Express Delivery Around the Earth,

In astrology, things slip by the awareness of humanity all the time.  Yet here’s one movement I don’t want you to miss.  Mars pulled into the sign of Libra December 7th for an extended visit.  This is kind of like a red-neck trucker rolling into his ballerina aunt’s driveway, laying on the horn and hollering out the window, “Hey, Auntie Jane, I’m back!  And this time I’m not leaving till next July.”

Mars is known as a power planet.  And this power is not collective, it’s personal.  So that means it fuels whatever it touches in your personal life with its attributes: aggression/assertiveness, action based on desire, constructive/destructive behavior, anger, and what some might call “executive authority.”  This is leadership my-way energy with no messing around.  Let’s get ‘er done now!  It’s a raw power energy that urges us to move first and ask questions later.  Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, by the way, especially if you’re feeling stuck.  Mars wants us to act on something, to become something, to move forward with our lives.

Now try parking that energy on Libra’s sofa.  Yes, the white foo-foo kind accessorized by a white Persian cat.   Libra loves beauty and nature, love, money, justice, and balance.  Did I say balance?   Oh, dear, you may have to spell that one out for this guest.  Mars has little or no use for balance (and even less for compromise).  It doesn’t much care what side of the scales tip as long as it’s moving.  Money is goodas long as it serves a very personal purpose.  And beauty?  Well, let’s just say the rose bush at the end of Auntie Jane’s driveway is now mulch.

Don’t get me wrong.  Mars energy is not bad.  It’s just…well, powerful.  And left undirected it can create all sorts of havoc.   But here’s the good thing:  it can be directed because it’s a conscious energy.  (Unlike it’s kissing cousin, Pluto.)  And since Libra rules relationships, look for that area of your life to be impacted the most.  (Have you noticed we haven’t had a break from that relationship theme in months?  Just saying.  But we still are in a 6 Universal Year, so it fits.)

Mars tends to add another unexpected twist to life.  Dissatisfaction.  It provides the drive to get or do something only to find that once attained, it feels unfulfilling.  The reason is simple.  We must learn that fulfillment, happiness, joy, and all the other good things we seek come from within, not without.  Once we learn that, Mars leans easily against the nearby tree, chewing on his toothpick, and smiles.  “Now what can I do for you to really make a difference?” he asks.

Note that when Mars rolled into Libra on December 7th, it was a 16/7 Universal Day.  The 16/7 energy can bring sudden and unexpected happenings.  Plus the double 7 intensifies that number’s attributes in all areas of intelligence, spirituality, and solitude.  Imagine Auntie Jane quietly practicing her dance postures to the music of Swan Lake and in rolls Mars.  Yup, it’s that kind of day.  Plus, since the 3-6-9 Emotional Triad is totally activated this month (12/3 calendar month, 6 Universal year, 9 Universal Month), all emotions intensify.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that in the middle of this extended stay (0ver 7 months), Mars goes retrograde from March 1st to May 20th next year?  That turns everything in play inward, triggering a form of life review.  Fun, fun!

So use this visit from Mars wisely.  Let it fuel rather than destroy.  Learn to appreciate and direct his energy and he may even wear a necktie to your next ballet. (wink!)

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