I’m no Chicken Little, but the next few weeks look pretty intense to me.  Don’t panic; I didn’t say the sky was falling.  Yet the “sky” lends some key indicators we are wise to heed, with Uranus heading the lineup.

On December 17th, this huge blue planet-of-the-unexpected shifted its focus from internal issues to external issues.  How might that look?  Well, remember that Uranus is a collective planet with global impact.  Therefore with Uranus in retrograde, governmental influences may focus more on internal planning and behind-the-scenes activity.  As Uranus goes direct, those plans and hidden actions are catalyzed into public view, involving and impacting other nations as well.

In numerology, the number 17 is the number of leaving a legacy behind.  That Uranus went direct on a 17 date indicates this period may well bring something impactful enough to do just that.  Plus it went direct at 17:39 (ET-ephemeris time).  The double 17 intensifies the likelihood of this happening. The 39 reduces to 12, which is a number of learning but also one that brings those involved to a point of choice—to be a victim, victimizer, or victor over either.  The 12 then reduces to 3, inviting creative solutions to whatever arises.  Remember also that the 17 reduces to 8 (1 + 7 = 8), which is the highest number of manifestation.  This alone speaks power.

Speaking of power, remember that Mars is still in the sign of Libra.  This personal power planet continues to impact all forms of relationships in a mighty way.  That goes for heads of State as well as husbands and wives or you and your BFF.  How Mars is aspected in the personal charts determines whether these flow easily or bring on the argument of the decade.  Mars, after all, is a fire planet and likes to heat things up—be it love or anger.  How we direct that heat is entirely up to us, however. (No, you don’t have to say something just because you’re mad.)

Looking ahead into the beginning of the New Year, I see things intensifying steadily.  Remember, awareness empowers you not to get caught up in it to your own detriment.  So don’t panic when I point out that a lot of this intensity is building in the House of Money, Values, and Self Worth.  Look what happened with the mega-jackpot lottery in the U.S.  And the U.S. Congress suddenly approved a budget agreement after 4 years.

Uranus, when triggered, explodes things into action for sudden changes so look for global monetary issues to shake up as well.  Uranus and Pluto are still very much connected, with Pluto part of the planetary lineup in this House.

As the calendar year prepares to turn over, stay with the truth of whatever is before you in any given moment.  Embrace the wonders that continue to arise for those willing to see.  And step into your own power to direct the actions that are called for whether on personal, community, or global levels.  Now is not the time to blame, but to live the fullness of you and be who you came here to be.

Many blessings!

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