Square Dance Clip Art

Funny thing about cosmic rhythms, the planets dance in and out of positions and never once ask you if you’d like to join in.  Jupiter won’t sidle up hand outstretched, give you a wink and ask, “Ya want to dance, pretty lady?”  Nor will Venus skip on over, give you a confident smile and announce, “Lady’s choice, and I choose you!”  Oh, no.  You are here so that automatically puts you on the dance floor.  No invitations needed.

Sometimes we Tango in close conjunction, sometimes we do the Twist, side to side, forward and back for a while in direct and retrograde.  No matter, it’s all perfect exercise for our “soul body,” and like conventional exercise shows results over time.

Right now we’re Square Dancing.  That’s right, Square Dancing.  On December 28th another Grand Square formed in the cosmos.  Forming this head (lead) square is none other than—you guessed it—Pluto and Uranus, this time with Jupiter and Mars rushing in to complete the square.  These guys love action, you know.  While Uranus, Jupiter, and Mars will dance with each of us in turn, Pluto had a better idea this tip (dance).  He’s tripling up with the Sun and Mercury in his corner for starters.  Yup, a stellium in a square—and that’s just the beginning!

You see, this is an extra-long tip, lasting clear to January 25th.  It gets a bit sloppy at times, nearly breaking down the square.  But these pros know how to make a quick recovery, so the dance goes on…and on…and on.

Oh, and if you think you’ll just hang out and watch, think again.  These guys will whirl you in and out of this square so fast it will make your head spin.  Any time one of these planets touches a planet or key position in your personal chart, you’re no longer watching, believe me.

In fact when New Year’s Day arrives, things really get interesting.  We’ve all had a few days to get the feel of this, so what happens?  The Moon slides in to make Pluto’s corner a foursome (opposite Jupiter in the House of Transformation and Sex) and the caller takes the cue to turn up the emotional intensity with a little “Hot Pepper.” (That’s fast, baby, fast!)

Oh my stars, where are your feet?  Just as you’re ready to cry, you feel a solid hand on your back and another on your arm.  You’re not alone, and you never will be.  Tears turn to laughter, and you find you can do this; just keep your feet moving in time to the music and follow the cosmic lead.

With a wink, the Moon moves on after a day to join another configuration.  Yet you’re still dancing. 

By the 5th, the Sun is getting a little distracted and Venus just edged up to tap Mercury on the shoulder.  Oh yea, we’re in for some fun now.  The quad action is back in Pluto’s corner, this time with Venus adding her vibe.  And some vibe it is, too.  Since she’s in retrograde, she brings an energy of intensified introspection in all areas of partnership and money that will last the duration of this dance.

“Did you remember to pay when you came into the dance?” she whispers into Mercury’s ear. “You know you were talking to the Sun at the time.  You both were right at 6° Capricorn so had so much to talk about.  I thought you may have forgotten, that’s all.”

By the January 6th, Uranus is getting a little aggressive, sending vibes of opposition not only to Mars but the Universal 10th House cusp as well.  His mind seems to have strayed onto the subjects of work and reputation.  Mars has been feeling those vibes for even longer but really wants to deal with things his way.

Yet Uranus loves to shake things up.  Now might be the perfect time, he muses, letting his gaze drift from Mars to the other dancers.  Oh and here comes the Moon to join him in his corner for a day.  This could get pretty interesting, folks.  Blending the Moon’s feminine energy and emotionalism with Uranus’ unpredictable quest for freedom and change means we could swing into a Red Hot (Mars loves this!) followed by an Ice Cold (another call) and back again.  Don’t panic, just keep dancing.  (Wink!)  Besides a lovely Kite shows up just then, pointing right at Pluto’s corner.

“Easy now,” it says.  “Calm down and go with the flow.  Change is good.  Try changing partners.”

Mercury and Venus cozy up at 23° Capricorn the next day to discuss it.

“Might be fun, offers Mercury.

“But I like it here for now,” says Venus. “You go.”

Meanwhile, Pluto’s gotten a bit tense and restless at 11° Capricorn and squares the 10th House cusp as well.  Maybe it is time to switch things up again and create some new dance moves he muses.  As January 10th rolls around he nods to Uranus and tosses a fist full of currency into the middle of the square. Uranus, loving it, throws a handful of marbles in along with it. (Did I mention that Capricorn in the Universal chart rules the House of Career, Reputation, and Money?  Oh, yea…)

The dancers face this challenge and move onto the next, and the next throughout the month.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m wearing my comfy dance shoes.  This is no time to break in a new pair of heels.  Just remember: you, the caller, and the cosmic pros know what you’re doing.  You’ve been dancing together for a long, long time.  So don’t be afraid to twirl, dip, and dive with the best of them.  It’s the greatest dance on the planet and your participation helps make it a success.

Now don’t you feel special?

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