, the 8 and Capricorn know how to formulate, construct, and complete.

Also know that any 7s or 8s in your own blueprint are activated this month This could show up as financial issues (not necessarily the unwanted variety), an impulse to take on a new course of study, or perhaps a pull toward the divine.  Expect to see things in a new way.  Allow ideas to find a way into creation while flowing divine strength into all you do.  Dare to reach inward and outward, upward and downward.  Take your place and  step into the power of who you came here to be.

And may the Force be with you! (smile)

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